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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Katie cannot believe she is standing here trying to defend herself to Eric. He says he understands but they need to get to the bottom of this. Sally says again for the hundredth time that Steffy has every right to be skeptical and she is sorry that she stole from Forrester and that will not happen again. Thomas is irked that Steffy said Sally is taking advantage and is using him for his money to bail out Spectra. Katie says Quinn has done terrible things to so many people but she swears that she did not do this. But someone did and that person is still out there and the police should be looking for them. Quinn talks only a few minutes with Sheila and says she needs to get home. Sheila says they need to talk and get to know each other better……or not. Eric tells Lt. Baker that he is convinced that Katie had nothing to do with this shooting and surely her questioning is over. Lt. Baker tells Eric and Katie that it is probably a good idea to hire additional security as that guilty person is still out there and could try again.

Steffy tries to make amends and says she just does not want Thomas’s heart broke again. He says he is carving out a new life for himself, not only with Spectra instead of Forrester but with this woman right here. Sheila looks through the telescope aiming at the spot where Quinn had been standing. Meanwhile Eric comes home and tells Quinn that he will not let anything happen to her. He relays that the forensics came back and there was no residue on Katie so she was not the shooter. Quinn fills Eric in that she used the binoculars and then went next door to Katie’s and met a woman who said she was a friend of the Logan’s. She says she just now remembers that he was married to a woman named Sheila yet she knows nothing about her and there are no pictures. Eric says for a reason; Sheila was very bad news. Katie returns home and is beyond shocked to find Sheila there. She wants to know why Sheila is there. Sheila replies in a matter of fact manner that she has a beautiful home, a great looking son by Bill Spencer…….Katie interrupts and asks what is she doing there and what does she want? Liam tells Steffy that he is so proud of her. He knows how worried she is about her brother but she handled Sally well and on point. He thinks Sally wants to be better and what better way than have Thomas as her influence. She hopes he is right but she is a Spectra and they rarely change their spots. Thomas tells Sally he has something to show her and he wants her to keep an open mind. On a design pad he shows her the new improved Spectra logo….slightly quirky but always in good taste. This time next year they will be on everyone’s minds. Quinn asks if Sheila is trouble like Quinn. Eric says no, she is good trouble, but Sheila Carter is bad trouble. They did have some good times and he did fall in love and asked her to marry him. But she is dangerous and he is not sure she is even alive anymore, but she is bad, very bad. Sheila tells Katie that she has done her time and all is well. Katie accuses her of being there and looking through the telescope which Sheila knows is looking right onto the Forrester balcony at Katie’s. She accuses her of coming back to finish off her aim. She grabs the fireplace poker and holds Sheila off from coming any closer. Sheila tells her emphatically to put that down.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Kayla told Steve that she was afraid of Jade living with Tripp.  Kayla thought Jade would tell Tripp the truth.  Steve thought Jade wouldn’t say anything.  Justin got Nicole ready for her hearing.  He let her know that Sonny and the others were stranded.  She found out that the judge she had before was the judge she had when she lost Holly.  When he went to take a call, Deimos showed up.  He wanted to help her by taking her with him, but she refused to go.  Eric went to see Chloe and told her that Holly was Nicole’s daughter.  He tried to convince her to help Nicole. 

Tripp showed up at the hospital to shadow Kayla.  Steve met with Jade and talked to her about Tripp and Joey.  Steve told her to move on from Joey.  She thought he was saying that she was like Ava.  Eric tried to get Chloe to help Nicole be in Holly’s life.  Nicole told the judge that everything she did was for Holly.  She said she didn’t regret what she did.  Kayla and Tripp checked on Brady.  Brady wanted to know if he could go to Nicole’s trial.  Brady told Tripp how good the Johnsons are.  Steve told Jade that she was a good person.  She told him that she and Joey belonged together.  Steve suggested that she get help.  Nicole told the judge why she kidnapped Holly.  Before the judge could make her ruling, Chloe showed up to talk to the judge.  Deimos made arrangements for Xander to get the minimum sentence.  Chloe testified in Nicole’s behalf.  Tripp told Jade he knew how to make Kayla pay.

GH Recap Written by Anthony

Jordan and Curtis discuss Stella and how it will affect their relationship what has happened. Jordan isn’t sure that Curtis should be with her after what she did. Curtis doesn’t care what she did in her past. He loves her now. At Kelly’s, Stella runs into TJ and the two hug. TJ is shocked she wanted to see him. He almost tells her the truth about who is his father is but Jordan and Curtis walk in. Curtis gets Stella to cool down and Stella decides to stay longer than she planned. Outside, Laura runs into Scott with Spencer. Laura has Spencer go inside to get some dessert and Laura asks Scott if what he did with Ava is true. Scott says that he did what had to do as Ava’s lawyer. Laura isn’t so sure that excuses things. Laura later takes Spencer to Sonny’s house where Sonny wants to spend more time with Spencer. Sonny tells Laura that he has a good feeling about him and Carly.

At General Hospital in Ava’s room, Kiki begs for her to wake up. Ava does and Ava wants to talk but Kiki wants a doctor to look at Ava first. Ava tells the doctor that she doesn’t want to be saved again if she flatlines. They give her a DNR on her papers. Kiki comes back in and learns of this. Ava tells her they aren’t changing anything. This is how she wants things. Kiki reluctantly agrees. Ava tells her how sorry she is for everything and how much she regrets what she did. Dillon runs into Scott in the lobby and punches him in the nose. He suggests that Scott leave Ava and Kiki alone right now. He has helped cause enough damage. At Carly’s house, Joss is furious after finding Sonny and Carly kissing. She thinks that Carly deserves better. Carly believes that she and Sonny know each other well enough that things always work out for them. Joss isn’t sure that is a good enough reason. Joss informs her that it is her choice and it clearly doesn’t matter what she thinks.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Scott tells Victor he wants to resign because he is tired of doing busy work and Victor buys the digital media company Scott recommended and makes Scott the boss of the company. Scott demands editorial control over the stories he can post and Victor tells him that he can post any story he wants as long as he stays in Genoa City. Jack remembers when his dad told him that Dina had left and wasn't coming back and later shares with Nikki that he always carries the pain of that day with him. Abby tells Jack that she will pay him a one time payment to buy him out of the start-up companies deal. At first he is upset but then he agrees to accept the deal as long as Ashley can use part of the warehouse for a lab. Jack tells Abby that Dina is leaving town and Abby goes to say goodbye. Abby's words persuade Dina to stay in town and they also make Ashley more suspicious of Graham. Tessa worries that Nikki won't be able to forgive her for calling Victor and telling him that she was frustrated with her piano practice. Kevin arrives in Louisiana and she tells him Dr. Harris helped her fake her own death. Kevin thanks Dr. Harris for his help and tells him that he will take care of Chloe now. Dr. Harris tells Kevin he isn't letting the two of them out of his sight and starts to call Victor. Kevin demands to know who Dr. Harris is calling and he insists that he isn't leaving without Chloe.

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