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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Katie holds the fireplace poker and rants at Sheila not to come any closer. Sheila retorts that she is just talking to her so put the poker down. Quinn goes over it with Eric that someone wants her dead but the gunshot residue proved Katie did not do it. So someone else wants her dead. Liam tells Bill that the honeymoon was over the minute he walked back into the building. Brooke leaves and says she will leave them to work. Bill asks Wyatt and Liam what he missed. Wyatt says someone tried to shoot his mom. Bill says he loves his son but Quinn….not so much. And if Katie was cleared, then case closed. He is only concerned about Will. Pam tells Ridge that he and Quinn have come a long way. Just a while back everyone would have been in that line to shoot Quinn, but since being with Eric she has changed. But the shooter could come back. Perhaps they should put Charlie on security of her full time. Brooke drops in on Ridge and he says he would be her husband now if he had not screwed up. He fills her in that someone shot at Katie. Eric tells Quinn that Katie was hurt and angry but she is not a killer. He’s lived with that kind of danger before. Sheila tells Katie that she knows nothing about a shooting so put the poker down. She did her time in prison and there is absolutely no trace of the old Sheila. The Forrester’s were a big part of her past life and she would just like to make things right with them and Katie can help. Eric gets a text that Sheila is at Katie’s house. He relays to Quinn now things make sense. He thinks maybe they have found the shooter. He says get Ridge up here as he does not want Quinn alone but he is going over to Katie’s.

Ridge agrees with Brooke that Katie would not shoot at Quinn but somebody did. He says whatever happened between him and Quinn was in the past but somebody is out for her. Sheila says that she doesn’t shoot people anymore. She is not that lady from the past. And she is asking her nicely. She is trying to put her life back together and the Forrester’s were a big part of it. She knows she has done terrible despicable things but she is never going to be that woman again. She loves Eric so much and just wants to make things right. Eric rushes in and Sheila lights up. Wyatt says his mom in the past has been a human wrecking ball but that was in the past. Since Eric she has been fine so he does not know who would want to hurt his mom now. Ridge rushes to Quinn and she says it has been a long day and it is not over yet. He says he is here now so nothing will happen to her. She fills him in on going over to Katie’s and found this woman named Sheila Carter. Ridge says that is impossible. Quinn says no; Eric is there now. Sheila tells Eric he is so good looking and distinguished. She only wanted Katie’s help. She came with good intentions and she just wants a chance with him to be accepted with his big heart. She’d like to show him she has learned her lesson and she is not that same person. He says he also has learned a lesson. The more she says she has changed the more dangerous she is. Someone fired at his wife and yet she says she is not guilty. He is not going to let her harm his family and certainly not his wife. Immediately he calls Lt. Baker and says he has the shooter, Sheila Carter.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

The judge sentenced Nicole to a fine and community service.  Kate and Andre argued over who should be in charge of Titan.  Justin told Nicole not to talk to Chloe.  Nicole said they were friends now.  Nicole was going to fight for custody of Holly.  Claire opened up to Hope about her music.  Theo told Abe what he did to Ciara.  Justin told Nicole not to push Chloe and she agreed. Nicole thanked Chloe for helping her.  Nicole asked why Chloe talked to the judge.  Chloe said it was because of Eric.  Andre and Kate wanted Harold to be a witness to their wedding.  Chloe told Nicole what Eric said to her.  Chloe allowed Nicole to look at Holly.  Nicole wanted more, but Chloe left.  Theo told Abe that Ciara loved him, but Abe thought he loved Ciara.  Abe told him not to get too serious with Claire, but Theo said it was too late.

Hope continued to advise Claire on her music.  While Brady and Eric were talking, Nicole showed up.  Andre and Kate went to see Judge Duncan so they could get married.  Kate bribed the judge to marry them right away.  Nancy and Parker came back to see Chloe.  Nicole thanked Eric, but she said nothing changed.  Brady tried to stop her from yelling at Eric.  Eric left Brady’s room.  Brady tried to convince Nicole to give Eric a chance, but she didn’t want to talk about it.  Judge Duncan married Kate and Andre.  Nancy wanted to know when Chloe was giving Holly back to Nicole.  Nancy told her to give Holly back to Nicole.  Chloe thought Holly was better off with her.  Nancy said Nicole would fight for Holly.  Abe and Hope saw Claire and Theo having sex on Theo’s computer.

GH Recap Written by Anthony

Today's episode was pre-empted.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

Kevin confronts Dr. Harris about helping Chloe and asks who his accomplice is. Victor and Abby discuss the fact that Dina will be staying in town, but Abby is uneasy about how Ashley will react. Ashley tells Jack that Dina is not going back to Paris. Lily and Neil discuss the fact that Juliet is suing Brash and Sassy and is involving Cane by accusing him of sexual harassment. Michael meets with Victoria and Cane to discuss the sexual harassment case and his involvement. Phyllis comes downstairs and finds Billy moving in the remainder of his things. Phyllis wonders where they will go with all his things. Phyllis brings them a bottle but they begin to kiss instead and end up making love on the sofa. At the Athletic Club, Hilary meets with Leslie to see how the sexual harassment case is going. Leslie tells her that Juliet follows orders really well and she will be meeting with the judge pretty soon to discuss the case. Neil asks Lily for more information about the lawsuit and if Cane is involved. Lily admits that she heard Cane and Juliet arguing, but she assumed that it was only about business. Victoria reminds Cane that he helped to get Juliet a job at Brash and Sassy when Victoria gave her another job instead of the one she wanted. Phyllis and Billy cuddle after lovemaking but then he finds a text from Michael asking him to meet him at Brash and Sassy. Billy soon leaves. Chloe denies knowing who Dr. Harris' accomplice is and who he talks to. Kevin shows Chloe Bella's teddy bear. Kevin insists on taking Chloe away to protect her. Dr. Harris tells Kevin that he does not make the decisions around here. Chloe tells Kevin to let her talk to Dr. Harris alone. Dr Harris tells Chloe that she cannot leave with Kevin because she will be found. Dr. Harris forbids Chloe to leave.

Ashley tells Jack that she is happy that Dina is staying in town for their sake. Hilary tells Leslie that she had no doubts about Juliet's credibility as a witness. Leslie leaves to meet the judge. Billy witnesses Victoria placing her hand on Cane's arm. Hilary is joined by Phyllis and they discuss how the commercial was almost a disaster when the footage of Billy and the hockey players had been aired. Phyllis tells Hilary that she and Billy are moving in together. Billy asks Cane if he told Michael everything that happened between him and Juliet. Cane insists to Billy that he did nothing wrong. Jack joins Graham and Dina at the Athletic Club bar. Jack asks to speak to Dina alone. Jack asks Dina to move back home. Chloe insists on Kevin living there with her, and after much persuasion, Dr. Harris agrees.

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