The TV MegaSite's Wednesday 6/7/17 Short Recaps


B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Quinn sips coffee as she takes a stroll out of her balcony looking at the view below. Katie is looking at her through her telescope with a sour look on her face. She mutters that she hates that woman. Katie says Quinn is dangerous and needs to be stopped once and for all. Nicole tells Julius that Rick and Maya should be arriving soon and she is coming straight here to see Lizzy. Julius says she should have been keeping her the entire time instead of Coco and RJ. She carried her for nine months and he knows she gave her up but she is her mother and they bonded. No one could prepare her for that. On the plane, Maya tells Rick that she would have loved to have stayed in Paris but she just couldn’t stand it another day. She wanted to see Lizzy and hold her in her arms. Zende looks at Nicole holding Lizzy and says she is going to be the best mom. She will have that baby like Lizzy running around in no time. Ridge helps himself to the coffee saying he is completely out in the guest house. He thought Quinn would be at work. She says no, she was not in that big a hurry. Ridge senses she is afraid and says Katie will not be there. She says still she is afraid of what she might do now that she fired her. Ivy drops in on Katie who is not happy to see her. She says she was just fired so she is not in a great mood. She repeats again that she hates that woman and makes a fist with her two hands like around her neck.

Ridge argues with Quinn that the gun was not loaded and Katie knew that and she has promised not to do anything like that again. Quinn said for a while the job at FC placated her but now Katie just thinks she is evil and she would be better off dead. She thinks she is losing her mind. Ivy tells Katie that she knows she is upset but there are other things she can do. Katie shuts her up and says they both know why Quinn gave her that job and that was to shut her up. Ivy is being treated like crap and yet she is lapping it up. Quinn is a miserable person and does not deserve to live. She wants Ivy to just get out of her house and go. She goes back to the telescope but sees no one this time. Quinn tells Ridge that she hopes he is right but she knows Katie will be watching them and trying to catch them in another encounter. He tells her she should feel good that she does not have to work with Katie anymore. He knows Quinn is a survivor and she will survive this. Julius tells Nicole that it is lovely seeing mother and daughter. Lizzy knows she is her mother. Maya rushes in and can’t wait to grab Lizzy out of Nicole’s arms. Julius says is must be hard on a mother separated from their child. He’s looking right at Nicole. Maya says that Rick will be home soon and them a family again. She is an angel and she loves her so much. Nicole looks guilty. Quinn walks out on the balcony. Her face is in the cross hairs of a telescope and a shot rings out.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Justin and Adrienne that Sonny was missing.  Abe told Valerie that Eli and Lani were missing.  Abe also called Theo and told him that Chad and Lani were missing.  Everyone on the island tried to deal with Paul having jungle madness.  Sonny didn’t want to believe that Paul was dangerous.  Jade put the video of Theo and Claire having sex on Theo’s laptop.  Jade wanted to get to the computer before Theo saw it.  The people on the island wanted to look for Paul.  Lani, Gabi, and Sonny stayed behind in case Paul came back.  Sonny and Gabi talked about Paul having jungle madness.  Sonny wanted to look for Paul, but Lani stopped him.  She thought it would make tings worse.  He asked her not to shoot Paul, but she couldn’t promise that.  When Theo checked his laptop, he noticed a file on it that wasn’t on it before.  He tried to open the file.

While Theo was looking at his laptop, an alarm went off.  When everyone left the pub, Theo left his backpack outside.  Jade took the backpack, but got caught with it.  JJ and Eli warned Chad not to hurt Gabi.  Gabi and Lani talked about Chad.  Paul was in a bush watching Gabi and Lani.  Jade made an excuse for why she had the backpack.  Jade wanted to talk to Claire.  Lani thought she heard a noise and pulled out a gun.  It turned out to be JJ, Eli, and Chad.  Julie was upset with Valerie that Eli was missing.  Julie and Valerie argued over Eli.  JJ, Lani, and Eli found Sonny.  They wanted him to come back with them.  Adrienne told Justin that she wanted to go look for Sonny.  Jade showed Claire the video she put on Theo’s laptop.  Claire was upset that Jade recorded her having sex with Theo.  Jade tried to explain why she did it, but Claire was furious.  Claire wanted her to take it off of the laptop.  She also wanted to the device Jade used to record them.  Jade said the recording was still on it if she changed her mind.  Claire threw her out of the apartment.  Theo stopped Julie from arguing with Valerie.  Julie apologized to Valerie.  Valerie apologized to her.

GH Recap Written by Anthony

Curtis opens his front door to find Jordan standing there with a cupcake. She wishes him a happy birthday. They ended up having sex. Curtis wants her to stay longer and she ends up doing so. When she leaves someone else shows up. It is revealed to be Curtis’s aunt Stella. Stella wants to stay with him and celebrate his birthday. She cannot wait to see TJ. She just hopes she doesn’t run into Jordan who she despises. Meanwhile in the park, Mac finds Anna and they discuss what she will do next with the case. Anna doesn’t know. She knows that Valentin is guilty but he isn’t that involved either in her opinion. This is Alex’s fault. Anna gets a call from Robert. Alex has escaped the WSB. At the PCPD, Lulu and Dante show up to visit Valentin. They get custody of Charlotte, but Valentin wants to be the one to tell Charlotte where he is going and they can’t tell her the truth. Lulu agrees. Later, Nina shows up and demands a divorce. She knows he isn’t going to get off this time. She leaves and then someone else shows up. Valentin knew they would come.

Elizabeth takes Cam to work after his soccer practice was canceled. She tells him to read but he doesn’t want to. Hayden tells Elizabeth that she can spend the day with Cam. Elizabeth isn’t sure it is a great idea but gets talked into it. Spencer and Laura show up. Laura has a board meeting. Spencer wants to be with Hayden. Hayden thinks it is fine. Hayden takes Spencer and Cam to Perks where they drink sugary coffee. Spencer says something rude to Cam and they end up fighting. Spencer throws his coffee at Cam and they throw it at each other. Hayden calls Laura up begging for help. Laura tells them to stop. Hayden isn’t sure how she is going to deal with being a mother. Laura promises by then she will know what she is doing. She congratulates her. Hayden doesn’t want Elizabeth to know yet. Laura promises not to tell her. At GH, Griffin tells Finn that his test results came back. He tested positive and Brad wasn’t involved.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Sharon admits to Lauren that she and Scott are dating and Lauren isn't happy about it given Sharon's history with her past relationships. Gloria advises Lauren not to tell Scott she objects to his relationship with Sharon or she will drive him straight into Sharon's arms. Cane tells Victoria everything that happened when he was in Tokyo with Juliet but he leaves out the part where he slept with Juliet . Billy and Victoria don't think Cane would risk his marriage to Lily and have a one night stand with Juliet. Cane tells Hilary that he knows she is the one that encouraged Juliet to sue Brash and Sassy and she will be sorry she did it. Chloe tells Kevin she took pills to make her seem dead and gives him a slip of paper with an address and tells him she will be there when he gets there. Kevin tells his family he needs a vacation so he is going to Tahiti to have some time alone to heal. Kevin takes each of his family and friends aside and tells them how much they mean to him and when he talks to Michael he asks him to take care of Gloria, Bella, and Esther until he comes back. Dr. Harris arrives to pick up Chloe at the funeral home and tells her that she must return with him to Louisiana where she will be safe forever since everyone thinks she is dead. Cane tells Lily that Juliet is suing Brash and Sassy and she claims he sexually harassed her on his trip to Tokyo.

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