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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Rick explains to Zende that it is just a formality that Nicole needs to sign new papers for the adoption. He knows they have been trying to have their own child, and it may take time but Nicole will give him that child. Nicole tells Maya that she cannot sign; she needs more time. Maya does not understand. Lizzy is her daughter so just sign the papers. Nicole said she thought this was all done. But the entire time Maya was in Paris all she thought about was Lizzy and taking care of her……the way she feels in her arms. Maya says they need to dial back. She knows Nicole wants her own child but this has nothing to do with this adoption. Nicole says she has so many thoughts in her head right now and she wants to do the right thing but right now she needs more time. Maya backs off and says okay she will give her that time but please do not wait too long. Julius runs into Carter at Forrester Creations while looking for Nicole. Carter says he just got there but Nicole may be in with Maya. They have some legal papers to sign. Carter tells him there is nothing to worry about….just some T’s to be crossed. Coco tells Zende that she had a conversation with Nicole and she is a little worried about her with Maya’s baby. Nicole now thinks giving up Lizzy may have been a mistake. Zende says he understands. Now there is some clerical error and she will be going through all of this again. But he’s the rock and they will get through this. She will not go through this alone.

Maya returns to Rick and has to relay to him that she does not have the papers Nicole was to sign. Nicole is going through a rough time right now; she just could not sign them now. Nicole turns down Julius’s offer to go to lunch. She’s not hungry. He knows there is some glitz in the adoption papers which she says is just a formality. Julius questions if it is really. He says he can see her struggling and he just wants to be there to help. Nicole admits she was happy. She was married to Zende and was an aunt to Lizzy but then the doctors told her that she may not have her own child and that changed everything. She did not like that Maya left Lizzy while in Paris. Julius says that is normal for her because she is Lizzy’s mother. And now the documents are not even legal. That may have happened for a reason. There is a bond there and children do know who their mother is. Lizzy knows that Nicole is her mother. Rick says there should be no question for Nicole or for her to refuse to sign the papers. He is going to find her now and get those papers signed. Julius tells Nicole this is nature trying to make things right – do not sign those papers. Zende tells Coco that he appreciates her confiding in him and he will not tell Nicole. The last thing Nicole needs now is pressure. Rick walks in on Nicole and tells her to sign the papers. She scared the hell out of his wife. Nicole says he does not know how it felt to carry her for mine months and then to find out now she might not have another child. Rick says she still may be able to have her own child as miracles happen. But no matter what she is going through right now has zero to do with Lizzy. He loves that girl like the sun rises and shines and she is not going to take that from then. That is not going to happen!

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Steve overheard Tripp and Jade talking about a surprise for Kayla. Steve wanted to know the surprise. Tripp and Jade came up with a lie about planning a lunch date with her. Eric and Jennifer talked briefly about everyone being released from the island. Eric found out that Nicole had community service with him. Nicole had a dream about Holly, but she didn’t remember her. Jade wanted Kayla to enjoy herself before she went to prison. Eric went to the Kiriakis mansion to warn Brady about Nicole’s community service. Nicole knew about having to work with him. Steve went to the hospital to get Kayla to go to lunch with him. Nicole saw Chloe and Holly at the park. They had a brief conversation about Holly until she told Nicole she was moving to New York. Steve took Kayla to TBD and she was surprised by the lunch. She wasn’t thrilled that Jade was there, but she let her stay. Rafe questioned Rory about the drug, Halo.

Deimos ran into Eric in an alley and they argued over Nicole. Nicole promised not to be in Chloe’s way so she wouldn’t move. Chloe wanted to move to have help raising the kids. Chloe asked Nicole if she wanted to hold Holly. Nicole couldn’t do it. Jade lied to Steve and Kayla about wanting to do something nice for Kayla. Nicole and Chloe had a brief conversation about Holly before Chloe left. Jennifer knocked something on the floor and found the letters Eric wrote to Nicole. Deimos and Eric argued over Nicole again. Deimos refused to leave Salem. Eric warned Deimos to stay away from Nicole or he would answer to him. Jade left the table and overheard Kayla talking to Joey about leaving her alone. Jennifer confronted Eric about the letters to Nicole. Jennifer didn’t think their relationship would work because of how he felt about Nicole. Rory told Rafe and Hope that he took a picture of “The Candyman”. The Candyman turned out to be Deimos. Eric explained to Jennifer why he wrote the letters to Nicole. Jennifer knew something was different with him since he was back from Greece. She wanted to be friends. She advised him to read the letters that he wrote to her. Nicole told Brady that Chloe was taking Holly to New York. Nicole told him that Chloe wanted to make things easier for her by leaving. Jade told Tripp what Kayla said to Joey about her. Tripp let her know that Kayla was getting what she deserved. Brady tried to make Nicole feel better about Chloe leaving. Chloe showed up at the Kiriakis mansion.

GH Recap Written by Anthony

Alexis runs into Julian at the Metro Court. Julian has a lot on his mind and when he spots someone he asks Alexis if they can talk later. Alexis agrees. Julian goes over to the bar and meets with a man named Garvey. He is also a mobster but on the West coast and wants Julian to help him go after Sonny. Julian doesn’t want to. Alexis heard everything and asks what Julian is going to do. At Sam and Jason’s, Jason comes home with food and Sam tries to hide the knife she went to bed with. Jason spots it and Sam claims she found it on the table. Jason answers the door to Julian who informs him that Sonny is in danger. Jason tries to call Sonny. In Puerto Rico, Carly and Sonny wait for their appointment but things get delayed. Carly assumes Sonny is trying to trick her but Sonny proves otherwise. The two go to walk on the beach. Sonny’s phone rings as he leaves.

Amy and Nathan go to a meeting for their book deal. The publisher Quinn, wants to sign Man Landers, but Nathan will be the face of the brand. At Kelly’s, Nelle tries to apply for a job when Bobbie shows up and informs her that she owns he place. Nina shows up later on and eventually offers Nelle a job. Meanwhile, Michael gets a visit from Joss who is furious that Sonny and Carly are together in Puerto Rico. Michael informs her that it is their choice if they end up together or not and they cannot force anything. Bobbie later shows up and warns Michael and Nelle. She knows she cannot do anything to stop him though. She leaves. Joss says goodbye to Michael and makes plans to throw a party with Carly out of town.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

Ashley fills Jack in on her meeting with Graham but still feels as though he may be hiding something. Abby joins Victor to discuss business when Scott walks in and shows Victor a poster board which has Nikki's picture on it which is advertising her playing a concert for the hospital wing. Victor okays it. Graham urges Dina to talk to him about what is bothering her. Dina mentions about her seeing him with Ashley and what is in it for him. Nikki practices her music for the concert but she begins to have pains in her hands. Nikki reaches for a bottle when Sharon comes in and asks her about Faith's sweater. Sharon asks her about her music and the concert she will be performing. Sharon asks her about the bottle she had been holding when she first came in. Nikki denies that she was going to drink any of it. Victor gives Abby and Scott a job together of selling tickets for the concert. Michael and Cane have a difference about having Lily at the hearing. At the park, Billy and Victoria discuss the hearing and Cane going to see Juliet to get her to drop the lawsuit. Victoria tells Billy that she wants to teach Juliet a lesson she won't soon forget. Dina tells Graham that he is the only one she can count on. Graham assures Dina that he is happy and content with her. In talking to Jack, Ashley refuses to flirt with Graham to get him away from their Mother. Victoria and Billy join Michael, Cane and Lily for the hearing. Leslie and Juliet arrive and Leslie is against so many being at the hearing but Juliet tells Leslie that they can stay. Michael gives Cane, Billy, Lily and Victoria pointers before the hearing begins.

At the park, Abby and Scott take a table to discuss them selling the tickets for the concert. Nikki assures Sharon that she is making too much of this. Sharon offers Nikki some helpful advice on how to deal with this situation with Victor. Victor calls Nikki and Sharon can sense a change in Nikki when she talks to Victor. Sharon gives Nikki some helpful advice on how to calm her nerves before the concert. Ashley and Ravi go over the evidence that Ravi had found out about Graham. Jack tries to get Gloria to help to get Graham away from but Gloria refuses. Sharon watches Abby and Scott together and listens to them awhile before joining them. Abby leaves to take a call which leaves Scott and Sharon alone. Leslie interrogates Victoria but on the last question, Victoria has her say to Juliet which unnerves Michael.

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