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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Back in the office, Liam congratulates Katie for her new position. He leaves her alone with Steffy. Maya and Rick explain to Viv about Nicole signing the papers. Viv says she is going through a rough time and just needs more time. Maya retorts that it is Julius who is getting to her. Nicole and Julius go home and Nicole says the papers are in her bag but she has not signed them yet. Julius laments he hopes she never will. This is not an accident; it is a gift from heaven. The baby should be with its real mother. Coco and RJ take a selfie and declare it official for the social media. Liam and Wyatt discuss Katie taking over his old job. He is not jealous. He thinks she will be a real asset to FC. They both agree she deserves a medal for even putting up with their father over the years. Steffy likes Katie’s ideas. Katie tells Steffy she thinks they need to catch the public’s eye, so somewhere with national appeal. She suggests the Spencer Summit.

Julius tells Nicole that Maya has been selfish all her life and Nicole is now paying for it. If Maya was supposed to have a child then she would have come equipped for it. Nicole is making a tremendous sacrifice for Maya and it is just wrong. Katie calls Wyatt and says she cannot thank him enough. He says it is an amazing opportunity for her and he is more than willing to help. Julius tells Nicole this is a chance to right things. That child is of her flesh and blood. She carried her for nine months and this child is hers, not Maya’s. Viv walks in and says she does not want to hear those words coming out of his mouth anymore. Zende says they may not get a family the way they imagined but they will get through this. What Julius is suggesting is not fair to Maya or Lizzy. Nicole made a promise and she needs to keep it. Just sign the adoption papers and get this behind them.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Deimos prepared to get all of the people n Salem with his new drug. Abby was surprised that her divorce was final so fast. Dario tried to make her feel better about it. She was ready to marry him whenever he wanted. Gabi wanted to make Chad feel better about the divorce. Gabi questioned how Chad felt about her because he was going to stay with Abby. Paul was fixing Sonny’s tie and found the amulet. Paul was upset that he had it. Sonny thought he could make money with it. Paul wanted him to get rid of it. Paul thought that something bad would happen. Deimos was ready to get the amulet from Sonny. Eric wanted to take Nicole to the party, but she wanted to take herself. Eric was worried that Deimos would be after her.

Everyone gathered for the party. Chad and Abby had an awkward run in at the party. Deimos was in disguise and slipped Halo 2.0 into the drinks. JJ and Gabi talked about Chad and Abby’s relationship. Sonny asked Rafe and Hope about Deimos. Sonny let them know that Kiriakis security would find Deimos. The guests got their spike drinks. Eric made a speech about the Horton Center. Hope stopped Eric from drinking his drink. Deimos was afraid that she would ruin his plan. Deimos got lucky because Hope just wanted Eric to get a different drink. Deimos was relieved and started to leave the party. Paul recognized Deimos and went after him. Deimos hit him from behind. Abby approached Gabi and Chad and she seemed out of it. She wanted to know about what happened on the island between them. Gabi got defensive and told her that she wasn’t the reason why her marriage broke up. Abby told them that she felt funny and went to her room. Chad wanted to go after her. Abby got to her room and her head was spinning so she sat down. Chad made sure she was okay. Nicole felt funny after her drink too. Everyone started to act strange after they drank their drinks. Deimos was satisfied by what happened to everyone.

GH Recap Written by Anthony

Julian wishes that Alexis would stop thinking for once and take the night off. Kristina shows up and wants to know what he is doing there. Julian asks if she has spoken to Sonny lately because he told Jason about a mobster that might be going after him. Kristina goes to call Sonny and Sonny claims he is fine but Kristina is sick of him always being in danger. She just wants a normal family. She hangs up on him. After Julian leaves, Alexis tries to talk to Kristina but Kristina is over Sonny always having the mob come first. In Puerto Rico, Carly explains to Sonny all the reasons that he cannot just leave the mob. Sonny doesn’t care. He plans to leave and even calls Lucy to have her sell his restaurant. He can buy a new one with no connection to the mob. Sonny wants to be with Carly and give her what she wants.

Jason comes home and Sam is happy that he is finally back. She goes to check on the children and Jason asks Monica if Sam has been ok. Monica thinks she is a little different. Monica leaves and Sam comes back downstairs. Sam and Jason confront each other about Sonny once again and Sam just cannot take the idea of him being in danger. Jason feels that she has anxiety issues that need to be dealt with properly. Sam agrees that they can work on it together though she is reluctant. Hayden, Finn, and Curtis agree on a plan when Monica walks into the den. She jokes that they are scheming but Finn admits they really are. He wants to be honest with her. He tells her that Dr. Obrecht might be messing with his drug tests. Monica wants in on the action and takes Curtis to the hospital to give him a tour of the lab and come up with a disguise. Kiki confronts them and tells Monica that Dr. Obrecht asked her to spy for her. Monica says she should do just that.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

Nick and Chelsea declare their love for each other just before Victoria calls and tells him that she needs to see him. Chelsea tells Nick that she has an appointment right before Victoria arrives. Victoria tells Nick that she had a call from Victor that Nikki had gone out of town for a few days and he didn't know where she had gone. At the Athletic Club dining room, Jack tells Neil that he is taking Dina to the concert. In the park, Jordan takes pics of Lily but she is preoccupied with other things. Colin encourages Cane for him and Lily to go on a cruise but Cane is less than enthused by the idea. In the parking lot of Jabot, Jill runs into Billy and Phyllis. Billy lets Jill know that he and Phyllis are back together and that they live together. Chelsea meets Phyllis in the waiting room of Jabot as she awaits Jack's arrival. Phyllis thanks Chelsea for taking up for Billy against Nick the other night at the Underground. Phyllis tells Chelsea to pitch her, her ideas and she will give her opinion. Jack tells Neil that he needs his help with Graham and his influence over Dina. Nick and Victoria discuss Nikki and her being out to town and not letting anyone know where she is. Victoria tells Nick all about the lawsuit and that Cane had been betraying her. Cane and Colin discuss the fact that Juliet may be running a scam in order to get money from Brash and Sassy. Colin asks Cane if there is any truth in what Juliet is saying. Victoria tells Nick that she refuses to be exploited by Juliet. Neil refuses to go along with Jack in his feelings of Graham. Jill confronts Billy about him and Phyllis being together and not being with Victoria. Billy tells Jill that Victoria doesn't trust him and about the lawsuit affecting Brash and Sassy. Cane begins to open up to Colin as to what had happened between him and Juliet in Tokyo. Phyllis likes Chelsea's ideas just as Jack arrives back at the office.

Lily assures Jordan that everything is fine with her and Cane it is just that other people is talking behind her back. Billy watches them before he joins them. Billy and Lily discuss Jill and her not letting him out of her sights. This causes Lily to start laughing so she can resume the photoshoot with Jordan. Cane tells Colin how he had sabotaged Billy so he would lose his job at Brash and Sassy but that Juliet had interfered. Colin tells Cane to stick to his story. Victoria and Jill discuss the lawsuit and Jill tells her to settle the lawsuit. Chelsea tells Jack her new ideas but jack is less than enthused and will not give her a definite answer but instead tells her that he will get back to her as does Phyllis. Jack tells Phyllis that she should not have tried to close this deal without Lauren knowing. Nick comes to see Jack to try to find out Nikki's whereabouts but Jack has no idea where she is. Phyllis and Jill have a confrontation over Billy and Jill's trying to rule his life. Victoria calls Nikki but gets no answer. Cane interrupts Victoria and she tells him that she trust him but he will have to run his ideas by her first. In the bar at the Athletic Club, Lily has a confrontation with Juliet who wants to tell Lily the whole truth but Lily has only slanderous remarks for Juliet who passes out.

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