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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Katie anxiously waits with Ivy for Quinn to show her designs to Eric. Both Ridge and Eric have reservations. He tells Quinn and Ridge they will have to fire Katie if they cannot use her designs and there is no place else in the company right now for her. He wants Quinn to tell her. Not even Ridge can go with her. He does not want Katie to feel ganged up on. Ridge shows his reservations but Eric stands firm that they cannot just create another position where Katie is not needed. She will know. Nicole calls Maya but she gets Rick instead since Maya is on a photo shoot. He senses something is wrong and Nicole admits it is insulting for Maya to just leave and go where she wants and asked Pam to watch Lizzy instead of her who carried her for nine months. Pam stops by to see Ivy and just happens to have Charlie’s holster with gun around her hips. Seems Charlie is in the steam room on his break. Pam takes it off long enough to admire some of the jewelry. Then she gets an urgent call and has to go.

Quinn goes in to talk to Katie after excusing Ivy. Gently she tells her they are not going to use her jewelry designs and they have no more room for her in any executive position so they are letting her go. Rick explains to Maya how upset Nicole is about her working and then not asking Nicole to care for Lizzy. Rick says they are asking a lot of Nicole and she is just upset. Nicole tells Pam that she can go back to her desk as she is taking care of Lizzy just fine. Ridge tells Eric that he is just afraid with Quinn going in to see Katie alone that something could go wrong. Katie blames it all on Quinn as she knows Eric would never fire her. Quinn says she need not take this personally. It was Eric’s decision. Katie gets all fired up and laments that Quinn always gets what she wants. She says she does her best to play by the rules but she loses every time to evil people like Quinn. This has nothing to do with the jewelry line. Quinn just manages to ruin everything. Nicole responds to Lizzy calling out mama and says that she is being passed on from person to person but no more. Eric tells Ridge that he might be surprised how well this will go with Katie. Quinn assures Katie that she will get another job. Katie rants that she knows her dirty little secret and she will pay and she will make sure of it. They struggle and shove each other. Katie falls backward and she lands in the chair right next to the gun. She picks it up and with shaking hands aims it at Quinn while ranting maybe she should do everyone a favor once and for all.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Abby told Raines that Dario was in trouble.  She told him that a drug lord was going to kill him if he went back to Mexico.  Raines said he would look in to it.  Andre told Kate that the plane Chad took disappeared.  Lani and JJ told Chad and Gabi that they found a human skull.  They also told them that they found a diary that might have clues in it. Abby told Dario that her divorce would take six months to be final.  Dario said he would be deported by then.  Kate couldnít believe that Chad was gone.  Andre said to prepare for the worst.  Kate thought Deimos was responsible for what happened.  She thought Andre was happy because he would inherit the DiMera fortune.  Jennifer went to see Abby.  She saw Dario in the room. JJ read passages from the diary.  He read how a woman talked about her husband being bitten by a mosquito.  He read that the ladyís husband had jungle madness. Jennifer wanted to talk to Abby alone.  Dario left the room.  Abby told Jennifer that she and Dario had an arrangement.  Abby told Jennifer that Dario was being deported and that she agreed to marry him.  Kate ripped into Andre because he was going to be handed the business.  He was upset with her for accusing him of not caring about Chad.  She apologized to him.  He said they were going to find Chad.  JJ continued to read from the diary.  He read that the ladyís husband murder a doctor and she was afraid that she was going to be next.  Gabi was afraid that Kyle was still on the island.  Chad and JJ said that Kyle was gone.  Gabi wanted to get off the island.

Kate wanted to know why they didnít hear from Chad and the others.  She got a call from someone and got bad news.  Abby told Jennifer why Dario was going to be deported.  Jennifer thought that Dario wanted to stay because of Abby.  Jennifer said that Dario looked at her as more than a friend.  Abby tried to deny the accusations.  Jennifer was shocked that Abby would marry Dario.  Abby continued to argue with Jennifer about marrying Dario.  Jennifer told Abby that someone else could marry him.  Jennifer told her the reasons why she shouldnít marry him.  Jennifer thought that it was Darioís idea to get married.  Abby said that she didnít want to turn him down because he has been there for her. Jennifer told her that marriage wasnít the solution.  She told her that it was illegal.  Abby said she owed him.  Jennifer still didnít approve of it.  Abby said that she might not find love again after Chad.  Gabi told Chad that she wanted to go home.  She blamed him for why everything was going wrong.  He said that it was a lot of money.  She was upset with him.  Sonny came back and told everyone that Paul was gone.  He wanted to know where he could be.  Jennifer kept trying to get Abby not to marry Dario.  Abby said that Chad moved on with Gabi.  Jennifer asked how this would affect Thomas.  Abby thought it would be good for Thomas to have another man in his life.  Jennifer wondered what would happen if Dario left after a few years.  Abby said that he would be killed if she didnít marry him.  Abby told her what would happen to Dario if she didnít marry him.  Jennifer asked what if Dario made it up since he was in love with Abby.  Abby said she considered it.  Jennifer wanted to check Dario out.  Abby agreed to let her do it.  Raines called Abby and told her that Darioís story checked out.  Kate said Hong Kong heard about the plane.  She said the board thought the company would be inept without a leader.  Andre said he should be in charge.  Kate said that wouldnít happen because the board doesnít trust him.  JJ, Lani, and Sonny were going to search for Paul until he showed up.  Andre said that he should be in control since it was his fatherís company.  Kate said she should throw her hat in the ring.  She said she didnít want to do it, but she was holding the spot until Chad returned.  Andre said that Kate wasnít a DiMera.  Abby told Jennifer that the drug lord was going to kill Dario.  Jennifer thought that it wasnít a good idea to marry Dario.  Jennifer said she didnít support her decision, but she would keep the secret.  When Dario came back, he told Abby that Chad, Gabi and the others were lost.  Gabi told Chad that she wanted to go home to Arianna.  Kate told Andre that they needed to come up with a temporary fix to save the company.  Kate proposed to Andre.  Jennifer told Abby that the plane never landed after it left Athens.  Abby tried to make Jennifer feel better about JJ being missing. Abby started thinking about Chad.   JJ noticed that Paul was bleeding while they were fishing.  Paul thought about the others eating dinner.  He pulled out a knife.

GH Recap Written by Anthony

Laura goes to Elizabeth’s house to check up on her and Jake. Elizabeth explains that he is sleeping after not sleeping at all at the hospital. Laura explains what happened with Valentin and Lulu and Elizabeth tells her that people do change. Elizabeth later tries to figure out who sent the magic box to Jake. At Lulu’s house, Anna is on the phone with the WSb trying to find Valentin. Nathan promises that they will get an amber alert out on Charlotte. Anna tells Lulu that because Valentin wasn’t arrested and he has custody it is harder to get him in trouble for this with the law. Anna and Nathan go to check up on things after Dante arrives. Lulu remembers that she has Charlotte’s cell phone number. Once she finds it she calls it up and tries to get Charlotte to talk long enough for Dante to track the call. Valentin hangs up on her before she can do that though. Nina is at Perks and tries to get an update on Valentin in the hospital. She discovers that Valentin checked himself out. Nathan shows up and tries to get info out of her. Anna does as well. After a while, Nina finally admits that Valentin could have taken Charlotte to Niagara Falls.

Valentin takes Charlotte to a cabin on the New York side of Niagara Falls. Charlotte asks why they are here. Valentin tells her it is part of a surprise vacation they are taking and Charlotte becomes excited. Valentin makes a phone call to someone and when he shows up, he has Charlotte go into her bedroom. Valentin gets fake passports and documentation for Canada from the man. In Ava’s hospital room, Sonny confronts Ava. Ava begs him to kill her. she doesn’t want to live. She knows he wants to kill her. Sonny declines. He wants her to suffer. He knows it will be years before she is better again and if that day comes then he can kill her. She continues to beg her. Sonny promises that she will suffer. He might switch out her meds so she feels the pain. Griffin shows up and forces Sonny out. He gets Ava to pray with him. At Jason’s house, Carly shows up. Jason tells her what happened with Jake and the Chimera. Carly explains all that has happened in terms of Morgan’s case. Jason is shocked to hear this. Sonny soon shows up and Carly tells him that she just told Jason what happened. Sonny tells them that he isn’t going to kill Ava. Carly thinks she deserves to die and storms out angry.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Kevin's family and some friends advise him to get away for a while and take some time for himself, but he doesn't want to make any decisions yet. Chloe's family and a few close friends remember her at her funeral. Kevin gets upset when Nick arrives at the church with Chelsea and tells him he shouldn't be there because he is the reason Chloe died. Paul tells Nick and Chelsea that the medical examiner's report says that Chloe died of an overdose of her medication. The hockey league tells Victoria they want to move ahead with the campaign as soon as possible. Juliet tells Billy that she holds no ill will toward anyone at Brash and Sassy, but later Victoria is served with papers that say Brash and Sassy is being sued for sexual harassment.

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