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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Zende wants to know exactly what the doctor said. Nicole tells him again and he says they will prove the doctor wrong. He comments that you are either fertile or infertile and she is not infertile. They are both healthy so they need to stay positive. Whatever it is can be fixed. There is no way God would punish her and take away her only child. Julius tells Viv that it tears his heart out that Nicole is going through this. He knows there is adoption but he also remembers how Zende talked about being adopted and wanting kids of his own. He hopes this does not affect their marriage. He laments that if his daughter gave up her only child to Maya that is not justice. He is even mad at himself for not fighting harder for Nicole not to have the baby for Maya.

Sally drops by Thomas’s just as he is shaving sans shirt. She hopes everything has calmed down. He says not exactly; he was fired. His dad felt he was betrayed. He is angry and just needs someone to torture. He is giving Zende a chance. She says that is his legacy and there is no way she is going to come between him and his family, so if he needs to pull back she will understand. She knows how much his family means to him. He says that he is nothing if not a man of his word. He told her he would help her and he intends to keep that commitment. She says she has never met anyone like him. She may never be the person he wants her to be but she loves him. They kiss and he lays her back on the bed. Viv tells Julius no more, they are going to stick together as a family. This is not Maya’s fault, no one’s fault and they will all work it out. Zende says good things happen to good people so there will be no uncertainly or doubts. They are going to have that family. Love conquers all. It will happen and she needs to be ready.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

JJ, Lani, Sonny, Chad and Gabi talked about Xander and Deimos being arrested.  They hoped the charges against Deimos would stick.  Kayla told Joey that Jade ruined things with him and his date.  Jade and Tripp talked about him getting back at Kayla.  Joey showed up and confronted Jade about ruining his date.  Jade told him why she told his date the truth about him.  She said she was looking out for him.  Everyone celebrated Deimos being arrested.  Victor and Marlena talked about Brady.  Sonny called Victor and told him about Deimos.  Sonny told him that he should run Titan.  Victor agreed to back him.  Joey and Tripp talked about Jade and her upbringing.  Paul was upset that Sonny was obsessed with running Titan.  Gabi tried to warn Chad not to take the amulet.

Tripp told Joey that he should apologize to Jade.  Jade thought about Tripp defending her to Joey.  In the fantasy, Joey wanted to be with her.  Sonny told Paul that he was going to fire anyone that Deimos hired at Titan.  They ended up arguing over it.  Victor told Marlena that Deimos and Xander were caught.  He told her that Eric and Nicole were on the run.  Chad and Gabi went on the Titan jet with the others.  Gabi was afraid the curse would affect everyone.  Joey apologized to Jade.  She was willing to forgive him.  Paul told everyone that the plane was losing fuel.  The plane had to make an emergency landing.

GH Recap Written by Anthony

Valentin tells Anna that he had no choice but to sell the Chimera to Helena. He doesn’t think it is an issue because Helena is dead though. Anna doesn’t think that is the case though. Valentin tells Anna that she can search Cassadine Island if she wants though. He leaves. Elsewhere, Jason asks Griffin why Anna has a Chimera neckless. Anna is later confronted by Elizabeth and Jason who want to know what the Chimera has to do with anything. Anna admits that the Chimera project is something to do with the WSB and that Helena had acquired it. Backstage, Charlotte and Emma are touching the Chimera Project and Jake finds them and pushes Charlotte. Nina comes backstage and helps Charlotte. Lulu tries to get involved but Nina as usual will not let her. Valentin later shows up and Nina is willing to spend the rest of the evening with Valentin.

Sonny tells Carly about the pills and she is confused. Sonny and Carly later confront Lucy and she finally admits that Ava and Morgan were sleeping together before he died. She had found his pills in a trashcan that Ava had thrown out. Sonny and Carly figure out that Ava did this to get Morgan away from Kiki. Scott warns Ava and tells her to get out of there. Ava goes to Kiki and hugs her goodbye. She then goes to get a bag that has money, a passport, and a gun. Sonny and Carly end up showing up however at the last second. Back at the Ball, the Nurse’s perform their final number. Robin comes on a screen telling them all about how she is proof that AID’s research is important. People come together to sing in the final number, Jake shows up and tells Elizabeth that he has changed his mind. He wants to perform his magic act.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

Tessa and Nikki have lunch at the Athletic Club and they discuss Nikki's concert at the charity fundraising. They also discuss Tessa's singing at the Underground. In his office at Jabot, Jack and Phyllis discuss Billy and the betting remark that he had made to two hockey players. Phyllis defends Billy's remark. Jack cannot understand Phyllis' loyalty to Billy. Lily is ready to confront Charlie when he comes home about the mess in the living room. Maddie joins them. At Brash and Sassy, Cane and Juliet argue over the fact that Hilary now knows about what had happened between them in Tokyo. Cane knows that Hilary will use this to her advantage. At GC Buzz, Hilary tells Mariah about the opening for tomorrow's show. Devon and Hilary talk while Mariah goes to get a computer flashdrive for Lily. Hilary offers to take it to Lily herself. Mariah is surprised that Hilary would want to do this for Lily. After Mariah and Devon leave, Hilary changes the name on the names on the flashdrive. Tessa lets Nikki know that music is an art. Tessa explains about her performance at the Underground. Jack joins them. Nikki makes the formal introductions before Tessa leaves for the Underground. Jack and Nikki discuss her music and the fact that she will be giving a concert at the fundraising. Jack is impressed that Nikki is going ahead with getting her life back on track. Jack wonders how Victor will react. Nikki tells him that Victor will not be in attendance. Jack wonders about Nikki and Victor. Nikki breaks down and tells Jack that she will tell him what is going on. Reed pours out his heart to Billy over Kendall inviting him to the Underground and how that Zoey had dropped him for someone else. Phyllis visits with Billy at Victoria's. They discuss how she had told Jack about what had gone on in Hollywood concerning the commercial. Phyllis wants to know if they are alright. Billy assures her that they are. Billy and Phyllis kiss at the door and Reed witnesses the kiss. Hilary drops off the flashdrive to Lily for her to watch. When Lily tries to watch it she is interrupted by Charlie and Maddie and then by Cane.

Reed confronts Billy about him and Phyllis. Billy tries to explain as best as he can. Noah questions Mariah about her chat with Tessa. Tessa arrives and interrupts them. Cane comes home and Maddie asks when they can see the commercial but they assure her that it will be awhile. Cane surprises Lily with a framed picture of her on the billboard. Jack listens to Nikki as she tries to explain that she and Victor are having some marital problems but nothing that she wants to go public. Tessa performs at the Underground. Devon wants to sign her to a recording contract. Cane notices the flashdrive and wonders where it had come from. Lily lets him know that Hilary had dropped it off.

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