The TV MegaSite's Friday 5/26/17 Short Recaps


B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Thomas wakes up and finds Sally in the kitchen wearing just his pajama shirt. She says she slept fine. They sip coffee while Thomas thinks about his getting a job. She just wishes he did not have to be at odds with his family. Steffy tells Ridge they cannot do this collection without Thomas. Ridge says Zende will step up. She says he still needs his son. Despite Ridge’s objections she wants to call Thomas in and talk to him; this is her problem too. Darlita says Thomas is their hero. Shirley admits he did save the day with his money to oust Bill with his real estate stealing scheme. Saul still does not like accepting Thomas’s money and does not want him around Spectra. Nicole, accompanied by Viv, visit an associate of Dr. Caspary who comes up with the same diagnosis. It is not 100% but there is a chance she will not be able to carry a child. Thomas takes a call from Steffy and she asks if he is free today. He asks if Ridge is going to be there. She says yes but she is trying to work a few things out so please come.

Nicole and Viv come back to Forrester and Nicole is concerned when she finds Pam and Charlie babysitting Lizzy for a minute while Coco and RJ take a break. She insists that she hold her instead. She cuddles her close. Sally shows up and Shirley says it is nice for her to finally show up. Saul reminds them it is a work place so enough of the talk. Sally tells them that Thomas was fired at FC so she does not know what he will be doing now. Eric tells Ridge that Thomas was wrong but it does not warrant firing him and they especially need him now. Steffy says firing Thomas will only push him toward Spectra more. Thomas walks into the meeting with Ridge glaring at him. Steffy welcomes him and says they have missed him and they want him back at FC. Nicole says she does not know why this is happening……..having Lizzy was so easy. Viv reminds her they can still get another opinion. Shirley tells Saul that without Thomas they would be out on the streets. At least now they have a roof over their heads and a job. Saul says Sally was fine before Thomas came along and she will be again without him. Eric tells Thomas that Sally stole from them and she is very lucky he kept her from prison, but they need his talent here at FC where he belongs. Steffy says he is a Forrester so please say he will come back.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Ciara told Claire and Theo that she was leaving town.  Hope brought Deimos to the police station.  Everyone on the Titan jet were stranded on an island.  Ciara said she was going to Hong Kong for the summer.  Wyatt showed up to talk to Ciara.  Hope told Rafe that Guy sold out Deimos and Xander.  Everyone on the island panicked because they didnít know where they were.  Chad was convinced everything was going to be okay.  Wyatt blamed Theo for why he lied to Ciara, but she wouldnít let him off the hook.  Wyatt asked her for another chance, but she didnít want to see him again.  Rafe told Hope that Xander didnít turn against Deimos.  Sonny and Paul found a survival kit.  Gabi and Chad got into an argument.  He tried to get her to calm down.  She was upset with him because of the amulet.  Chad invited Gabi to check out the island with him.  Claire asked Theo why Ciara couldnít be around him.  He told her that Ciara is in love with him.  He told Claire that he loved her.  Claire wanted to say bye to Ciara.  Theo wanted her to tell Ciara he was sorry.  Ciara told Wyatt that she didnít want to hear from him.  Hope questioned Deimos about Nicole.  He threw up in her face that he protected her in prison.  She said she would never forgive him for what he took from her and considered it payback.

Claire checked on Ciara.  Claire said she would miss her.  Claire wanted her to come back.  Claire texted Theo to tell Ciara bye.  Rafe went to question Deimos.  Deimos thought he was going to get away with everything.  Sonny told Chad that he was going to be the CEO of Titan.  Chad said they were going to be rivals.  Hope wanted to talk to Abby about Chad.  Abby said she knew that Gabi was in Greece.  Hope said Gabi was there with Sonny and Paul and Chad was there alone.  Hope said Chad was devastated, but Abby thought he was with Gabi.  Abby said she didnít have any regrets.  Everyone overheard Gabi tell Chad about the amulet.  She let everyone know it was cursed.  Ciara went to see Hope so they could talk.  Chad told Gabi that he got rid of the amulet.  Ciara told Hope that she was leaving because things didnít work out with Wyatt.  Theo showed up to talk to Ciara.  He apologized to her.  He said he would never lie to her again.  She told him that it hurts to be around him.  Rafe found out that Guy was dead.  The police didnít get a statement from him before he died.  Chad put the amulet back in his pocket.

GH Recap Written by Anthony

Amy runs into Nathan after the Nurses Ball and they discuss how Maxie isn’t taking Nathan’s calls. Nathan isn’t sure what to do. Amy feels that he can do better than her. Amy uses the bathroom and then Nathan starts having strangers come up to him thanking him for advice under a strange name. He looks it up and it turns out he is giving advice. Amy walks back out and he figures out it is Amy giving the advice under Nathan’s picture. Nathan wants to know why she doesn’t just do it under her own photo. Elsewhere at the Metro Court ballroom, Nina and Valentin discuss where they will go next. Nina wants to sleep on it. She just isn’t sure. Charlotte comes over and tells them that she will be Jake’s assistant and they both agree to stay and watch. Elizabeth isn’t sure she wants Jake to perform his magic act but Jason convinces her that it is a harmless idea. Lulu tells Laura that the magic set came from Spencer. Laura know it didn’t though because Spencer wants to give Jake his present in person. While Jake is performing, Laura informs Jason of this. Jason remembers that Helena said that Jake will be an even better killer than he is. Jason tells Jake to stop his magic show but instead Jake takes out the Chimera. Valentin recognizes it and says it is the Chimera. Jake however activates it.

Carly and Sonny confront Ava about Morgan’s pills. At first Ava claims she has no idea what they are talking about but soon they start to guilt her. They start to quote all the things he wrote in his journal about his downward spiral. Ava didn’t realize he was thinking these things. She admits she was sleeping with him and was worried what they would think if they found out. Carly would rather have him sleeping with Ava than him being dead. Sonny promises that Ava will be hated by both her daughters. Ava thinks that hurts her daughters more than anything. Sonny also promises the entire town will hate her. Then when it is all over is when he will take his revenge. Ava thinks that if he wanted her dead she would be already. She throws a lantern on the ground and it explodes. Carly ends up passing out and Sonny tries to wake her up.

Y&R Recap Written by Christine

Nick flew to Louisiana to help Chelsea find Chloe. A patient at the hospital pointed them to the doctor who released Chloe. Nick and Chelsea learned that Dr. Harris recently retired at a young age. They wondered if he came into a lot of money. Dr. Harris told them he had no idea where Chloe was. Dr. Harris warned Victor that the woman he'd warned him about had come asking questions about Chloe and that she had a man with her. Scott suggested that Victor hold the Nicole Newman Research Center opening reception and performance at Chancellor Park. Scott asked if Victor was holding the event because something was wrong with Nikki. Phyllis told Victor and Scott that she saw Jack holding Nikki in his arms. Victor asked Scott if he'd slept with Phyllis. Scott refused to give Victor details of his personal life. Victor said Scott needed to earn his trust. Scott overheard Victor say he paid Dr. Harris handsomely due to Chloe. Chloe was revealed to be at Dr. Harris's house.

Victoria returned home from her trip. Reed told her that he saw Billy and Phyllis kissing in Victoria's home. Reed was concerned for Victoria, but she assured him that she was fine. Reed let Victoria know that he broke up with Zoey. Cane and Billy argued. Victoria told Cane, Billy and Juliet that she saved the hockey deal, but the league told her that she couldn't air the commercial and she had to terminate the person responsible for the mistake. Billy apologized to Victoria and resigned, but she didn't accept his resignation. Cane told Victoria that Billy had always been a liability. Cane asked Victoria if Lily could send the behind the scenes footage to her agent, and Victoria said no. Victoria asked Juliet for her her perspective on the hockey video mix up. After Juliet explained her side of the story, Victoria said that Juliet made the major error, and she fired her. Billy told Phyllis that he'd tried to resign, but he didn't want to leave the company. Phyllis wondered if Victoria had an ulterior motive for not accepting Billy's resignation. Billy thought Phyllis's theory was incorrect. Reed introduced himself to Mattie and bought her coffee. Cane broke the news to Lily that she couldn't send the video to Barry. Lily understood. Cane destroyed the flash drive.

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