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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Eric guesses it, something is going on with Katie and Quinn. Katie says she knows Quinn is his wife and he wants to think the best of her. Eric says Katie said she had something to tell him and he wants to know. Quinn tells Ridge that Katie is waving it in her face and wants to hurt her. Katie is becoming a very dangerous threat. Sally tells Coco that she knows she has no right to ask since she did her wrong but she hopes she can find it in her heart to forgive her. All she wants now is a chance to make it up to Coco. Thomas says he will go on and let them talk. Sally stuns Coco when she says Thomas has forgiven her and wants to be her partner. Eric tells Katie they have always been candid and the whole family is now getting along. Ridge wanted to get rid of Quinn and now he is practically living under the same roof. Ridge tells Quinn to give Katie her own signature line. Eric cannot ever find out about the two of them so give Katie what she wants. Quinn laments that she was just trying to appease Katie. She didn’t actually think she would take the job. But she will not let her blackmail her. She does not know how it came to this. Saul says Sally knows he is here for her. Thomas says he knows that too but he should never have expected Sally to betray her little sister. Sally tells Coco that she still has her job and she still has RJ. She just panicked and this is not totally unforgivable. She was even willing to go to jail and let everybody know this was not Coco’s fault. She knows it will take time and a lot of work but please just do not give up on her.

Katie tells Eric that she is so grateful that Quinn took her in. She did not know how much she really needed a job. She was just rattling around in that big old house, not even dating. Eric tells Katie that she is due to meet the most eligible guy in L.A. Katie laughs and says she needs someone who is loyal and reliable, a man who will be there no matter what. She says there are not many men in L.A. like him. Ridge tells Quinn to give Katie what she wants if that is the price it has to be. He says they kissed but it did not mean anything. She says yes but it happened more than once and for what….for some twisted desire for danger. He says he does not think about it and it is over. Thomas tells Saul to stay out of the office for now as Sally is talking to Coco and since he got the spy work going with Coco he owes her that much. Thomas claims he forced a wedge between those sisters and he had better hope they can work this out. Coco says she always felt her big sister would be there for her and she does not feel that way anymore. She turned her into a criminal. She is not sure she could ever trust her again despite what Sally says. Sally says she took something precious from her and she regrets it. She looked after her most of her life and she knows how she must have felt when Coco realized how much a part of this she became and was betrayed. But Sally will never let that happen again. Coco is not sure. Sally reminds her all they have been through. It has always been them again the world. Coco cries and says she remembers Sally always told her everything would be all right. She needs her and does not like feeling like this. Sally says they need to find a way to just move on. Just tell her she will forget this. Coco nods yes and they hug. Sally retorts that she will never let her down again. She can count on her always. Eric reminds Katie that communication is the best as he is living proof. He invites her for dinner tonight. It might heal things between her and Quinn. Ridge says they will do whatever it takes to keep this from his father. Quinn says she feels bad enough and she is not going to let Katie make her feel guilty. Before he knows it he is telling Quinn that he never liked her and she should never have gone to San Francisco or had that tequila. He kisses her and they fall back on the bed.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Jennifer stopped Valerie from checking on Brady.  Eric stopped Chloe from going to get her keys.  Nicole tried to will Brady to wake up.  Eric lied to Chloe about Brady not having visitors.  She wanted to know what was going on.  He told her to leave, but she couldn’t go without her keys.  He stopped her from going in Brady’s room.  Nicole begged Brady not to leave her.  While she was talking to him, his heart monitor flat lined.  Adrienne told Steve and Kayla that she and Jennifer had to pay back a loan shark named Sebastian.  She said Sebastian wanted them to sell the Spectator in order to pay the loan.  Adrienne told Kayla that she wanted to make love with Lucas.  Adrienne was afraid that he would be disappointed.  Nicole put Holly on Brady’s chest.  Valerie, Jennifer, Eric, and Chloe came in the room.  Adrienne told Kayla that she was scared to make love.  She thought Lucas might not want to see the scars.  Kayla told her that Lucas would be okay with how she looked.  When Lucas called Adrienne, she told him to meet her in her room.

John and Marlena came in Brady’s room. Chloe wanted to hold Holly, but Nicole didn’t give her the baby.  Eric wanted everyone to back up so Nicole could have time with Brady.  Brady had a heartbeat.  Lucas and Adrienne met in her room.  Valerie had to check Brady.  Everyone was shocked that Brady was alive.  Nicole said Holly saved Brady’s life.  Steve told Kayla that he couldn’t find any information on Sebastian.  Steve thought the person was going after Jennifer and Adrienne.  Rafe showed up at the hospital to arrest Nicole and Eric.  Nicole told Rafe that Eric didn’t do anything illegal.  She said she wasn’t leaving because she wanted to be with Brady.  Rafe let Nicole stay with Brady.  Eric went to Chloe and asked her to let Holly be with Nicole.  The police took Eric to the police station.  Nicole went in to see Brady.  Adrienne told Lucas she was ready to make love to him.  Nicole told Brady that they were going to be together.  Raines said Eric and Jennifer were free to go because Nicole was back.  Brady opened up his eyes while Nicole was in his room.

GH Recap Written by Anthony

Lulu has Anna come into her house and they discuss that Jake is fine and the Chimera has been destroyed. Anna explains Valentin’s involvement as well as the fact that he has been shot. She leaves to go deal with other things. Lulu and Laura discuss how they don’t want Valentin to die but it would fix a lot of their problems. Laura honestly wouldn’t mind him suffering the same fate he handed her own son. Meanwhile at GH, Nina shows up in Valentin’s room and Valentin asks her to promise no matter what happens to love him. He asks her to bring him Charlotte. Nina shows up at Lulu’s house and Lulu very calmly explains Valentin’s involvement in the Chimera and how he is responsible for all of this. Nina asks Lulu not to tell Charlotte. Lulu knows better than that and won’t right now. Nina leaves and starts to cry in shock of what she has learned. Anna shows up at the hospital and explains what went down to Nathan and then Jordan shows up to take things further. Anna shows up to Valentin’s room and explains that Alex is in custody and will be telling the WSB about his involvement. He will go to a holding cell and then spend the rest of his life in Maximum Security.

Dante confronts Carly and Sonny down at the PCPD. He wants to know what happened to them and why they were with Ava at her warehouse. Sonny and Carly explain that Ava had switched out Morgan’s pills for placebos and they confronted her. She threw the lantern on the ground and held a gun to them. They did nothing illegal at this time. Dante is in shock that Ava is responsible for Morgan’s downward spiral. At GH, Dillon finds Kiki and gives her coffee. Kiki is dealing with a stack of work due to the fact that there is a burn victim being dealt with. Epiphany shows up and informs Kiki that it is Ava. Ava is in shock and cannot believe this. Epiphany leaves to go and help with Ava. Dante shows up and tells Kiki that the reason this happened is because Carly and Sonny went to confront her about her involvement in Morgan’s death. She switched out his pills. Kiki starts to become hysteric and Dillon holds her.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Cane advises Juliet that the best thing for her to do would be to move back to Japan, since it will be hard for her to get a job in Genoa City. Hilary advises Juliet to file a sexual harassment lawsuit against Cane, because her case would be a slam dunk. Ashley has a tense dinner with Dina while Jack remembers a song she uses to sing to him when he was a little boy. Tracy decides to give Dina the benefit of the doubt, because she feels she has changed but she can't put her finger on why. Abby tells Jack that she is going to tell Victor that she lied to him, and the tech incubator project is moving ahead because she partnered with him. Chelsea is shocked to find Chloe dead at Dr. Harris' house. The doctor has it ruled a suicide. Chelsea blames herself for Chloe's death and tells Nick her search for justice came at too high a price. Nick tells Victor he is going to tell Chelsea the truth about how he brought Chloe to town to frame Adam. Victor tells Nikki that he was keeping Chloe in Louisiana under Dr Harris' care. Nikki is upset because Victor lied to her again. Victor tells Nikki he doesn't care if the truth comes out, because he has lost his family which is everything to him.

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