The TV MegaSite's Thursday 6/22/17 Short Recaps


B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Zende tells Nicole that Lizzy will always be a part of her life and have a special connection but not as her daughter. Not to sign those papers will create a huge rift with her sister and she is not thinking about the reason she did the surrogacy in the first place. Or what it is going to do to him. Rick tells Maya that he thinks it is absurd that they have to remind Nicole that Lizzy is their daughter, but she better sign those papers. Julius walks in at this moment and is surprised to hear Rick says there is no problem. Julius tells them not so fast. Nicole just found out she cannot have more children so don’t be so sure she will do as they ask. Rick says he will go find Zende and Nicole and try to reason with them. Julius says this is a life changing decision yet it was undone. It came out of the blue so perhaps they should think about that. Zende tells Nicole they will have their family. They are young and just got married so give it a little more time. People are told all the time that have been married for years that they cannot have babies and then they do. She laments that Lizzy might be her only chance.

Sally tells Thomas that do not underestimate Saul and Grams. They love this company as much as she does so they need to work hard to make this work. Coco is happy over at Forrester. She is supported by RJ and his family. It would be nice if she was here but Coco is happy so that is all that counts. Thomas tells Sally to quit saying she owes more apologies to Coco. Nicole tells Zende that her father said maybe this is more than just a technical error; perhaps it happened for a reason. She doesn’t get it when Zende doesn’t seem to understand. He says she does not know how badly he wanted Nicole to have his child first. She says it is hard to understand but she does need more time. Julius tells Maya that she does not have a clue how hard this is for Nicole. This is selfish of her and to live with herself by tearing always the only child Nicole may ever have. Thomas says he was not happy at Forrester for years and by bailing Sally out she made him step out of his comfort zone. That is why he fell in love with her. She saved him not the other way around. Julius and Maya argue who’s baby that Lizzy really is. He tells her to do the moral and compassionate thing. Nicole gave her that child and now she can give it back to Nicole legally. Zende walks in and Julius says this is not his place to have a say in this. Zende argues that Maya and Rick have been raising her for an entire year. He is her husband and yet he is not Lizzy’s father. Julius says he is Nicole’s father and he will never stop protecting her. So no act of God or any husband can change this. And if God had wanted Maya to have a child then he would have given her that chance. Maya looks at Julius in contempt then hugs Zende for being on her side.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Kate and André told Chad and Gabi that they got married. Kate explained why they got married. Chad warned her that the board would expect her to stay married to André. Gabi asked her if she was ready to be married to him. Lani advised Eli to call Valerie. He was still angry with her. Lani told him that he shouldn’t hold on to his anger. Theo talked to Valerie about the video with Claire. Claire told Marlena that she didn’t know about the video until after Jade told her. Marlena was concerned about her talking to people about having sex with Theo. Claire didn’t think it was a big deal. Marlena thought she wasn’t ready for sex yet. Victor didn’t want Sonny to deal with the bad side of the business. Kate knew what she was doing with André. Kate told Chad she would be in control for six months. Chad wouldn’t hear of it. Chad wanted to talk to the board about the way they handled his disappearance. Claire tried to justify her actions to Marlena. Marlena questioned if she loved Theo. She said she loved him, but she thought he loved Ciara.

Valerie gave Theo advice on how to prove that he loved Claire. Eli decided to call Valerie so he could see her. Chad found out that Kate was right about how long she had to run the company. Chad told Kate and André that he and Gabi were together. Kate was excited about the news. André wasn’t too thrilled with it. Marlena wondered if Claire used sex to hold on to Theo. She denied Marlena’s accusations. Valerie and Eli reunited at the pub. André put Gabi on notice when it concerned Chad. Sonny told Victor that he was ready to work for Titan. Victor warned him that he would have to make unethical decisions from time to time. Sonny was prepared to change the company. Gabi told André that he wouldn’t come between her and Chad. Theo went home to apologize to Claire. Claire told him that she had to ask him for forgiveness. She gave him Ciara’s letter. André was glad that Chad didn’t have the amulet. Chad confessed that he did have it, but he left it on the island. Sonny wasn’t afraid of a piece of jewelry. He was referring to the amulet. Claire admitted that she kept Ciara’s letter from Theo. Kate warned André to change his attitude towards Gabi. André claimed he wouldn’t make trouble for Gabi. André had no intention of leaving Gabi alone.

GH Recap Written by Anthony

Carly and Sonny have the liquor distributor show up and they sign the papers. Afterwards, Carly wants to go to the bank. She cannot though because the bank is closed. Carly suggests they email it then. Sonny explains that they have no signal so they can’t do that either. Carly suggests they play poker and drink then. The two play and Carly beats him. Sonny suggests that they not get divorced but Carly tells him it is still happening. Garvey is waiting at the door. Elsewhere, Molly meets Stella at Kelly’s. Molly tells Stella about Shaun being TJ’s real father. TJ walks over and Stella approves of Molly. Stella informs him that Molly accidentally told her the truth. She goes to find Jordan. Meanwhile, Jordan informs Curtis she cannot see him anymore. It is too hard for her to do after all she did to Thomas. Later, TJ shows up and tells Curtis that Stella knows the truth. At the PCPD, Stella shows up and calls Jordan a whore for lying and not telling Thomas the truth about Shaun being TJ’s father.

Sam begs Jason not to go to warn Sonny about Garvey. Jason insists on going though. Sam is going to go with him then. Jason doesn’t want her to do that. Sam insists. Jason wants to know what is going on with Sam. Sam admits that she has been afraid about him leaving and not coming back due to him being in danger. Jason tells her, he won’t go. Sam lets him leave though. Molly shows up and suggests that Sam is feeling this way because this is the first time she has raised a baby since day one. Later on, Sam is alone and imagines opening the door for Jason only for him to turn into Sonny and tell her that Jason belongs to him not her. Spencer shows up at Nina’s office and informs her that he wants his family home back. Nina tries to help him settle down. Laura and Kevin show up. Laura grounds Spencer of his phone. Nina asks Kevin if she is a coward. Kevin doesn’t think so because Valentin never told her the full truth. Spencer wants to hire a lawyer. Laura isn’t going to let him do that until she knows what he plans to do. Spencer doesn’t think that Valentin will know what he has coming.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

Phyllis is at the park when Nick joins her. They immediately start to discuss the fact that Brash and Sassy is being sued for sexual harassment and naming Cane as the defendant. Cane admits to Lily that Juliet had spent the night in his room. Lily demands to know what exactly had happened in his room in Tokyo. Jordan visits Chelsea and they discuss Chloe's supposedly sudden death. Dina visits Jack at Jabot. Dina tells Jack in no uncertain terms that she wants no interference from him or Ashley when it comes to her and Graham. Phyllis and Nick discuss the lawsuit and Billy's part in helping Victoria get through this and the pressure that it is putting on him. Chelsea notices that Jordan is on edge and she wonders as to what is troubling him. Jordan tells Chelsea about a woman suing Brash and Sassy for sexual harassment  but he will not tell her who the woman is but that Hilary has had a hand in it. Jordan asks Chelsea her opinion of Hilary. lily tells Cane that he had lied to her about everything that had gone on in Tokyo. Michael, Billy and Victoria try to figure out what their next move will be concerning the lawsuit and the new testimony that had been used in court. Leslie and Juliet discuss the video and Juliet asks as to where Leslie had gotten her hands on it. Juliet wonders if Victoria will settle out of court now. Michael is surprised that Cane would withhold this information from him and how he had deceived everyone at Brash and Sassy. Dina lets Jack know how close she and Graham are but Jack insist that Graham wants something in return. Dina tells Jack that she and Graham have an arrangement. Jack wonders as to what the arrangement is. Graham interrupts them. Jordan tells Chelsea that Hilary is only a friend. Nick interrupts Chelsea and Jordan. Chelsea reveals to Nick that she and Jordan go way back. Billy and Michael argue over the video footage but that it doesn't back up Juliet's claims. Cane gets a call from Victoria to join her for a talk. Lily has a good cry after Cane leaves.

Michael joins Jack in his office and Jack asks Michael to help him to gain control of Dina's finances but Michael refuses to help him by telling him that his hands are tied in this matter. Dina and Graham have a talk about Jack and Ashley and that Jack is demanding more of her time which Graham is against. Dina tells Graham that she wants Jack in her life. Cane denies to Victoria that there was any sexual harassment on his part when he and Juliet had gone to Tokyo. Jordan visits Lily to see how she is doing and she pours her heart out to him about how Cane had betrayed her and she doesn't know if she can trust him. Chelsea is like a child when Nick shows her a shopping bag and then proceeds to show her what is in the bag such as flowers, doughnuts and two tickets to the amusement park in which they will take the boys on an outing. Billy and Phyllis have a talk about what is going on with Victoria and Cane and the lawsuit. Jordan puts all the blame on Cane for putting Lily in this situation.

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