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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Bill informs his boys, Wyatt and Liam, that the shooter has been found and it is one of Eric’s crazy ex-wives, Sheila Carter. Suddenly it looks like Quinn is the safe choice. Liam is shocked that Sheila has come back. Bill says once again Quinn has good luck as they caught Sheila. Sheila is brought to the police station and wonders why she is being brought in. She tells Eric that surely he knows she would never do anything to hurt him or his friends. Ridge asks Quinn what would make her happy if he were a fortune teller. She says she does not believe in that but if pushed she would hope that the one she loved would love her back. But everything goes wrong when Eric is around her. She wonders when he will ever get tired of that. She says she tries to be strong and stand out but then gets scared when someone tries to kill her. Lt. Baker questions Sheila and she replies she only came back and went to Katie’s because she has always been so kind and she thought she could help her with Eric. Katie admits that no one assaulted her. Sheila was just there at her house but she does not know what would have happened if she had not picked up the poker. Nothing happened so she would like to go now. Eric thanks her and says his wife is safe now thanks to Katie.

Eric tells Lt. Baker to make sure Sheila gets an attorney. She says she does not care what others think of her. She does not want to talk to anyone but Eric. Liam tells Bill that Spectra is not going out of business so he needs to find another site for his new building. Quinn tells Ridge that she doesn’t want to talk about herself any more. She feels safe with Eric and she will stick with that. She wants to hear more about Ridge. Then she asks about Sheila…. a person she has never met before who wants to take her out. Sheila tells Eric to just ask her anything. She will tell him as she did nothing wrong. He says she always says that. She says she took responsibility and made amends. She started with Katie because she has always been so fair-minded. She is telling the truth now…..she did not do this. Eric says he may have forget some things but he remembers every single thing about her. He wants to make sure her restraining order is still in effect and keep her away from him and his family. He wants her back in jail. Sheila objects and says that is not fair. Quinn walks out on the balcony, same spot as before. Katie is looking through her telescope at Quinn and a shot rings out.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

GH Recap Written by Anthony

Spinelli is at Sonny’s house where he wants to give his condolences for Morgan’s passing. Sonny thanks him. Carly shows up and is excited to see Spinelli. Spinelli is on his way out. Carly tells Sonny that they need to discuss what happened last night. Sonny feels that things are good now. Carly isn’t so sure. Joss wasn’t happy about them kissing. Sonny asks if she wants a divorce. Carly suggests that they take what is their own and she will sign back his properties. They agree they work better when they are not married. Carly leaves. At Sam and Jason’s, Sam asks what Jason is up to. Jason is trying to find out where the Chimera came from and who delivered it. Sam tells him he needs to get over it because Jake is obviously fine now and so is he. Jason needs to make sure. He suggests Sam go to the spa. Sam doesn’t think she is a spa girl. At the hospital, Elizabeth drops Jake off at a therapy session. She then goes to Sam and Jason’s where she finds Sam. Sam imagines that Elizabeth is holding a gun to her and in reality, she is just asking if she will be Jake’s emergency contact at camp. Sam is flattered. Sam attempts to sleep. Meanwhile, Jason and Spinelli try to hack info on the receipt for the shipping address. They end up finding the license plate and the man who bought it. Jason recognizes him. This man is watching Jake and Elizabeth as they leave Jake’s therapy session.

At Kelly’s, Nina and Nathan are discussing Valentin. Nina knows he didn’t like him but she will miss him. She did however get the divorce papers signed. Nathan asks her what is in the box next to her. Nina tells her that she had bought Charlotte a present. Nathan suggests she give it to her. Nina leaves and Amy runs into Nathan. Amy needs to talk. Nathan has to get to work. Amy needs to talk about Man Landers. She got a book deal and needs him to be the face. Nathan says no and Amy is angry and storms off. Later, Nathan overhears Amy crying on the phone that they will find the money somehow. At Lulu’s house, Anna shows up. She explains to Lulu that Valentin left Charlotte a message. Lulu isn’t sure that she should hear it. Anna thinks that it is an ok message for Charlotte to hear. Lulu still doesn’t want her hearing it. Nina shows up and asks if Anna knows anything about Valentin. Nina says he is in the Netherlands on trial. Lulu goes to pick up Charlotte, but says that Nina can stay to give her present if she would like. Charlotte comes home and Nina gives her the present. It is dress that Charlotte helped design for herself. Lulu decides that Charlotte can listen to the message. Charlotte wants Nina to listen as well. The two listen together with earbuds.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Reed and Mattie are having a great time talking and he asks her out to a movie, but then Charlie arrives and Reed is surprised to find out that the guy that took Zoey from him is Mattie's brother. Abby challenges Scott by telling him that his dating app will make more money than his digital magazine. Scott accepts her challenge and the battle begins to see which one of their projects can make the most money for the company. Scott tries to warn Abby not to go out on a date with Zach, but she says it isn't a date; they are just testing the dating app. Tessa confronts Zach about their past in Chicago, and he tells her that he is a legitimate businessman now and she should forget about their past in Chicago and get on with her life. Tessa decides to take Zach's advice and tells Noah she has decided not to leave Genoa City. Sharon tells Scott she thinks Tessa and Zach share a past, and Scott advises her to let her son make his own decisions. Sharon invites Scott to her house for a home-cooked meal, and he thinks that is a wonderful idea. The judge decides there is enough evidence for Juliet's lawsuit against Brash and Sassy to go to court. Victoria refuses to settle the lawsuit and asks Michael to dig up dirt on Juliet. Cane goes to Juliet's hotel room and tells her they need to talk about the lawsuit.

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