Monday 5/29/17 Recaps

The TV MegaSite's Monday 5/29/17 Short Recaps


B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Eric says they do not condone what Thomas did but they do want him to come back to Forrester. Steffy says he belongs here. Thomas thinks they are asking him to pick between Sally and his family and work. Sally says he is meeting with his family right now. Saul speaks up and says he has money, just enough to keep them afloat for a few weeks so just forget Forrester. She can give Thomas his money back. He closes his eyes and starts to kiss her. She anticipates it and moves her head so the kiss lands on her cheek. Shirley interrupts when she walks in. Saul leaves after Sally thanks him for what he offered to do. Viv tells Nicole that the doctor never said never; possibly she still can have a child of her own. Maya calls from Paris and talks to Viv. She reports that Rick has more business and they may have to stay for another week. Viv says she will try not to be offended that they asked Coco and RJ to watch Lizzy and not her. Maya says that is why she is calling now to see if she could help in this added time. Nicole chimes in that she is sure the time will be an added pleasure and they will handle it. Maya thanks her and says she really appreciates it. Nicole tells her not to worry as Lizzy is in good hands. Later Rick tries to assure Maya that all will be okay. Nicole tells Viv that she knows she must think she is too emotional today but Lizzy could never be a burden to her. She never questioned but what she could have another child….maybe her dad was right that she should have never given her baby away.

Ridge speaks up and says Thomas belongs here; they all agree on that. He is part of this family and helped make Forrester Creations what it is. Steffy tells him that FC is as much his legacy as it is hers so do not walk away from it. Steffy tells her dad she wishes Thomas had given them an answer. Ridge says that Thomas simply needs more time and probably wants to talk to Sally first. Thomas laments to Sally that they want him back and they did not tear up the check and even told him his personal life is his business. She asks what he said to that. He says he is tired of waiting for handouts and waiting his turn in the company. His place is with her so he is not taking his money back. He wants to be her partner here at Spectra. They can be the hottest designer team in L.A. She wanted to put Spectra on the map and that is exactly what is happening. He lifts her off her feet and they hug and kiss. He says she came to L.A. for her dream and that is going to come true. He is now her partner. Steffy says there is no reason Thomas cannot come back to work since they told him he could still keep seeing Sally. She can live with that until his crush will eventually be over.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

No new episode!

GH Recap Written by Anthony

ABC re-aired GH's 5/4/17 episode.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Cane tries to persuade Victoria that Juliet shouldn't take the fall for Billy's mistake, but Victoria doesn't change her mind and asks Cane to respect her decision. Phyllis tells Billy that if Victoria fires him, he should come to work at Fenmore's, but Billy doesn't want to do that, because Jack is a minority stockholder in the company. Billy is surprised that Victoria fired Juliet instead of him and promises Victoria that he will be more careful and try not to let her down again. Victoria hopes that once things settle down, they can go to San Diego with the kids like they planned. Billy tells Victoria to put that on hold for a while because he really wants to make amends for his mistake by concentrating on the hockey deal. Lily tells Hilary that she should destroy all the video of the Brash and Sassy tie-in with the hockey league as well as the master copy. Hilary assumes that Lily has seen the footage of Juliet admitting to her affair with Cane, but Lily says that Cane destroyed the flash drive with what she thinks is her interview about the hockey campaign. Hilary is about to show Lily the Juliet video but the guest for the show cancels, and she must go take care of that right away.

Abby once again feels left out of another meeting between Victor and Scott, and sparks fly between Scott and Abby. When Scott accuses her of being a spoiled rich girl, Abby reminds him that his family also has money, so he shouldn't be acting like a person who has had to struggle all his life. Scott suspects that Victor helped Chloe get away but he denies the allegation and keeps Scott busy doing meaningless paperwork to distract him from searching for Chloe. Chelsea thinks that Dr. Harris knows where Chloe is and doesn't want to tell them, so she and Nick return to the doctor's house and ask more questions, but they get nothing. Chelsea notices a sketch on the table and tells Nick that she is sure that the doctor knows Chloe's whereabouts. Dr. Harris calls Victor to tell him that people have been asking questions about Chloe. When Victor tells Dr. Harris to use the nuclear option, he says that he will take care of it.

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