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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Eric tells Thomas this estrangement can’t come to an end too soon for him. He hopes that is the reason he wants to see him. Thomas says he is glad Ridge is not here. Eric opines that sometimes something happens between father and sons. Thomas says he is tired of being angry and for being passed over waiting for his time. He appreciates the olive branch but he will not be coming back to FC. Eric tries to change his mind but Thomas stands firm. Again he says maybe he does not know his true potential until he tries somewhere else. Eric says he knows he invested a lot of money at Spectra but money can muddle a relationship. Thomas says he can promise Sally will not be making knockouts anymore so just be happy for them. Eric says he will always wish him well. And he is more like his father than he knows. Eric says all his kids want to break off on their own every now and then, just know this is home and he will always be welcome here and not banished on Thanksgiving Day.

Katie tells Ivy that Ridge is wounded and is not that close to Eric anymore, but Quinn not sure about that one. Ivy tells her that she is just being too suspicious. Katie says she knows the only reason she is here is because Quinn wants to shut her up. After a long kiss on the bed Quinn pulls apart and asks Ridge what are they doing? She says it is a sickness. She tried not to look at him. So never again, they stopped but not soon enough. She announces that she is going home to take a shower and freshen up. Katie tells Ivy that Ridge and Quinn are both talented but when does that outweigh the stink that is going on here. She says she cares about Eric and she is not being a good friend to him by keeping him in the dark. He deserves the truth. Ridge shows up at the house and Quinn tells him he needs to leave. He says he was invited here for dinner. She wants him to make an excuse and not stay. Eric walks in and Ridge tries to recover of what they were talking about. Eric says it is okay…… Quinn tells him everything and Ridge ought to as well. He knows this is all about Katie but he hopes they can keep in a few of her pieces. Ridge claims yes, they are even going to give Katie her own signature line. Quinn is flabbergasted to hear that Eric invited Katie for dinner. She glares at Ridge just as Katie walks in and asks about Eric. Ridge says he is upstairs changing and he is going to make a warm fire.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Abby had doubts about marrying Dario.  Nicole and Brady were happy that he was alive.  Everyone on the island dealt with being stranded.  Dario and Abby were at his apartment.  He told her that his lawyer was coming over.  He said they had to make it look realistic that she was living there.  Abby asked Justin for information on Dario.  Gabi found the amulet.  Rafe asked Nicole how Brady was.  After she told him, he had to arrest her.

Abby wanted to find out if Dario’s life would be in danger if he were deported.  Abby told Dario that she wouldn’t abandon him.  Gabi confronted Chad about the amulet.  Nicole told Rafe about the message that she read on Xander’s phone.  He told her that Guy was dead.  She thought Deimos would be free and she was going to jail.  Marlena talked to Chloe about Nicole and Holly keeping Brady alive.  Marlena wanted Chloe to change the custody agreement.  Marlena told her to do it now.  Gabi and Chad argued over the amulet.  Chloe showed up at the police station.  Dario told Rafe that Abby agreed to marry him so he wouldn’t get deported.  Rafe didn’t approve of it.  Dario asked Rafe to go along with it so he wouldn’t get deported.  Rafe said a lot of people could get hurt.  Chloe apologized to Nicole.  Nicole blamed her for what was going on.  Chloe told her that she shouldn’t have kidnapped Holly, but Nicole blamed her for it.  Chloe said that it was time for Holly to be with her.  Nicole didn’t want to give her up, but she gave her to Chloe.  Rafe told Nicole that he had to take her to the holding cell.  Chad kissed Gabi.

GH Recap Written by Anthony

Hayden and Finn get ready for their day. Hayden experiences morning sickness and Finn tries to discuss them being a family. He mentions the idea of them moving in together. Hayden didn’t think he would want to. Finn wants to be a family with her. The two hug over the idea. Elsewhere, Diane is at the PCPD trying to tell Jordan to stop going after Sonny on this Ava case or she will be forced to take actions further. Jordan doesn’t have time to deal with that right now. Julian over hers this and wants to know what happened to Ava. Diane asks what Julian is doing there. Jordan tells Julian that she will deal with his bail in a minute. Diane cannot believe he is getting bail Diane goes to Alexis’s house and tells her good news. She is officially a lawyer again. The bad news is that Julian is out on bail. Diane explains the situation with Ava. She doesn’t want Alexis anywhere near Julian.

Michael wakes up in Nelle’s hospital room and the two discuss how Nelle looks a lot better. Bobbie finds them and tells Michael in private that Sonny and Carly are looking for him about information involving Morgan. He leaves. Bobbie informs Nelle that she would be better off leaving town once she gets better. Kiki is outside Ava’s room with Dillon. Dillon tries to get her to eat but she doesn’t want to. She doesn’t know how to react. A doctor asks if Ava has a living will. Kiki isn’t sure but realizes it will be her job to make choices if she doesn’t. Julian walks over and demands to see Ava. He promises Ava that her family is here to support her. Kiki tells Dillon outside that she doesn’t want to see Ava. Dillon thinks she needs to be sure of what happened before she makes that choice. Kiki leaves. At Sonny’s house Dante asks Sonny if he really feels no remorse for Ava. Sonny doesn’t and doesn’t know how he does. He is more angry that Ava did this to Morgan. Dante leaves and Michael shows up. He doesn’t care what Sonny does but he needs to think about the family before doing anything. Later, Kiki shows up and needs to know what actually happened.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

Chelsea is on the phone at the penthouse when there is a knock on the door and it is Victor. Victor tells her that Nick had told him about Chloe killing herself. Chelsea wants to take the blame for Chloe's death but Victor tells her that it is not her fault. Nick informs Victoria about Chloe's death. At the Athletic Club dining room, Devon, Neil, Dina and Graham finalize the deal of Devon and Neil buying her company but she places some limitations on the deal. Jack arrives at work and tells Gloria about his dinner with his family and especially his Mother and how Ashley had arranged it all. Traci and Ashley share some last moments together since Tracy will be leaving for her book signing soon. Traci tells her that she will drop by the club to see Dina before she leaves. Gloria is thrilled that Jack had gotten along so well with his Mother. Ashley wonders as to what is keeping and mentions as much to Traci before she leaves. Traci tells Ashley that there was a change in Dina during the dinner. Devon gets up from the meeting to watch Hilary interview Julie Chen. Hilary and Jordan also watch the interview and Hilary is really thrilled that she had handled it so well. Nick and Victoria discuss Victor and how he could have been involved with Chloe in getting her out of the psychiatric hospital. Victor tries to comfort Chelsea over her blaming herself for Chloe's death. Kevin comes to visit Chelsea and she breaks the news to him about Chloe's death. Kevin doesn't want to believe that it is even possible Chloe is gone. Devon fills Dina in that they will be signing a new artist by the name of Tessa Porter. Dina asks as to how they will preserve her legacy. Kevin denies that Chloe is dead but Chelsea makes him believe it by showing him a picture of the wedding gown that Chloe had worn to marry Kevin. Chelsea tells Kevin that Chloe had committed suicide. Victoria wonders if the doctor could be trusted that had helped Chloe. Jordan notices Hilary having a hostile attitude and Hilary tells him that it is all Lily's fault. Jordan and Hilary begin to kiss. Devon interrupts them and tells them that he had stopped by to pick up Mariah for lunch but Hilary is out in the field working on a story. Devon congratulates Hilary on her interview with Julie Chen. Traci tells Dina that she is leaving town for a book signing and she won't be coming back to Genoa City before she goes on home to New York. Ashley interrupts Jack and Gloria to tell Jack that she is concerned over Dina. Kevin asks Chelsea as to where they had found Chloe. Kevin still doesn't want to accept this and wants to see the doctor that had treated Chloe but Nick tells him that is impossible. Kevin asks him as to what he is trying to hide.

Jordan tells Devon that Hilary was "dynamite" in Hollywood just before he leaves them alone. Victor visits Victoria to offer his help but she refuses by reminding him of all he had done. Graham watches Traci and Dina together. Ashley tells Jack that there is something different about Dina and she is going to find out what is going on. Hilary makes the mistake of telling Devon of what he and Mariah had done on the stairs in the penthouse. Devon accuses her of being in the penthouse and that is the only way that she could have known what he and Mariah had done on the staircase. After denying it for a few seconds, Hilary owns up that she had been in the penthouse and she had seen everything that had taken place between him and Mariah. Victoria tells Victor that she cannot forgive him for what he has done. Victor blames Nick for causing all this trouble. Kevin comes to see Gloria and tells her all about Chloe's death and puts all the blame on Chelsea and Nick. Dina decides to spend more time in Genoa City despite what Graham wants.

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