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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Sheila stuns Brooke by walking up to her table at Il Giardino. She wants to make amends. Brooke says Sheila was wrongly accused of shooting at Quinn but she has not forgotten anything in Sheila’s past. Sheila picks up that Brooke doesn’t exactly like Quinn. Brooke won’t dignify that remark. Sheila is glad she got the chance to speak with Brooke and says she is sorry. Wyatt too is stunned that Deacon asked Bill to make bail for him. Bill says one little bullet could not kill his mom…only a stake through the heart……if they could find one. Wyatt says that is not funny. She is his mom and could have been killed. She is not the same woman that he always hated. He remarks that Katie saved Quinn’s life after she fired her so Quinn owes Kathy big time now. Eric calls a meeting and thanks them all again for saving his wife’s life. Then he tells Katie that he is not dismissing her. He would like her to work in marketing. Sheila has a drink and thinks of fond times with Eric. Pam and Charlie are seated at the next table and Sheila overhears them talking that they only want what is best for Eric. Pam does not want to hear Charlie say any more negative things about Quinn. Charlie claims that he will always keep his eyes out for Quinn. She tells him enough; this has become an obsession with him. If he wants to do what’s right by Eric then just stop all of this. She has to go back to work.

Sheila drops by Charlie's table and says she could not help but overhear him mention Eric Forrester. He does not know who she is. She asks if she can sit down and then does. She is concerned about Eric as they are old friends and she got the impression that he does not care for Quinn that much. Charlie says if he let Pam slip away and did not know her, then she does not know that much about the Forrester clan. She says if something is going on with Eric or with his family she would like to help so she begs him to tell her. Wyatt tells his dad that he knows his mom is not high up on his list but she is totally devoted to Eric and will not ever do anything to mess that up. Quinn thanks Katie for all she did in saving her life and hopes they can turn the page where Eric is concerned. Katie says she is right. Quinn has nothing for her to be worried about. Brooke fills Eric in about Sheila showing up. And she seemed genuinely concerned about Eric’s welfare; even asking about his wife, Quinn. Katie tells Wyatt that she feels the primary reason she is back at FC is because she somewhat saved Quinn’s life. Wyatt is grateful. She asks him for his help. Ridge laments to Quinn that he believes Katie, that she will not be a problem for them anymore.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

GH Recap Written by Anthony

Stella calls Jordan out for cheating on Thomas and lying about TJ’s father in front of most of her officers. Jordan tries to get them all to go back to work. Stella refuses to stop calling her out though. Curtis shows up and takes Stella into the other room with Jordan for privacy. He tries to get Stella to calm down. Stella refuses to accept that Jordan was in the right though. She leaves them. Jordan tells Curtis that she cannot deal with this and doesn’t want things to be bad between Curtis and Stella. At Kelly’s, Stella informs TJ that she still thinks of him as Thomas’s son. She can maybe forgive Curtis. TJ asks if she can also forgive Jordan maybe. Elsewhere, Joss and her friend Trina set up for a party. Trina has invited boys who can bring beer. They all show up and Joss’s crush, Oscar is there. The two end up hitting it off and learn a lot about each other including how much they have in common.

Michael and Nelle end their date after going to the concert. Michael says he will call her and Nelle kisses him. Nelle stops though. She goes inside her apartment but then walks back out and invites Michael in. The two chat, and get to know one another better. They end up kissing passionately. Garvey shows up at Carly and Sonny’s room and shoots at them. Carly ends up with the gun and shoots but it is Jason who shows up in time that shoots Garvey. Carly has accidently shot Jason in the arm. Jason suggests Carly go back with him home. Carly wants to stay with Sonny though. She ends up kissing Sonny but stops. Elsewhere, Sam shows up at Monica’s to let her watch the children while she goes after Jason. Monica doesn’t think she has to do that though. Jason ends up calling though saying he will be home soon. In Sam’s mind, Sonny tells her that Jason is his and she will have to fight for him.

Y&R Recap Written by Christine

Sharon and Scott spent a romantic morning at her home. Scott asked why she lived on her ex-in law's property. Sharon thought the Ranch was good for her and Faith. Scott needed to visit Victor, but he was hesitant to go to the main house because he wasn't sure Sharon was ready for the Newmans would know he spent the night. Sharon didn't think Victor would figure it out. Jack was concerned about Nikki, so he left a message on her voicemail. Jack and Ashley discussed Nikki and Victor's marriage. Ashley was sure that Victor loved Nikki, but Jack thought that Victor was ignoring her well-being. Jack vowed to protect Nikki from Victor. Ashley told Jack that Ravi discovered that Graham had a failed acting career, but he wasn't able to find out much else about his past. Ashley noted that Graham made Dina happy. Ashley urged Jack to accept Dina's decision to be with Graham or risk alienating their mother. Jack expressed a desire to have a closer connection to Dina. Ashley comforted him and advised him to be patient. Nikki visited a sauna, but she was unable to relax because she imagined Victor making belittling comments about her. Gloria and Nikki discussed the effect Dina's return had on Jack. Nikki theorized that Jack wasn't sure how to navigate an adult relationship with his mother. Gloria was concerned that Dina was incapable of giving Jack what he needed. Nikki was overcome by severe pain, and she called Jack and asked him to meet her. Nick accused Victor of setting Adam and Chloe's death in motion. Victor thought Nick should work to help mend Victor's rift with the family. Victor assumed that Nikki would enjoy performing at the concert and that she'd be grateful to Victor for arranging it. Nick admitted Victor's plan might work, but he warned him that the reconciliation would fall apart when Victor hurt Nikki again. Victor was upset when he learned that Nick sent Faith away to camp for a month and that Victor hadn't had a chance to say goodbye. Victor reminded Nick that he'd despised his brother, Adam. Nick stated that Adam died, just as Nick was beginning to understand him. Nick blamed Victor, and Victor accused Nick of being a hypocrite. Nick learned that Victor bought a media outlet and put Scott in charge. Scott told Victor that he wanted Hashtag to focus on real news and not click-bait.

Nick vented to Sharon about Victor's controlling ways. Sharon told Nick that Nikki seemed worried that her performance at the concert wouldn't live up to Victor's expectations. Scott returned to Sharon's and ran into Nick. Nick asked Scott for insight into Victor's motives for the concert. Scott stated that Victor wanted to use the event to celebrate the new wing of the hospital. Nick countered that Victor wanted to celebrate his massive donation. Nick thought Sharon and Scott's relationship had moved fast, but she disagreed. Sharon made it clear that she knew the Newmans weren't getting along with Victor, and she assured Nick that he could confide in her. Graham reminded Dina that she hadn't signed her will. She promised to get to it. Graham warned Dina that if she moved into the Abbott home, her kids wouldn't let her live her life as she saw fit. Graham told Dina that he was invested in her well-being, but her family would have no qualms about abandoning her. Dina signed the will. Graham happened to run into Gloria in the steam room. Dina and Ashley discussed Jack's desire for Dina to move into the Abbott mansion. Dina complimented Ashley's parenting skills. Ashley asked how Dina could be sure that Graham wouldn't leave her, and Dina stated that she and Graham had a deal. Nikki met with Jack. Although the stress from the concert was causing Nikki's M.S. to flare up, she insisted on going through with it because she refused to let Victor destroy her confidence. Nikki was in immense pain as she struggled to stand, but she managed to leave. Victor demanded to know what Jack was doing with his wife.

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