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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Charlie questions Sheila more in how she fits into the Forrester family. Sheila laments she does not know Quinn but she’d like to think she is good for Eric, but perhaps Charlie does not think so. Quinn tells Eric that she is glad he found a place for Katie…..she can do most anything except design jewelry. Wyatt tells Katie that he is flattered that she thinks he can help. She says he is a genius and she needs to find out how things are trending. He says he doesn’t mind her reminding him how sexy his ex-wife is. She asks if he is over Steffy yet. He answers truthfully….probably not but he is not dwelling on it. Katie says she wants to do her best and he says he thinks he may have something for her that she will like. He says two words – Spencer Summit. Everybody will be there and she could make her splash. She thanks him and he says he just wants to help. Liam springs a day at the spa on Steffy for the two of them. He wants to make her the most pampered woman in the world and she says mission accomplished.

When Ridge comes in the office, Eric leaves Quinn as she says she has a few more things to take care of. She thanks him again for being there and saving her from Deacon. He wants to know what Deacon meant by pushing him off the cliff. Quinn calls it Deacon’s ravings. She gives him a present for saving her life and says all their craziness of the past is over. It is a bottle of Tequila with no bad memories attached. Charlie tells Sheila that he knows FC like the back of his hand and he would do anything for Eric. Sheila asks if Quinn met Eric by modeling for him. He says no, he could have married any model he wanted to but he chose Quinn. She asks if there is any concern. He says perhaps if she is such a good friend that she should know. Sheila surprises Eric by showing up at his door. She says she is still leaving Los Angeles but she can’t without talking to him again. She asks if they are alone and he replies yes. He says he is more than fine so there is no reason for her to be concerned. She says good as she could not stand it if anyone did him harm. Katie tells Wyatt a fashion show at the Summit sounds great. She wants him to come along and he says as a bachelor now he would welcome that. Steffy thanks Liam for doing this and keeping the craziness out of their lives and making time for each other. Eric tells Sheila that he has never been more happy in his life. She hopes Quinn understands that. He thinks it is inappropriate that he is questioning his marriage. He wishes her well and says bye. She adds that if he ever wants to talk to anyone she is available. She runs into Quinn as she is leaving. Quinn says she does not want his ex-wife coming around when she is not home. She’s heard a lot of stories about Sheila. Sheila tells her she better be a good wife or she will answer to her. Her parting words is do not touch her again or she will snap her into.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Theo confided in Abe about Claire keeping the letter from him. Abe tried to make excuses for her, but Theo didnít want to accept what she did. Jade tried to make things right with Claire, but she didnít want to hear it. She didnít want to be friends with Jade anymore and threw her out of her apartment. Nicole gave Eric the cold shoulder at the Horton Center. She ended up telling him that she lost Holly. Eric tried to make her feel better, but she didnít want to talk about it anymore. She didnít want to talk to him besides to talk about work. Tripp followed Kayla around the hospital again. She was upset that she lost another patient. Kayla had to get some air. Tripp noticed the file that the nurse put on the desk. Jennifer and Adrienne were talking about Anjelica taking the paper from them when she showed up. Anjelica went up to them and put them on notice about getting revenge. Jade talked to Joey about the sex tape. Kayla overheard the conversation and they got into an argument about it. Joey had to calm Kayla down. Joey defended Jade to Kayla.

Kayla left and Jade made a smart remark about Kayla. Joey reminded her that she was talking about his mother. Joey tried to convince her to get help. Eric told Nicole about the center having money problems. Nicole wanted to make some calls to help out. Jennifer and Adrienne were surprised that Anjelica wanted to call the loan on the paper. Adrienne was determined to keep Anjelica from taking the paper. Tripp tampered with Kaylaís patientís records. Jade went to see Eric. Theo met with Claire and told her that he wanted to break up with her. Claire asked Theo if he was going to Ciara. He told her that it wasnít about Ciara. She walked away from him. Jade told Eric what she did to Claire. Eric gave Jade advice about what she did. Anjelica put Adrienne in her place when she threw up her situation in her face. Adrienne tried to slap her, but Anjelica grabbed her arm. Jennifer tried to stop them from fighting. Jennifer wanted to walk away from Anjelica. Anjelica warned them that they had three weeks to pay the loan or she would take the paper. Jade met with Tripp at the pub. He advised her not to obsess over Joey. She mentioned that Kayla was a problem for her. Tripp told Jade that he changed the medical results for Kaylaís patient.

GH Recap Written by Anthony

Griffin runs into Finn at the hospital and asks how Hayden is doing with the pregnancy. Finn admits that things are going well but that he is nervous. Griffin is glad that things are going well and thinks that he is doing well with his treatments. Finn is insistent that Obrecht is responsible for his supposed drug use. Griffin asks how he is sure. Obrecht walks over and gives a speech about how she is so sad that Finn cannot practice medicine and he is such an important part of the staff. Griffin later admits that it is obviously Obrecht but they cannot exactly prove it. Finn promises that Hayden is up to something. He informs Obrecht on his own that he will probably be back to practicing medicine soon enough. In Monica’s den, Hayden throws a baby toy and it his Curtis. He wonders what is wrong with her. She claims she is just not feeling well. The two chat about Finn and she wants to hire him to prove he isn’t using and that Obrecht is switching out tests. Curtis finds out she is pregnant and they talk. Finn walks in and overhears that she isn’t ready to be a mother.

Julian runs into Alexis outside of Kelly’s. He asks her why she is eating so much ice cream and assumes she is coping with not being able to drink. Alexis admits she was out of ice cream and since she can’t drink sugar is the only thing she can turn to. Julian wants to hang out and help her out. Alexis doesn’t want to go back to him though. Joss and Oscar continue to hit it off at her party. That is until, Bobbie shows up and kicks him out. Joss begs her not to tell Carly, claiming that she has been so stressed. Bobbie is going to though and wants Joss to clean the mess up. Once it is cleaned up, Bobbie might have had a change of heart. Nelle and Michael end up having sex over at her apartment. In Puerto Rico, Carly and Sonny end up having sex themselves. Carly cannot deal with this anymore. She loves her but was scared he could have died when Garvey shot at them. Sonny loves her too much to not be with her. He decides he is getting out of the business. He will go legit for the two of them.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Cane tells Hilary that he won't let her and Juliet ruin his family a few minutes later Hilary calls Juliet and leaves a message for her to call her back so they can talk. Lily calls Devon and tells him the whole story and also tells him that she doesn't believe Cane slept with Juliet no matter how drunk he got that night. Gloria and Graham become friends and she tells Jack that she won't seduce Graham to get him away from Dina. If she does pursue a relationship with Graham, it will be her choice. Dina accepts an invitation to go to Nikki's concert with Jack and he is happy that Graham understands that he only has two tickets for the concert. Nick tells Sharon that the Newman's are freezing Victor out because he helped Adam escape from jail and he makes her promise not to tell anyone. Tessa signs a contract with Devon's streaming service. Jack tells Victor that this concert is causing Nikki a lot of stress and Victor tells him to stay away from Nikki. Nikki leaves Victor a note telling him she has gone away for a few days to clear her head. Nick decides to tell Chelsea the whole truth but he fears that he will lose. She tells him that she loves him and she isn't going anywhere. Nick tells Chelsea that he loves her too and that he will protect her. They kiss but Nick hasn't told Chelsea the truth about how Victor played a part in Adam's death.

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