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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Quinn sidles up to Ridge while pouring drinks and says Katie is always going to be there watching them. Eric informs them that he did not want to mention it during dinner but Thomas is not coming back and will be working at Spectra. Thomas tells that to Steffy too. She is surprised and wonders if he is trying to get back at her. He says he cannot wait around for his grandfather to notice him. He wants to start a legitimate fashion house at Spectra and he’s already told his grandfather. She refuses to believe him. She wants him to be patient and it will all work out. He says it is his decision. Sally did not ask him to do this. She did not even want to take the money he lent to keep Spectra. Ridge blurts out that Thomas is a Forrester and he cannot work with that knockoff artist. Eric says it is a done deal and that’s all he wants to hear about it. He’s just glad he still has Quinn and Ridge now living under the same roof….well Ridge in the guest house so almost under the same roof. Shirley is ecstatic and tells Saul to perk up. This news could be attached to a bullet train. Saul muses that Thomas is a playboy and none of this may work out. Sally says she is willing to take that chance. Coco tells RJ the bottom line is that she is forgiving Sally. RJ says good, that is what families do.

Eric tells them this is all good and he is so glad they are all working together so well. He could not be happier. Quinn coos that she can never repay Eric but she would do anything for him. Katie watches Quinn’s every word. Wyatt thanks Eric again for accepting them into the family and being so good to his mother. Eric states that he has an early International call from Rick so he needs to go to bed. Alone, Katie thanks Quinn for agreeing to include her pieces in the next collection. She wants Quinn to know how much being at Forrester means to her and fills a void that she did not even know she had. Quinn has been kind and she appreciates it. Quinn says Katie’s success is her success. Katie says that is true and she wants to have a really good working relationship despite a sometimes tense one. She has no intention of saying anything to Eric. Quinn's secret is safe with her. Steffy pays Sally a visit and says she did it again – she stole from them by getting Thomas on her side to work with her. They may be getting closer and closer, but she will never be competition for Forrester. Sally says she should be glad to know she will never be stealing from Forrester again. Thomas changed her life and she loves him and he loves her so Steffy needs to accept that. She and Thomas never even discussed him coming here. It was his decision. She wonders why she is holding him back but would like to thank her. Somewhere deep down she thinks she is somewhat intrigued by the woman on the other side of the track. She hopes this will put a smile on her grandmother’s face as she knows it is putting one on her Aunt Sally. Upstairs Eric tells Quinn that Katie is a good person and he is so glad that she has reached out to her. This house is now so filled with love. She says she wants to keep it that way. She lays down beside Eric and wants him to hold her. She needs a little reassurance. She needs his love and understanding. She wants to be the best wife she can be. Ridge sits alone on his bed and remembers the recent kiss that afternoon with Quinn and her asking what they are doing. He drinks a little bit, he thinks a little bit. Quinn is thinking too.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Victor wanted Deimos to tell him what else he did behind his back.  Rafe and Hope talked about the drug case.  Rafe got a call saying that Gabi didnít pick up Arianna.  Chad and Gabi kissed each other.  Jade told Claire to make a sex tape so she could get more followers, but Claire wasnít interested.  Chad stopped himself from kissing.  Gabi agreed that it was wrong to kiss each other.  She said she wanted to keep kissing him.  Theo arranged for him and Claire to go to the Salem Inn.  Jade took the key to the room so she could get there first.  Paul tried to get Sonny not to think of Deimos.  Sonny was obsessed with getting home to Titan.  Rafe and Hope talked about Gabi and the others being missing.  Victor and Deimos argued over what Deimos did to Victorís family.  Victor said he couldnít abide by the truce anymore.  Deimos and Victor argued over Victor turning against him. 

Hope and Rafe told Victor that Sonny and company never got back from Greece.  Eli told Chad and Gabi that he couldnít get the phone to work. She panicked because she thought no one would find them.  Jade snuck in the room at the Salem Inn.  She put a camera in the room.  Eli asked Gabi if she and Chad were together.  Victor called and found out that the plane didnít land.  Rafe attacked Deimos because Gabi was on the plane.  Hope stopped them from fighting.  Victor told Hope that he got rid of Deimos.  Gabi told Eli that she couldnít be with Chad.  Eli told her he liked her, but he didnít want to fight for her if there wasnít a chance.  Paul got sick after he was bit by a bug.  Theo and Claire met at the Inn.  Gabi and Eli talked about Chad.  Chad overheard her say he was the one for her.  Hope told Rafe that Gabi and the others were going to be fine.  Chad and Gabi kissed again.

GH Recap Written by Anthony

Lulu and Anna discuss Robin who has left. Lulu asks if Robin was ok to fly. Anna explains that Robin has made it clear that she was in the limits right now and if people keep making her explain she will tattoo it on her head. Anna explains to Lulu that she is going to have to arrest Valentin. It is best that Lulu go after custody of Charlotte in order to protect her because Valentin is going away for life. Anna leaves to go arrest Valentin at GH, but Valentin has checked himself out. Later on, Valentin shows up at Lulu’s house to take Charlotte to school. Lulu can take her though because she was already taking Rocco. Valentin insists on taking Charlotte. Lulu doesn’t think that this is a good idea. She admits that he is going to be arrested soon and he needs to give her secondary custody before Charlotte ends up in the states care. Lulu goes and helps Rocco with something. When she comes back down Valentin has left. Anna and Nathan show up and Lulu explains that she told Valentin he was going to be arrested. Meanwhile, in a parking garage Valentin tells Charlotte they are going away.

Kristina runs into Carly at Perks. Carly asks if Kristina has spoken to Sonny. Kristina hasn’t but she has talked with Michael and knows what happened. She wants Ava to suffer. She doesn’t think that she is suffering enough just from this. Carly agrees. Kristina goes to Kelly’s where Amy and Nathan are discussing Man Landers. Nathan tells her she needs to take it down if anything hurts his job. He leaves. Kristina thinks that Amy should be able to be Man Landers on her own. Amy gets a message telling her that her book deal went through and they want to meet Man Landers. Elsewhere at Sonny’s, Kiki wants to know the truth if Ava hurt Morgan. Sonny tells Kiki how Ava admitted it and started the fire. She wanted to protect Kiki from Morgan. Kiki tells Sonny that he should keep Avery far away from Ava and she blames herself. Sonny doesn’t want her too. Later, Kiki runs into Carly and Carly promises her that she isn’t responsible. The two hug. Julian shows up at Alexis’s house with flowers. He tells her that she made him a better man. Alexis doesn’t think it changes anything and leaves. In Ava’s hospital room, Sonny shows up and tells her that no one is coming for her. Ava tells Sonny to kill her.

Y&R Recap Written by Christine

Nikki confronted Nick about putting the family at risk for a budding romance. Nick said he wanted a relationship built on honesty. He added that he didn't want to be like Nikki and Victor. Nikki admitted that she was thinking about forgiving Victor. Nick believed they should cut Victor out of the family. Billy was shocked and hurt when Victoria told him that Chloe committed suicide. Billy and Victoria discussed the demise of their marriage, and though Victoria regretted some of her actions, Billy took full responsibility for the break up. Billy felt guilty for not realizing how much pain Chloe was in. Victoria told Nikki that she wanted to stop protecting Victor so that she could tell Billy the truth and get him back from Phyllis. Nikki wasn't sure she was ready to say goodbye to Victor. She decided to make up her mind after the concert. Victoria admitted she took Billy for granted and that seeing him with Phyllis hurt. Billy came to a realization that life was too short to be unhappy, so he asked Phyllis to move in together. Phyllis urged Billy to think about it, but he was certain that he wanted this. She agreed, and they kissed. Graham made arrangements for himself and Dina to return to Paris the next day. Ashley asked Graham if Dina was dying. Graham said no. Ashley had more questions, but Dina arrived before Graham could answer. Dina told Graham that she wasn't ready to leave town. Grant was furious, and he told Dina that they were not deviating from the plan. Ashley secretly followed Dina up to her room, and she caught Graham roughly grabbing Dina's arm. Dina and Graham pretended that Ashley misunderstood what she saw. Ashley left.

Kevin told Paul that Nick and Chelsea were responsible for Chloe's death. Paul advised Kevin not to jump to conclusions. Kevin revealed that Esther was devastated. Paul offered Kevin support. Kevin wanted justice for Chloe, and he didn't think Paul could deliver. Scott learned that Sharon's divorce was finalized. Scott asked Sharon why her marriage ended. Sharon decided to let go of the past, and she took off her wedding ring. Sharon helped Scott feel more positive about his job at Newman. Scott told Sharon that Victor might buy a media company. Sharon and Nick discussed Chloe's suicide. Sharon was sympathetic to Chloe, but she said she'd never consider doing that to her loved ones. Abby came to Victor to confess. Victor revealed that he'd that he already knew she'd been keeping something from him. Abby told Victor about her secret project. Victor was impressed that Abby worked to pay him back. He decided to make her project a part of Newman. Victor agreed to consider letting Scott be a part of the digital media company Victor was acquiring. Kevin went to Victor's office, hoping for answers on Chloe. He suspected that the doctor was Chloe's accomplice. Victor said he thought Kevin's suspicions about the doctor were unfounded. Victor urged Kevin to put Bella first instead of getting consumed by vengeance. Kevin wasn't sure what to do. Scott convinced him to go get Bella and take her to Michael and Lauren's. Phyllis told Jack about her unpleasant encounter with Dina. Jack was pleased to learn that Dina berated Phyllis on his behalf. Phyllis felt slighted because Jack supported Dina's actions toward her. Abby told Jack about her conversation with Victor. She assured Jack that she didn't tell Victor that Jack bought the warehouse.

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