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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Quinn explains to Eric and Wyatt that she was shot at and she thinks it might have been Katie. Eric is shocked that she would suspect Katie. Ridge says she did pull a gun on her at the office earlier. Lt. Baker goes next door and questions Katie. He says he has no answers yet but he does have questions. She says she is sure Quinn fingered her but surely he does not think that she would shoot at Quinn. She has a young son in the house and is worried that the shooter may pick her house next. Lt. Baker tells her the shot came from her direction and she did pull a gun on Quinn at the office earlier. He would like her to come to headquarters and answer a few more questions. Steffy tells Liam that she has a date with Thomas that includes all of them going to Il Giardino – including Sally. She says she wants Thomas to do well at Spectra. He has good intentions. Thomas tells Sally that he likes her designs. They are new and improved and she is making a statement. Eric is stunned to hear that Katie would even consider pulling a gun on Quinn. He says he has some questions of his own so he’d like to find out from Lt. Baker what is going on. He asks Ridge to stay with Quinn just for a little while. At the station Lt. Baker asks Katie if Quinn is right. Does she have a right to expect that Katie shot at her? She says that is the most ridiculous thing she has ever heard. He calls in the fingerprinting expert to take a few samples. Lt. Baker asks if she has changed her clothes and she answer no. So the technician checks the sleeves of her clothes. She says it will not show a thing as she did not shoot a gun. Lt. Baker says the evidence will determine that.

Thomas and Sally meet up with Steffy and Liam. Thomas thanks them for inviting them. She says that is the only way to see her brother now is to make a date. Ridge leads Wyatt the way to show him where Quinn was standing and from what direction the gunshot came. Quinn pulls out her own spy glasses and looks toward Katie’s. Sally says again that she is sorry that she stole from her business and why Steffy does not trust her. But she has so much respect for Thomas as a designer and as a man and she is lucky to have him in her life. Wyatt asks Ridge if Katie really could be the shooter. Lt. Baker gets a call and tells them to let Eric in. Katie is surprised but says she has nothing to hide so whatever he wants to say he can say it in front of Lt. Baker. Eric tells her that he has known her for a long time and he loves and respects her and all of this is a huge surprise. Katie admits she does not like Quinn but she would never do anything like that. She just pulled the gun in the office to scare Quinn like she does to other people. Someone is still out there gunning for Quinn. Quinn goes over to Katie’s and is looking around when a mysterious figure approaches. Quinn asks who she is and she answers Sheila.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

No new episode!

GH Recap Written by Anthony

Stella is in shock when she sees Jordan show up at Curtis’s door. She wants to know why she has a birthday present and is calling Curtis baby. She cannot believe that the two are together. Curtis doesn’t think she understands everything that went on. Stella reminds Curtis how much his mother is suffering and how Thomas killed because of her. Curtis tells Stella that Thomas tried to kill Sean and Sean was just trying to protect herself. Stella guesses that she now knows that but it doesn’t change anything. Stella is going to a hotel and then will see TJ when she can put herself together. Curtis hopes that Jordan isn’t going to end things between them because of this. Hayden shows up at Finn’s house. She is covered in coffee. He wonders what happened. She explains that she failed at taking care of two twelve-year old’s. Finn doesn’t want her to get discouraged by this. Finn admits that he failed his drug test. Hayden knows that someone must be tampering. The two have sex and afterwards Hayden says she knows who must have done it. It was Obrecht. They just have to get proof before they can take it to Monica.

Dante takes Lucy in for questioning in regards to Ava. Lucy plays dumb at first but then admits that she found the pills. She didn’t know that Ava had switched them out for placebo’s though. She thinks that is absolutely sickening. Dante wants to know if anyone else was involved. Dante gets Scott to show up and tells him that he will be putting a case against him. At the hospital, Ava flatlines and Kiki is crying hysterically. Carly and Dillon attempt to make her feel better. Even sonny doesn’t want Kiki to have to suffer like this. Ava ends up stabilizing. Sonny and Carly want her to come to them if she needs anything. They leave. Kiki confronts Ava who is still passed out. She tells her that she loves her and doesn’t want her to die. Julian shows up outside the room and talks with Dillon about getting second chances. Carly and Sonny show up at Carly’s house. Carly admits she doesn’t want to see Kiki suffer but at the same time it would be ok for Ava to die. They could finally have peace. Carly kisses Sonny.

Y&R Recap Written by Christine

Chloe and Dr. Harris returned to his home in Louisiana. Victor called Dr. Harris and asked him to take good care of her. Chloe overheard Dr. Harris promise Victor that he would. Victor remembered a phone conversation in which he convinced Chloe to stage her death and assured her that he'd protect her from the rest of the world. Chloe told Dr. Harris that she felt safer now, but when he left the room, she looked troubled and quietly hoped Kevin would hurry. Paul told Kevin that the police wouldn't be pressing charges against Dr. Harris. Paul hoped that Kevin had a wonderful and healing two week vacation. Kevin stole a gun from the police station and disposed of the evidence tag in the park. Victor offered Kevin his condolences and learned that Kevin was going on a trip to Tahiti. Kevin ran an online search on the address Chloe gave him. Ashley and Jack devised a plan for Ashley to stall Graham while Jack talked to Dina. Jack asked Dina if Graham was making her leave. Dina wished she could stay, but she cryptically said that people had to accept the consequences of their choices. Ashley asked Graham if he was after Dina's money. Graham assured her that he had his own money and he wasn't interested in Dina's fortune. Graham was appalled because he thought Ashley only reached out to Dina because she wanted to inherit her money. Ashley insisted that she didn't need her mother's money. Graham said that Dina had wanted to visit her children one more time, and his phrasing caught Ashley's attention. Graham said he only meant Dina had no plans to return any time soon and the future was uncertain.

Jack reluctantly accepted that he couldn't convince Dina to stay. Jack told Graham that he'd better take care of Dina, or he'd have to answer to Jack. Graham assured Jack that his mother was in very capable hands. After Jack left, Graham told Dina that she did the right thing. Dina told Graham that he couldn't force her to leave her family. Graham reminded her that she didn't want her family to know. Dina knew Graham was right, but she wasn't sure where the journey would take them. Graham offered her reassurance. Jack told Ashley he sensed that Dina was keeping something from him. Tessa helped Nikki practice for her concert, but Nikki continued to hit the wrong notes, and she felt discouraged. Nikki admitted that there was some tension between her and Victor. She confided that she was at a crossroads and uncertain about her future. Tessa called Victor and tell him that Nikki might not be able to make it through the concert. Victor expected Tessa to help Nikki make it through. Nikki asked Tessa why she was talking to Victor. Sharon told Scott that Chloe's funeral inspired her to spend extra time volunteering at the crisis hotline. Scott had also been affected, and he'd decided life was too short to work in the corporate world. He decided to give Victor his notice. Noah told Sharon that Tessa seemed shaken up by the arrival of an old boyfriend. Sharon was concerned Noah's protective streak would get him hurt. Noah understood Sharon's point and he assured her that he was taking things slow with Tessa.

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