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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

With Quinn out on the balcony, an unidentified shooter fires a gun just past her head. She runs into the house. She rants at Ridge that someone was aiming at her. He needs to go check it out. She even implies that it might not be a man; it might be Katie. Ridge says the police will be here any minute but he does not think it is Katie. Quinn says she is not saying she is but she also is not ruling her out. Lt. Baker takes notes and Ridge tells him how Katie pulled a gun on Quinn at the office and thinks this might be her now. Quinn knocks on Katie’s door and wants to know where the gun is. She says she was out on her patio and that shot missed her by just a couple of inches. There were too many witnesses at the office so now she did it in private. She really wants her dead. Rick confides in Zende that Nicole called overseas and did not seem like herself. She was out of sorts. Zende says yes there is a reason as they are going through something. He tells Rick that he is not giving up on this and will keep a positive attitude. Maya tells Nicole the same thing. She sounded a little stressed when they talked over the phone. Nicole explains that she saw her doctor and she might not be able to have another child. Zende has been wonderful and refuses to accept this. But it has been a big shock to both of them. She knows how much Zende wants to have a family and now she needs to do that. Maya said she did it for her and Rick and she knows she will be able to do that for Zende. Nicole says she hopes so as Zende will be very upset if he knows the only child she could have and then gave to Maya and Rick.

Katie tells Quinn that she cannot be serious if she thinks seriously that she took a shot at her. It is insulting and rude. Katie laments that she is not a killer. Then Quinn sees the telescope and looks through it and sees it is aimed right at her patio. Katie has been spying on her. Katie says yes. She has been spying on her and she is going to keep doing it. She can fire her but she is not going anywhere. She is here until it is all over and Quinn is over. Katie orders Quinn out of her house. Carter tells Rick that he has some corrections to be made on a document; mainly just technical. And it needs to be sooner than later. Maya agrees that Lizzy is so much like Nicole; even her personality and smile and someday she will have her own precious one. Katie rants while looking through the telescope that how dare Quinn come into her home and say those things…….she is nothing like her. Lt. Baker questions Quinn and then wonders why Quinn went over to Katie’s if she thought she was the one who shot at her. Quinn says he needs to go arrest her. He says he cannot go until he gets a warrant and then they will inspect the house to see if the bullet came from that direction. He tells Quinn to stay put and do not go around accusing people. Quinn doesn’t exactly listen to him. She slips out on the balcony again, almost in the same spot as she was when the first bullet came whizzing by her head.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

No new episode!

GH Recap Written by Anthony

Sonny stands outside of Ava’s room and Carly walks over. She isn’t sure why they are there. Sonny wants to talk about getting Ava tried and arrested. Carly doesn’t see why they had to do it here. Sonny tells her that Nelle is their best chance at getting Ava sent away because she saw her right before the funeral going through Morgan’s room. In Nelle’s hospital room, Michael has come to pick her up. Nelle doesn’t think he has to pity her. Michael promises her that he isn’t. He actually likes being around her. He doesn’t want her to leave Port Charles. Nelle agrees not to. The two start to kiss but Sonny and Carly walk in. Sonny asks if Nelle will testify in court. Nelle agrees. They leave, Nelle admits that she thinks Carly is actually getting over things. In Ava’s room, she has an out of body experience and tells herself she doesn’t deserve to live and should give up. She flatlines. Sonny and Carly walk by her room as they operate. Kiki and Dillon also do so and Kiki realizes her heart has stopped.

Curtis tells Stella that Jordan has changed a lot since she moved to Port Charles. She isn’t going to stop her from seeing TJ. Stella isn’t so sure of that. She doesn’t think that Jordan is a good person. Stella wants to make Curtis dinner, she answers the door to find Jordan wishing him a happy birthday. Elsewhere, Alex has come to visit Valentin. Valentin knows it is her and assumes that she got a deal by claiming it was all on him. Alex says she escaped and wants him to not say anything about what happened. That way they can both get off together and run off to be together. Valentin doesn’t want to be with her. Alex thinks he does. She leaves. Anna shows up and tells him that the police will be here soon to transport him. Valentin needs to see Charlotte. Anna doesn’t think he has the time. Valentin begs her to let him make a video saying goodbye to her. Anna gets out her phone and Valentin claims that he will see Charlotte again. Anna asks how he could say that. Valentin will find a way. The police take Valentin off and he tells her to take the video to Charlotte.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

Jordan meets Hilary at the Athletic Club bar, and they discuss the news story that Juliet is suing Brash and Sassy for sexual harassment and naming Cane as the defendant. Lily asks Cane why Juliet is doing this to him since he was always supporting her. Michael and Victoria discuss the motive of Juliet's lawsuit. Michael mentions settling out of court but Victoria refuses. At the Underground, Mariah tells Noah that it is going to be another big night when Tessa walks in. Jack remembers a special time with his mom when he was small and how she sang to him. Ashley walks in and tells Jack about her trip to Milwaukee but she is wired concerning what Graham is up to. Lily asks Cane what Victoria told him after she left. Cane tells her some of what they talked about without disclosing what really happened in Tokyo. Cane tells her that Victoria will probably settle out of court, but Lily isn't that saying that he is guilty. Hilary tells Jordan that this story will boost her ratings. Jordan denies that something is going on between Cane and Juliet since he is a devoted family man. Graham tries to make up with Dina by bringing her flowers and apologizing to her for his actions of the previous evening. Ashley tells Jack what happened in Dina's hotel room the night before. Mariah asks Tessa how she feels about a recording contract but Tessa is less than enthused. Mariah wonders what is holding her back. Tessa mentions how good everyone is being to her and treating her like a charity case. Devon walks up to join them. Abby has a meeting with Zach about their new business venture. Dina joins them and asks Abby what is going on between her and her male friend.

Michael asks Victoria if Cane could be guilty of these accusations against him. Victoria denies it. Cane tells Lily what happened in Tokyo but will not tell her the whole story. Lily thinks that Hilary is behind this whole mess. Cane gets a text to meet with Michael. Reed is surprised that Mattie and her friend arrive for open mike night. Devon assures Tessa that his offer is legitimate. Abby tells Dina about Zach and the new business venture. Jack and Ashley arrive at the Athletic Club to talk to Dina about letting Graham go back to Paris and her staying in Genoa City for awhile. Graham arrives and asks Dina if she is saying her good-byes to Jack and Ashley. Abby tells Victoria that her idea for the new company is now under the Newman roof. Victoria is thrilled for her but still cautions her to be careful. Lily confronts Hilary about what is happening with Cane but Hilary insists the story will come out. Cane meets with Michael about the sexual harassment lawsuit and tells him some of what happened in Tokyo. Michael asks him if he will testify to that in court. Reed asks Mattie to a movie but she hesitates. Tessa tells Mariah about a man from her past and that is partially what is holding her back. Jordan and Lily have a chat about Cane and Juliet's misunderstanding, but Lily still takes Cane's side. Jack is leery of Graham and what he is up to.

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