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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Ridge tells Quinn that Deacon is in jail so she is safe now. She says yes thanks to him. And she meant it when she said she loves him. He says she is safe so that is all that matters. Nicole remembers back when little Lizzy was born and put in her arms. Zende walks in and asks if she is okay. She replies yes she is just fine. He senses she is still down and says they have only been trying a few months but it is going to happen. The doctors did not say it was impossible. He assures her everything will turn out, he promises. Rick informs Maya that it is no big deal but there is some clerical error and they need to sign more adoption papers for Lizzy. Maya says it is a sensitive time now for Nicole so she will take the papers in to her privately. Nicole conveys to Coco that she is afraid – she might not be able to have more children. She says she could not stand it when Maya and Rick took off to Paris and left Lizzy. She would never do that. Maybe she made a mistake giving the child to them.

Eric comes in and is glad both Ridge and Quinn are there. He tells them they have a visitor and invites Sheila in. Sheila says hello to Ridge and says he looks different. He asks his dad why this woman is here after all she has done to this family. Eric says they were all judging Sheila by her past and she had nothing to do with what Deacon did. She says she regrets all of it and she is deeply sorry. Ridge says okay she said her peace and now she can get out. Sheila starts to leave and laments that she does not want to be a distraction. Eric says she is being treated unfairly and it is them that should be apologizing to her. He offers her a glass of tea and goes to get it. She looks at the Quinn portrait over the mantel and says how charming – the matriarch of the family now. She tells Quinn she heard of what happened with Deacon and she is lucky to have someone so devoted as Eric. She says she is not mad that they put her in jail, all is well that ends well. She just wanted to come by and make amends. When she leaves the room Ridge says now she can leave. Eric says no, he wants to keep an eye on her and keep her close. Ridge says this is wrong as Sheila manipulates people. Eric reminds him that they put Sheila in jail and that was wrong. Ridge tells Quinn that he does not want Sheila here; Eric is playing with fire. Sheila thanks Eric and says his words mean a lot. He says anyone can change if they want to and he believes she has. They say goodbye outside and he tells her to take care of herself. She gives a backward sly look. When the papers are presented to Nicole she tells Maya that she thought that was finalized a long time ago. She wants Maya to explain – Lizzy is not really hers yet. Maya says she will be as soon as Nicole re-signs these papers. She is not Lizzy’s mother; Maya is so please sign the papers. Nicole hears Lizzy cry and suddenly says she can’t….she cannot sign the papers. Maya gets agitated and clenches her jaw and says she is the mother and Rick the father so Nicole must sign those papers right now!

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

JJ and Lani caught Chad and Gabi after they made love. Things were uncomfortable when they saw each other. Steve told Adrienne and Justin that Anjelica was the one getting revenge on her. Tripp followed Kayla around to see how he could get revenge on her. Kayla gave him an opportunity by talking to him about how hard it was to lose patients. Adrienne didnít understand why Anjelica was still after her after all of these years. Justin left to call Anjelica. Adrienne and Steve talked about Sonny being on the island. She was determined to find Sonny. Paulís condition was getting worse. Paul asked Eli to kill him if he got worse. Eli told him that he would do it.

Kayla was proud of Tripp for wanting to be a doctor. Kayla wanted him to follow her again. He was a little too willing to follow her around again. Lani and JJ wanted to get Paul some water. Eli told Sonny that they needed to respect Paulís wishes and kill him. Sonny didnít agree with him. He thought the jungle madness was making him delirious. Paul managed to get untied while they were arguing. John and Marlena arrived on the island and saw Gabi and Chad. Sonny and Eli were still arguing when Chad and Gabi announced that they were saved. John and Marlena showed up with them. Paul jumped up and grabbed for Eliís gun. They fought over the gun so the others tried to stop him. Tripp thought about what Jade told him about Kayla. Jade showed up and continued to make him thing that Kayla killed Ava. Eli told John and Marlena that Paul had jungle madness. Marlena examined him. Tripp planned on sabotaging Kaylaís patients so she looked like the doctor of death. Jade wanted to make sure that he wasnít killing patients. Tripp didnít want to kill anyone. He just wanted to ruin her credibility. He knew that it was going to be hard to prove that she would do that. Jade was willing to help Tripp go after Kayla. She gave him tips on how to get revenge on Kayla. Steve saw Tripp and Jade together talking about Kayla. Someone called Adrienne and told her that Sonny was saved. She told Justin the news and they hugged each other. Chad and Gabi buried the amulet in the sand and walked off. Sonny showed up after they left and looked at the spot where they buried the amulet.

GH Recap Written by Anthony

Griffin goes to Sonny's house to ask if he's going to kill Ava. Sonny assures Griffin that he won't go after Ava, because she is suffering enough. Griffin thinks Sonny should forgive her, but Sonny asks if Griffin has forgiven Julian for killing Duke. Griffin leaves and Sonny gets a call from someone at his island property. Meanwhile, Carly goes to the Quartermaine Mansion and tells Michael that she is giving Sonny back his assets. Michael is glad to hear that. The two discuss Nelle and Carly doesn’t want him getting close to her. Nelle overhears this in the other room. Carly leaves after she gets a call from Sonny urging her to come over. Michael wonders how much Nelle heard. Nelle claims she heard enough. Michael thinks that Carly will be fine with it after they talk about it for a while. Nelle explains that they aren’t dating right now. Back at Sonny’s, he tells Carly she needs to sign papers for their business on his island casino. Carly agrees to go with him. At the hospital, Jason asks Sam if she is ok. Sam admits she isn’t. With their children staying with Monica, the two go home and try to sleep. Sam wakes up hearing voices telling her that things aren’t safe. She comes back into the room with a knife which she hides under her pillow.

Julian goes to visit Ava. Ava tells him that she doesn’t want to be saved again if her heart stops. Julian says he won’t stop them but they have a lot to live for. Ava doesn’t think that is true. Julian leaves and Epiphany walks in. Ava demands to see what she looks like without her bandages on. Epiphany urges her not to look. Ava demands anyway. Ava looks and starts to scream no. Julian overhears this. At the park, Kevin offers to let Laura and Spencer live with him. After a little convincing, Spencer agrees to it. Elsewhere at the Metro Court, Olivia is angry because Diane cannot represent her in court. Ned tells her things will be fine with Julian. He suggests they get married in July.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Jack breaks off his friends with benefits relationship with Gloria. She is deeply hurt but doesn't let Jack see how much she cares about him. Ashley and Graham have a long talk where she finds out that his last name is Bloodworth and that he was traumatized by his parents' divorce because he thought they had a perfect marriage. Then he met Dina while he was living in Paris and started to work for her. Dina arrives at the Athletic Club dining room and feels jealous because she thinks Graham is flirting with Ashley. He assures her that he will always be loyal to her and she is the only woman in his life. Ashley tells Jack everything she found out about Graham and that Ravi is doing a full internet search on him. Jack tells Ashley they don't have time for that and suggests that she flirt with Graham so that Dina can see that he only goes after women who have money. Ashley tells Jack to forget about that idea because she won't do it.

Victoria goes over her deposition testimony with Michael. He tells her that he got Leslie to agree to a protective order so the depositions won't be part of the public record and will be sealed. Hilary apologizes to Jordan saying she will not run the Brash and Sassy story and refuses to testify for Juliet on her deposition. Jordan wonders how her testimony would help. Hilary says that she was only going to be a character witness. Hilary pulls the old "I want to be a better person and I need your help to do it" act on Jordan, but he doesn't fall for it and calls her a great actress. Jordan breaks up with Hilary and wishes her luck on becoming a better person. Hilary later tells Devon that he was her balance and now she understands he was trying to protect her from her impulse to do bad things. Hilary tells Devon that she doesn't know what to do or what she wants from life, so Devon holds her and seems to be falling for her act again. Cane and Lily tell Mattie and Charlie about Juliet's lawsuit and assure them Juliet is lying, because she is angry she got fired from Brash and Sassy.

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