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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

With Deacon on the floor, Quinn clings to Ridge and says she is safe because of him. When Deacon comes to he wants to know what happened. Quinn says he was an idiot and tried to kill her. Ridge tells him to stay down, the police are on the way. Deacon says he needs to talk to Quinn. She broke his heart and pushed him off the cliff but he’s not a snitch like she is. Katie comes rushing in and is surprised to see it is Deacon. He says he needed money. He was desperate and messed up. Eric tells Lt. Baker that he hasn’t seen Sheila in years; in fact he thought she was dead. Lt. Baker says they will do their part by keeping Sheila locked up for a long time. Eric retorts that finally his wife will be safe. Eric and the police then show up at his house. Ridge speaks up and says it was not Sheila; it was Deacon. Deacon declares that all he wanted was a couple of bucks. He did not mean it to come to this. He tried to text Quinn but she would not answer. He tells Eric that she started it first by pushing him off the cliff. Deacon assures Katie that he was not setting her up. She’s always been nice and treated him great. Despite his denial, the police arrest Deacon and take him away. Eric tells him he has always been pathetic and trouble around here.

Wyatt, Brooke and Bill rush in as they heard news on the radio. Eric says he has never been so grateful to his son, Ridge, in his life. Bill surmises that Sheila had nothing to do with any of this. It was Deacon all this time. Quinn says if it were not for Katie and Ridge that she would be dead. Eric thanks them for saving his wife’s life. He tells Ridge that he is a hero to him and he gives Katie and Ridge a hug. Eric confides to Quinn that Sheila was at the police station so he thought Quinn was perfectly safe otherwise he would not have left her there alone. Lt. Baker calls Eric and says they are in the process of booking Mr. Sharpe now. So Sheila is not involved in this but there is still the restraining order so it is up to Eric what to do next. Katie is glad that Will was with someone else and was not home for this. Brooke realizes this will be another bond between Quinn and Ridge now that he saved her life. Alone Quinn thanks Ridge again for what he did for her. She puts her hand on his shoulder and admits that she loves him.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Chloe had problems with Holly. Nancy told her that Holly missed her mother. Chloe wasnít interested in her opinion. Gabi told Chad that she was afraid that no one was going to find them. Chad assured her that they would be okay. Dario wanted to go to the Dominican Republic with Abby so she could get a divorce. He wanted them to get married. While they were talking about Chad, Dario wondered if she wanted to be back with him. Abby didnít answer him. They decided that she would go by herself. When Jennifer showed up, Abby asked her to watch Thomas. Abby told Jennifer that she was going to the Dominican Republic to divorce Chad. Nancy wanted Chloe to leave Salem because people donít want her to have Holly. Chloe wasnít worried about what could happen. Eric showed up at the Kiriakis mansion while Brady and Nicole were there.

Brady told Eric that he got community service.  When Eric told Brady to come to him if he needed anything, Nicole said Brady could come to her.  Jennifer and Abby got in an argument over Abby marrying Dario.  They ended up apologizing to each other.  Nicole told Eric that she was grateful to him for helping her, but there were things she couldnít forgive.  Brady tried to get Nicole to forgive Eric.  She told him that she couldnít forgive Eric.  Brady told Nicole that she was going to be working for Eric at the Horton Center.  Abby told Dario that she didnít want to end her marriage without seeing Chad.  Chad and Gabi kissed each other.

GH Recap Written by Anthony

Nathan confronts Amy about her brother. Amy doesn’t want to talk about it. Nathan understands that she has to take care of him because of his medical bills due to being in the army. Amy has to do it all by herself because of her mother having passed away. Nathan discovers the amount of medical bills she has to pay and offers to pretend to be Man Landers for her. Laura comes downstairs and asks Lulu if she has seen her brush. Lulu explains that Charlotte must have taken it. Spencer shows up and says these arrangements aren’t working out because of Charlotte. He cannot believe that Laura would be ok with Charlotte after what Valentin did. Laura wants them to all get along. Spencer throws a puzzle on the ground because he cannot deal with Charlotte. Kevin shows up and takes Laura and Spencer to the park. Kevin offers to let Laura and Spencer move in.

At GH, Jason and Costa are fighting on the roof. Costa admits that he works for Helena but that she is dead and no one else is around. He has to complete his mission though. The police and Sam show up and arrest Costa. They need Jason to make a statement. Meanwhile, in a hospital room Hayden bursts in while Elizabeth and Jake are hiding. She uses the bathroom. Elizabeth finds out she is pregnant and promises that she will be a good mother. Jason finds them and tells them all that it is over. Sam starts to see blood on Jason’s head and Jason wonders if she is alright. Sam admits that she isn’t.

Y&R Recap Written by Christine

Lily wasn't surprised when Neil revealed that Hilary was helping Juliet. Lily told Neil that Cane got Juliet to drop the lawsuit. Mariah confronted Hilary about her involvement in Juliet's lawsuit. Hilary decided to take Mariah off the story and cover it herself. Mariah warned Lily that Hilary might take the story public. Lily threatened to sue Hilary for slander. They argued, and Jordan prevented Lily from physically attacking Hilary. Lily told Jordan that Hilary pushed Juliet to file the lawsuit. Hilary insisted that she only recommended a lawyer to Juliet. Jordan accused Hilary of engineering the lawsuit so she could get an exclusive story, and he stormed off. Scott spent the night at Sharon's place and surprised her by making breakfast. Scott blew off Victor in order to spend more time with Sharon. Sharon told Mariah that she was falling for Scott. Billy and Victoria were angry when Cane informed them that he'd met with Juliet. Victoria wondered if she could trust Cane, because he ignored her instructions and failed to disclose that he almost blew the Tokyo deal. Lauren shared her concerns about Sharon and Scott with Michael. Juliet interrupted Michael and Lauren's breakfast and told him about Cane's surprise visit. Michael made an unsuccessful attempt to convince Leslie that Cane's visit with Juliet wasn't a big deal. Michael told Cane that he'd damaged their case. Michael proposed having the judge to interview Cane and Juliet under oath before the trial, in order to expose weaknesses in Juliet's case. Victoria gave Michael the go ahead. Lauren tried to use Sharon's actions with Christian to dissuade Scott from dating her. Scott revealed that Sharon already told him. He'd decided to judge Sharon on the present, not the past. Scott asked Lauren to let him make his own choices, and she apologized.

Ashley reached out to Graham in an attempt to understand his relationship with Dina. Graham told Ashley that he loved Dina, but he wasn't her lover. Ashley admitted she'd come to care for Dina, but she was afraid of being disappointed. Graham assured her that her feelings were natural. He confided that he'd been hurt in a way similar to Ashley. Devon learned that Dina extended her visit to Genoa City. Dina encouraged Devon to find a place for Graham in the company. Dina felt bad that she hurt Jack by declining his offer to stay in the Abbott home. Graham and Dina agreed that she was in better hands with Graham. Dina told Jack that being in the Abbott home reminded her of all the moments she missed out on with her family. Dina stated that she'd had a hard time figuring out whether to sell her company and Graham helped her sort out the realities. Dina felt that it was time for her to be around the people she loved. Jack understood that this included Graham. Dina wasn't sure how to express what Graham meant to her. Cane told Devon that he was terrified about the lawsuit. Devon urged Cane to make sure he was completely honest with Lily before the trial. Juliet asked Hilary to be a character witness at the trial. While Hilary said she was rooting for Juliet, she refused to testify. Jordan admitted that he should've heeded Lily's warning about Hilary. Lily confided that the unfounded allegations against Cane hurt. Jordan assured her that she and Cane would be okay. Cane walked in and saw Lily and Jordan hugging.

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