The TV MegaSite's Wednesday 6/21/17 Short Recaps


B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Rick holds out the papers and asks Nicole to sign them. She cannot even stand there and look at them. He reminds her that this is a binding contract and she had every opportunity to back out and didn’t. He raises his voice and demands that she sign the papers. Zende hears him and rushes in and tells him to never raise his voice like that to his wife again. Thomas peels off his shirt as he is working; the air conditioning must not be working. Sally tells him that not only does she have a smoking hot partner but he bailed her out and she totally knows he is on her side. So her dream of having Spectra a power house can finally come true. He says they need everybody to take Spectra seriously so they have to do this. Maya is worried and tells Rick this is taking too much time.

Zende questions Nicole and she simply says she needed more time. He tells Nicole that he knows this is weighing on her and that is only natural as Lizzy was part of her for nine months. But Lizzy should be with her family. She means the world to Rick and Maya. She did a wonderful thing being a surrogate but she cannot take that away now. He hands her the papers and suggests she sign. RJ tells Coco that he does not think it was wrong to talk to Nicole, so she is just overreacting. Rick refuses to believe that Nicole would take Lizzy away from them. She is just confused and disappointed right now. Zende tells Nicole they all thought the adoption was final. She says when she holds Lizzy in her arms she feels this pull. And Lizzy called her mama and she cannot forget that. Now what if she gives away the only child she will ever have. He says this is not good for her; all this stress and anxiety. But if she signs they will get through this together. For now she has to do this. He puts the pen and document on the table in front of her.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Hope started to investigate Dario. Abby apologized to Dario for not getting a divorce. He understood because she was worried about Chad. Abby got a text that everyone was rescued. Sonny and Deimos got into an argument about everything that happened. They ended up threatening each other. Chad and Gabi went to the DiMera mansion. Rafe brought Arianna to the mansion. He wanted to know why he had to bring her to the mansion. Chloe went to see Nicole to give her Holly. Nicole didn’t understand what she was doing. Chloe apologized for what she did. She told Nicole that Nicole was Holly’s mother. Deimos taunted Sonny about what happened to Paul. Sonny grabbed at Deimos. Deimos shoved Sonny on to the floor. Chad and Gabi told Rafe that they were together. He was surprised by their news. Chloe decided to give Holly back because she loved her. Deimos and Sonny argued until Deimos walked off. Abby walked in on Chad and Gabi kissing on the couch.

Rafe told Hope that Chad’s with Gabi. They didn’t think it was a good idea. Thomas’ crying interrupted Chad and Gabi kissing. Gabi left the room so Abby and Chad could talk. Chloe wanted to fix things for Nicole. Chloe gave Holly to Nicole. Nicole wanted Chloe to be part of Holly’s life. Brady was proud of Chloe for what she did for Nicole. Gabi told Dario that he and Abby were getting married. Chad and Abby had a heated discussion about their divorce. Abby wanted Chad to sign the papers because she had a situation with Dario. She told Chad that she was marrying Dario. Chad wasn’t thrilled, but he called a lawyer to end their marriage. Hope and Rafe prepared to arrest Deimos. Gabi questioned why Abby was marrying Dario. Dario was glad Chad was out of the way. Chad asked Abby if she cared about their marriage since she left so easily. He wondered if she was sleeping with Dario the entire time. She got offended and walked out of the mansion. Hope got a call that Deimos got away again. Deimos called someone to tell them that he had to get out of town. He had to get the amulet. Abby told Dario that her divorce would be final soon so they could get married.

GH Recap Written by Anthony

Michael goes to visit Sam and Jason where he offers Jason a job that would involve him going all over the world. Jason turns him down very quickly because he has spent enough time away from his family. Sam would like a few days for him to think about it. Nelle texts Michael to meet him at Kelly’s. Michael leaves. Sam demands to know why Jason wouldn’t take the job and thinks it has to do with him being worried about Sonny. Jason wants to be around his family. He is worried though about Sonny and Carly being in Puerto Rico. Sam says that if he goes anywhere then she is going with him. Elsewhere, Nina and Nelle go to work and Nelle finds an article that Nina might like for the magazine. She asks Nelle to get them lunch. Nelle goes to Kelly’s where Michael invites her to a concert. They officially make plans for their first date together.

Carly and Sonny get trapped during a storm together and try to make the best of it. Carly feels sad because this all reminds her so much of Morgan. Sonny starts to feel bad too because he remembers teaching Morgan how to gamble on this island. He thought he made it clear that gambling was a bad thing though. The two start to get closer though when someone shows up in the next room. Elsewhere, Amy gets Quinn the book publisher to agree to the terms of only using Nathan’s eye in the book cover. Quinn tells them they have a deal. At Kelly’s inside, Laura and Kevin are having lunch with Spencer. Spencer wants to get back his family home. Kevin tells him that Valentin is the owner of Wyndemere. Laura assumes that Nina would be in charge of it now because he is in jail. Spencer excuses himself to the bathroom. After a while they realize he has been a while and Kevin goes to check on him. Kevin discovers he is missing. Spencer shows up at Nina’s office, informing her that he needs to discuss something with her.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Sharon tells Scott that she thinks Zack is a bad boy trying to convince everyone that he is a good person. She also thinks that he may be hiding something about his past relationship with Tessa. Tessa finds Nikki on the floor after her MS flare up. She wants to call 911 but Nikki tells her to call her doctor so she can come to the house. The doctor gives Nikki a steroid shot to help with the pain and advises her to get rid of the cause of her stress or she could have another flare up. Tessa tries to persuade Nikki to get someone else to play the benefit concert for the sake of her health, but Nikki refuses to let Victor think she can't make it without his help and makes Tessa promise not to tell Victor about the flare up. Sharon tells Scott she sees sparks between him and Abby, but he insists he isn't interested in Abby. Abby persuades Zack to go with her to Nikki's benefit concert even though he doesn't want to go at first, because he doesn't want her family to think they are really dating. Victor tells Abby that he thinks Scott has potential to be his protégé which upsets Abby who points out Scott isn't family and doesn't deserve to be considered for the big chair. Abby tells Victor that she will prove to him she deserves to be his protégé and sit in the big chair.

The Brash and Sassy depositions continue with Juliet telling everyone that Cane made it pretty clear that she would not be considered for a job unless she slept with him, and since she needed the money so she slept with him. Michael and Leslie each do a good job scoring points for their side. Michael bring up that Cane was too drunk to remember what happened, and Leslie having Lily testify that she never thought that Juliet was the type of person to lie. Leslie however pulls a surprise bombshell hotel footage which shows Cane and Juliet going into Cane's room and then footage showing her coming out the next morning and giving Cane a kiss.

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