The TV MegaSite's Tuesday 6/6/17 Short Recaps


B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Katie grips the gun and holds it aimed at Quinn. She pulls her arm down and asks how does it feel? Surely she really did not think she would kill her. Ridge comes in at this time and Quinn tells him to be careful as Katie tried to kill her. Viv and Julius say they did not know Maya would be gone this long to shoot a few pictures but they can see that clearly Nicole is enjoying taking care of Lizzy. Coco tells RJ that she is worried about Nicole. She and Maya seem to have different views how to raise Lizzy. Coco laments that Nicole took a snippy tone about Maya even taking on a photo shoot since she now has Lizzy. Maya tells Rick too that she is worried about Nicole and this new attitude of hers, but they owe her so much so she will try not to complain. Julius tells Nicole that he is so proud of her taking care of Lizzy. Maya seems to want nothing more than to model while Nicole wants a baby and may not be able to have her own. It just isn't fair.

Katie tells Ridge not to worry, no one got shot. He takes the gun from her. Quinn explains that it is Charlie’s but Katie was only too happy to find it and threaten her. Quinn rants to Ridge that she was afraid for her life. There was no way Katie knew the gun was not loaded. She rants until she starts crying and Ridge comforts her. Katie walks in and says surely they are kidding. They disgust her. Ridge tells her to stop, nothing is going on here but somebody put a gun to Quinn’s face. He demands Katie apologize to Quinn but Katie says no, she is going home. Maya calls Nicole but Julius answers and says they did not need Pam as he and Viv and Nicole are handling everything. Maya says she did not want to intrude. He says this is his granddaughter so no intrusion. Maya wants to speak with Nicole who basically tells her the same thing, not a burden. Julius finds out that Nicole has not told Maya yet that she might not be able to carry a child. He says maybe this photo shoot was meant to be now that she is with the baby that she gave Maya. Maybe Maya is living the life she is supposed to and Nicole is doing the same. Whether she has another baby or not he knows she adores Lizzy and that the baby knows that she is the mother. Ridge tells Quinn that he would like to take her home. He will deal with Katie later. At home Katie frets and find herself standing before her telescope and then looking through it seeing Ridge and Quinn out in the garden. She cries out liar, liar and how much she hates her.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

John and Marlena were happy that their children were safe.  He thought that none of their children were in danger.  Abby told Dario that she was worried about Chad. Dario said everyone was going to be okay.  Gabi told Gabi that they werenít going to go home if Eli didnít fix the phone.  Sonny noticed that something was wrong with Paul.  Paul had the knife in his hand.  Hope tried to make Abby feel better about the plane crash.  Abby told Hope that she and Dario were getting married.  Hope was shocked.  She asked if Jennifer knew about it.  Hope wanted to know what was happening.  Dario told Rafe that Chad was trouble for Gabi.  Rafe said that it wasnít Chadís fault.  Rafe said that Chad saved Gabi.  Dario said Gabi wouldnít have needed to be saved if it wasnít for Chad.  They argued over what to do about what happened.  Chad wanted to talk more about what was going to happen to them after they kissed.  Sonny asked if Paul was okay.  Paul said he was okay.  Sonny took the knife out of Paulís hand and offered to clean the fish. John told Marlena how much he missed her while he was away.  He said he might be home for a while.  He wanted to talk about their wedding.  He got a call from the ISA.  Abby told Hope that she loved Dario.  Hope didnít believe that.  Hope didnít want her involved with someone whose business tactics were questionable.  Abby said he wasnít involved in the illegal activities.  Hope thought it was too soon to marry someone else.  Abby said that she and Dario loved each other and it wasnít Chadís concern.  While everyone was eating, Paul stared at the knife.  JJ told everyone that he only found the phone when he looked for Eli.  JJ, Chad, Sonny, Paul, and Lani went to look for Eli.  Gabi stayed behind because of her ankle.  Hope told Abby that Chad and Gabi were only thinking about getting off the island.  Abby told Hope about what happened when he saved her and Gabi with the antidote.  Hope tried to tell her that Chad loved her, but Abby said she accepted things being over with him. Paul hit Gabi in the back of her head with a rock.

Marlena wanted to know when he was going back to the ISA.  He said within the hour.  She wanted to know if he was coming back.  Abby didnít want Hope to tell her to fix her marriage.  She said she filed for divorce and couldnít take it back.  Hope told her that it wasnít too late.  Hope asked if she thought about how this would affect Thomas.  Abby didnít want to talk about it.  Rafe told Dario not to marry someone who doesnít love him.  Rafe told Dario to make his lawyer make the deportation go away.  Dario said his only solution was Abby.  Rafe wanted him to figure it out.  Chad found Gabi unconscious.  He saw blood on his hand when he touched her head.  He called out to the others to let them know about Gabi.  She woke up and realized her head was hurting.  She didnít remember what happened.  Rafe told John that the plane was missing.  Rafe told John what happened with the plane.  Hope went to club TBD to talk to Myron.  She asked him about the expensive car he had.  He told her how he was able to afford a fancy car.  When she asked him questions, he was wondering why she was so curious.  He thought she was suspicious of Dario.  Dario found Abby in the park.  She told him how she was worried about everyone on the plane.  He thought losing Chad hurt the most.  She told him not to tell her how to feel.  He said that she still loved Chad.  Sonny said someone else was on the island.  Eli had a gun and was ready to shoot Paul.  He said Paul tried to kill him. When he pulled his gun on Paul, Paul ran away.  Sonny stopped Eli from shooting Paul.  Abby told Dario that she did love Chad.  She told Dario that she thought about the last conversation she had with Chad.  She was starting to regret leaving Chad.  John told Marlena that he should have stopped Paul from helping Sonny.  She said that Paul was going to be okay.  John decided not to go back to the ISA because he was going to find his son.  Eli told Sonny that Paul tried to kill him.  He said that he hit Gabi with the rock.  Chad asked if Paul was with Sonny when she got hit.  Sonny said he wasnít.  Eli told everyone what Paul did to him.  Lani said that Paul had jungle madness.  Sonny wondered if Paul had jungle madness.  Chad said that it wouldnít be good for any of them.  Dario understood that Abby still had a connection with Chad.  He wondered if she changed her mind about getting divorced. He asked if she changed her mind about ending her marriage.  Marlena wasnít going to let John look for Paul without her.  JJ and Lani told Sonny about the diary.  They said that the ladyís husband was bit by a mosquito and contacted jungle madness. Eli said it wouldnít be easy to control Paul.  He also said that he might kill them all.

GH Recap Written by Anthony

Laura tries to calm down Lulu who is blaming herself for what has happened. Laura doesn’t want her to think that way. Anna shows up and tells them that she might know where Valentin took Charlotte. Apparently, Charlotte wanted to go to Niagara Falls. Lulu begs to go along with Anna to rescue Charlotte. Anna agrees and Dante comes along as well. Laura stays behind to watch Rocco. As Laura waits the doorbell rings again and she goes to answer it. It is Spencer who has ran away from boarding school in Paris. He has come home to avenge his father and take back the family home. Laura doesn’t want him to get involved with Valentin but she isn’t going to send him back home right away. At the cabin that Valentin rented, he tells Charlotte they are going to play a game. He tells her that it is like Halloween only instead of costumes they have new identities. He tries to get her to memorize her new identity and backstory, when he is tipped off that people were asking about him at the front desk. He decides to grab Charlotte and get to Canada right away. He then answers the door again to find Anna, Dante, and Lulu. Valentin allows Charlotte to go with Lulu. He is left alone with Anna. He pulls a gun on her. They fight and he gives up. She reluctantly reads him his rights.

Julian is at the hospital and runs into Lucas. He claims he came to see him. Lucas doesn’t want to talk to him. He is done with him. He doesn’t have anything left to say to him about anything. Julian guesses he understands but still cares about him. At Perk’s, Alexis and Sam are discussing current events and Alexis wants Sam to go to the Spa for the day. Sam isn’t sure she wants to, but decides to anyway. She leaves Scout with Alexis. Julian shows up and promises her that he isn’t stalking Alexis. Alexis knows. She lets him meet Scout. Julian says hello and realizes that this might be the only time he ever gets to see her. He isn’t so sure that he will win his case. Alexis leaves with Scout and Julian calls up Scott. He needs to discuss something. At the spa, Sam isn’t comfortable and leaves. At Jason and Sam’s house, Jason and Sonny discuss Morgan and how Ava messed with him and Carly. Sonny thinks that Ava suffering this way is the best of all possible worlds for right now. He can fix things eventually if he needs to. Jason suggests that he and Carly will get back together. Sonny isn’t so sure that is the case. Sonny leaves and Sam comes home. Sam tells him about the Spa and how she couldn’t relax. Jason wonders if she is ok.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

Cane and Lily share a tender moment together in the lab of Brash and Sassy. Victoria and Billy discuss the lawsuit against them by Juliet. Everyone begins to gather for Chloe's memorial service including Nick and Chelsea. Kevin lashes at them for being there. Hilary gives Juliet helpful advice concerning her lawsuit against Brash and Sassy on the grounds of "sexual harassment." Paul arrives for the memorial service for Chloe. Kevin tells Father Todd that it is time to say good-bye to Chloe. Father Todd begins the memorial service. Nick and Chelsea offer their apologies just before they leave. Victoria explains to Billy that this lawsuit doesn't involve him. Reed meets with Maddie at the park. She admires his music and they start up a conversation. Victoria calls Cane and Lily into her office to discuss the contract that Lily has with Brash and Sassy and concerning the fact that Barry offered her another modeling job. Reed invites Maddie to the Underground for open mic night, but she won't say definitely if she'll attend. Billy runs into Reed who is still less than friendly because he is seeing Phyllis instead of Victoria. Hilary asks Juliet how she likes her lawyer and encourages her to remain strong. Kevin speaks a few words at Chloe's memorial service then says a tearful good-bye. Chelsea and Nick wonder what is going on at the memorial service and make plans for later. Lily promises that she will refuse Barry's job offer. After Lily leaves, Victoria tells Cane that they are being sued by Juliet.

Maddie tells Lily that she is going to the Underground to listen to some music, but Lily senses that it because of a boy. Maddie finally gives in and tells Lily about the boy she met. Cane tells Victoria to try to settle this lawsuit out of court. Victoria is surprised that Cane wants it handled without so much as a fight. Reed tells Billy about the girl that he has come to know but that he doesn't know too much about her. Kevin and Bella say good-bye to Chloe. When everyone is gone, Kevin talks to Chloe and apologizes for letting her down. The lid on the casket opens and Kevin faints. Nick and Chelsea make plans to take the boys to a concert like they were a family. Victoria tells Cane that Juliet is suing them for sexual harassment and naming him as the defendant.

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