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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Eric tells Katie that she is glad this is all working out. But it is Quinn she needs to thank as it was her idea. Thomas tells Sally there is one very good reason for him not to go back to Forrester Creations – her. He is her partner now and in the future patrons will be lined up around the block for their designs. Sally says they should leave Coco at FC though as she is happy there but still angry at Sally for betraying her. Thomas says if Coco is going to swing by here today he will accidentally run into her and explain; maybe she will listen. Eric tells Ridge they are short one designer. Even with Zende helping they need Thomas. Ridge says he is sure by the end of the day his son will be back. Eric tells Ridge he is glad it is working out with Katie and Quinn working together and having Ridge back under the same roof as he and Quinn. Quinn listens as Katie and Ivy go on and on about Katie’s designs. Quinn finally says that Katie’s designs do have promise but better not get ahead of herself just yet. Katie keeps pushing and Quinn tries to explain to her….they need younger demographics. She’s not too flattered to hear that only one of her pieces is going to be in the next collection. Katie wonders what Eric would say. Quinn says there is no need to bring him in on this. Her collection is too conservative and she needs to push the boundaries as it is too boring now. Katie’s feathers are ruffled and she laments she knows Quinn is the one who pushes the boundaries. Katie thought they were going to work as a team but so far it is 80% for Quinn and she throws a bone to Ivy but practically ignores what Katie wants to contribute.

Sally breaks it to Saul gently. Thomas is here now as her head designer and partner. Dejected, he says Thomas to the rescue again. She says there is no more stealing designs. They are going to have great ones of their own. He is totally committed to Spectra. Coco sees Thomas first at Spectra’s and asks why he is here. He says he is hoping to talk to her and ask her to forgive her sister. He tells her she got a second chance at FC. He has messed up and so has Sally but she deeply regrets what she did to both of them. He forgave her and even invested into her company and now is committed to being her head designer. And he emphasizes that Sally deeply regrets what she did. He realizes Sally has always been more than a sister to her and cares for her more than anything in this world. They are special. Sally comes in and says Thomas is right. Say it is still possible, please! Quinn rushes into Ridge’s guest house. She tells him about Katie’s veiled threats about them. She is a live wire and no telling what she will tell Eric when she sees him. It’s like blackmail. At that moment Katie has tracked Eric down at Il Giardino. She starts right away that she appreciates Quinn’s designs but she feels like she is being stonewalled. Quinn is unwilling to give her any real critique. Eric wants to know if there is more going on. He really wants to know as it must be more than her designs. Katie says okay, she will tell him.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Abe was surprised that Deimos was out on bail.  Deimos told him that he wasn’t going to prison.  Abe said that Deimos would end up dying.  John was upset when he found out that he was on the DNR list.  He called Justin to talk to him about it.  Nicole and Eric went to a motel to hide.  Nicole wanted to see Brady.  Jennifer showed up at the motel.  She offered to help Nicole see Brady.  Chloe ran into Deimos and wanted to make him pay for losing Holly.  He said it wasn’t going to happen.  When Justin showed up at the hospital, John yelled at him.  Justin told John why Brady wanted to be on the DNR list.  Chloe went to see Brady and wanted him to wake up.  John walked in and saw her with Brady.  John blamed her for what happened to Brady.

Maggie ripped into Deimos for what he did.  Deimos denied the accusations she made against him, but she continued to yell at him.  Jennifer distracted a nurse so Eric and Nicole could see Brady.  John and Marlena told Chloe to leave Brady’s room.  Chloe left the room.  John told Brady not to give up.  Deimos put Maggie in her place for judging him, but she continued to argue with him.  She told him she would tell Victor what he did.  Eric went in to see Brady.  Justin told Deimos that he was out at Titan.  Eric told Brady to fight for his life.  Nicole went to see Brady.  Nicole and Holly went to see Brady.  Justin told Deimos that he lost everything and that Sonny was the new CEO at Titan.  Deimos vowed to get revenge.  Chloe saw Eric at the hospital.

GH Recap Written by Anthony

Jason figures out something bad is going to happen with Jake’s magic show and tells him to stop. Jake takes out the Chimera. Jason and Elizabeth attempt to get not to release it but Helena is stuck in Jake’s head. Jason and Elizabeth however succeed and Jake turns it off and gives the box to Anna. Anna and Valentin go off to discuss what they will do with it. Anna wants to return it to the WSB but Valentin thinks it will be stored away and not destroyed. He gets a call and Nina has been taken hostage by rival spy agents. Valentin goes back in and offers them the Chimera for Nina. They make the exchange only to find the box is empty. They start to fight and Jason gets involved. Nina runs back in and finds Valentin has been shot near the stomach. Elsewhere, Lulu and Laura try to entertain and distract Charlotte and Emma who are worried about everyone else and confused.

Amy and Nathan discuss the fake advice vlog that Amy has been making with Nathan’s image. He wants it taken down but Amy thinks it is doing more harm than good. Nathan has to go and deal with Nina before they can discuss things further. Meanwhile, at Ava’s warehouse she holds a gun to Sonny and Carly and calls them bad parents for not looking into Morgan’s behavior change. They end up leaving and the fire gets worse. Ava tries getting out the back exit but it is blocked. She then tries to leave the way that Sonny and Carly did but she ends up trapped in. Carly and Sonny manage to leave and call 911. Dante shows up and Ava is carried out. He informs them that they need to make a statement down at the station right now.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

Dr. Harris on the phone with Victor encourages him to do what he has to do. Chloe listens to their conversation. Nikki walks into Victor's office and asks him what he has done now. Ashley and Abby have lunch at the Athletic Club dining room and discuss Dina. Abby sees through Ashley's plan and wants to know what she is up to. Chelsea insists to Nick that she saw the wedding gown that she made for Chloe especially for the wedding. Jack confronts Phyllis about putting in extra time at work. The topic of Billy comes up and Phyllis says that Victoria decided to keep Billy on Brash and Sassy. Dr. Harris assures Chloe that he will protect her. He gives Chloe her medication which she hides in her hand and acts as though she has taken it. Phyllis lets Jack know that Victoria managed to salvage the hockey team contract for Brash and Sassy. Jack is thrilled.

Abby tells Ashley about her meeting with Dina. Chloe sees Dr. Harris stooped over and tries to kill him but he catches her just in time. Dina and Graham join Ashley and Abby. Ashley asks Dina to an Abbott family dinner. Jack and Phyllis discuss the fact that Dina is in town. Victor lets Nikki know that Nick went off with Chelsea to try to find Chloe. Nikki is beside herself with worry and tells him to get Nick back here immediately. Nick calls Dr. Harris to locate Chloe for Chelsea. Chelsea is impressed by Nick's devious methods. Kevin joins Sharon and Scott at the Coffeehouse and wants to know if they know anything about Chloe's whereabouts. Dr. Harris meets with Nick and Chelsea. Nick calls Victor and lets him know that Dr. Harris is going to lead them to Chloe. Chelsea sneaks into Dr. Harris' home and finds Chloe lying on the floor after taking a bottle of pills.

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