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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Out on the balcony again Quinn looks toward Katie’s and suddenly she is in the crosshairs again when shots, more than one, ring out in her direction. Sheila is at the police station and says she is not guilty in this….the evidence will speak for itself. Quinn crawls around on the floor trying to reach her phone. As she picks it up the door opens and it is Deacon. She is glad to see him and says someone is trying to kill her. He says that was not exactly the reception he was expecting. He can’t imagine who would be trying to kill her. But she begs him to call the police and get down; there is still a shooter out there. He says he has never seen her so scared but he will take care of her. Ridge goes to the office and sees Brooke. He says he came back for some sketches. He fills her in on Sheila being on hand when Quinn was shot. Eric tells Sheila that he is not interested in her feeling good and making amends for what she has done to his family over the years. Just do not shoot at his wife now. Lt. Baker informs Sheila that her restraining order is still viable and she is under arrest. Sheila begs Eric to do something; she did not do this.

While Quinn is still on the floor and wanting Deacon to be careful he pours himself a drink and says not to worry the sharpshooter is not after him. And he knows she does not care about him at all; she only wanted a Forrester to marry. He got pushed in the ocean for trying to help her before. She sold her soul for a shot at the good life. She says she can understand he is upset but right now her life is at stake and that is all she can worry about. He wonders who might want to see her dead…..well there is Hope and Liam and there are probably a lot more. And right at the top is him. He pulls a gun on her and says he faked that call to police. They are not coming. Sheila is booked and fingerprinted and mug shots taken. As they take her away she begs Eric again to stop this. She is a different person and has not bothered his family in years. Quinn tells Deacon to put the gun down. He could spend the rest of his life for this. He says he tried the true and narrow but it never worked. This time he is not going to miss. He wants better than he got. He continues to drink. Quinn says if he will just stop and sober up she will forget all about this and never mention it again. Katie is still looking through the telescope and sees something. She runs to the phone and calls Ridge and tells him to get to Quinn quickly; she has a gun pulled on her. Quickly Ridge slips in the door and knocks out Deacon. Quinn rushes into his arms.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Paul put a knife to Sonny. Chad and JJ tried to stop Paul from stabbing Sonny. When Paul let Sonny go, Chad and JJ stopped him. Anjelica caught Steve in her office. Claire wanted Jade to tell Theo and Joey that she recorded Claire and Theo having sex. Claire told them that Abe and Hope saw the video. Claire wanted Jade to tell the truth. While JJ and Chad were fighting Paul, Paul passed out. They said he was burning up. Joey wanted Jade to tell the truth. Jade admitted to recording Claire and Theo having sex. Sonny wanted to take care of Paul, but Gabi stopped him. Anjelica told Steve why she wanted to get revenge on Adrienne. Claire was upset with Jade even when she tried to apologize. Theo stopped Claire from yelling at Jade.

Claire and Theo grilled Jade about what she did until she left.  Steve asked Anjelica when Sebastian would be back.  She said there was no Sebastian.  He figured out that she was Sebastian.  Theo apologized to Claire about the sex tape, but she didn’t accept his apology.  Sonny tired to reach out to Paul.  Paul thought about all of the things he did on the island.  Claire told Theo why she wouldn’t forgive him.  Steve wanted to know why Anjelica wanted the paper.  She said it was about Jack.  She said she wanted revenge no matter what.

GH Recap Written by Anthony

Sam goes to the GH to try to get an appointment with Doctor Lee. She runs into Griffin who offers to check up on her. He thinks that she is suffering from PTSD. Sam doubts that is the case because she has gone through much worse things. Griffin wants her to check up on things at least. Sam promises to. Meanwhile, Elizabeth and Jake make their afternoon plans. Jason calls and tells Elizabeth that Jake is in danger and needs to go into a room and wait until he can get there. Elizabeth asks Griffin to wait with them and Jake pretends to be a doctor. Jason shows up at GH and Costa (Helena’s bodyguard) is trying to escape. Jason finds Costa and ends up being chocked by him.

Julian runs into Olivia at the Metro Court bar. He wants to see Leo. Olivia isn’t going to let him. She wants Ned to be his father. Julian really wants to be around a child who doesn’t hate him. Olivia thinks it is Julian’s own fault that his children hate him. Alexis walks over and informs Olivia that he has every right to see his child. Olivia cannot believe that Alexis is doing this. She thought after everything he has done she wouldn’t be on his side. Sam walks over and asks what is going on. Olivia tells her and Sam is angry. She will never let Julian see Scout if she has anything to say about it. She goes to sit down. Alexis tries to talk with Sam but Sam doesn’t want to listen to her. Nathan overhears Amy outside of Kelly’s talking to someone in tears on the phone. He tries to ask what is wrong but Amy isn’t having it and storms off. Dillon shows up and tells Nathan about Amy’s brother Chad who was a football hero until he had an injury in college. Nathan goes to confront Amy again and tells her that he thinks he knows what is up.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

Cane visits Juliet at the Athletic Club, but she threatens to call the police unless he leaves. Cane tells her that she is going to ruin his life. Victoria visits Lily to talk to Cane about the lawsuit but finds him gone. At the Underground, Billy and Phyllis enjoy a night out when they see Nick and Chelsea walk in. Upon seeing them together, Nick says he'll tell them the same thing that he told Victoria that she could do better. Mariah walks in and sees Sharon in a new dress and smells cheese soufflé coming from the kitchen. Mariah wants to know if something special is going on. At Newman, Abby and Scott exchange slurs about the new dating app and the fact that Scott is in charge of Hashtag. Abby makes the remark that Scott could not find a date. They begin to exchange slurs when Zack arrives for their date. Scott asks to speak to Abby alone and reprimands her for dating Zack. Nick and Billy exchange slurs as usual, but Phyllis and Chelsea step in to try to stop the confrontation before it escalates. Nick goes to join Noah to tend the bar when Chelsea steps in. Juliet tells Cane he should not be here. Cane accuses Hilary of being behind all this. Victoria tells Lily that things could get dirty real fast and that Cane should call Juliet out about all these lies. Victoria asks Lily if she is having doubts about Cane's innocence. Mariah tells Sharon about how her life is changing so drastically. There is a knock on the door and it is Scott. Mariah soon makes her exit.

Scott and Sharon have a drink while he looks around her living room. Mariah tells Devon about Sharon and Scott dating. Noah and Tessa join them. Devon informs Tessa how her recording contracting is progressing. Tessa smiles and agrees to the contract. Phyllis notices Victoria at the bar and wants to leave. Victoria and Billy discuss the latest developments in the lawsuit. Nick and Chelsea join Victoria and hand her a drink. Cane tells Juliet that Victoria will come after her and asks what will happen if she goes through with this lawsuit. Juliet picks up the phone and calls Leslie to tell her that things have changed. She wants to drop the lawsuit because Cane came to see her. Mariah and Noah discuss Tessa and the recording contract. Mariah reminds Noah of the family he has, but Tessa may not have been so lucky as him. Mariah tells him to cut Tessa some slack. Abby and Zack go on a date. Zack asks Abby to rate him as a date. Sharon and Scott have dinner together which leads to kissing and her tearing the buttons off his shirt. Scott pulls Sharon's blouse down while they kiss. Leslie tells Juliet that Cane made the second biggest mistake of his life as she tells Juliet that Cane had intimidated her.

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