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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

In Paris, Maya takes a break from her photo shoot and Rick tells her he thinks he knows what is wrong – she is thinking of their daughter back home. Her photographer says Rick is going to be busy so she might as well too. He could set up some other photo shoots of iconic shots in Paris and even other countries if there is time. Coco and RJ are just about ready to put little Lizzie down when Zende comes in and says he will help as soon as he puts the champagne on ice. He says he hopes Nicole will be back soon as they have a lot to catch up on. RJ says champagne and good news for Nicole so no wonder Zende thinks they may see the stork in nine months. Vivienne tells Nicole to come out with it. She sees she is upset and she hopes she and Zende are not having problems. Slowly Nicole reveals that it is possible that she might never be able to conceive. Vivienne does not think that makes sense since Nicole already has conceived. Nicole says she knows but they have been trying and she got worried and went to doctor. She laments Zende was so accepting that she gave up her body for Lizzie and now this. He does not know how much he gave up. Vivienne tells her not to get ahead of herself; the doctor only said there was a chance, it is not a done deal yet. It needs more time.

Julius comes in and they have to fill him in also. She says she and Zende have even talked about baby names. She cannot believe she is doing this to him. Julius says he does not know about infertility or scarring but he does know this – she will have that baby. She is too good; she gives and she gives and she gives. Lizzie is living proof of that so Nicole cannot give up. No, she will not have had a baby for her sister and then not be able to have her own. They will talk to other specialists, whatever it takes. He hugs her and says he does not want her to give up ever. Zende pours the champagne and tells Nicole that she is looking at the newest member of the Forrester design team. The only bad part is that he is replacing Thomas who Ridge let go. He says he must have been a saint in a past life since everything is suddenly coming together for them. She cannot let him keep going on this high. She laments that she had a doctor’s appointment and was told she might not ever be able to give him that family. Like Vivienne and Julius he says that is crazy. Of course it has not been that long but she still can give him that baby. They will have their family.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Marlena told Victor what was going on with Brady.  Eric put the gun to Deimos while Nicole confronted him about taking her.  Lani, Eli, JJ, and Hope told a cop that Deimos was working with Xander to get Nicole.  Deimos told Eric and Nicole that he saved Brady and tried to rescue her.  She said she wasn’t going with him.  She wanted him to admit to what he did to her.  Chad and Gabi talked about Eli breaking up with her.  Nicole confronted Deimos about working with Xander.  Deimos continued to deny working with Xander.  Deimos said he and Nicole had to get out of there.  When she screamed no, someone shot through the window.  Victor and Maggie went to see Brady.  Gabi wanted to be friends with Chad.  He agreed to be friends with her again.  Deimos tried to force Nicole to go with him.  She refused to go with him.  When he grabbed her, Eli, JJ, Lani, and Hope came in the room.

Sonny told Chad and Gabi that Paul was in the hospital.  Deimos was arrested.  Nicole told the police that Deimos was working with Xander.  Eli asked Xander if he was working with Deimos.  John told Brady that he loved him.  Victor prayed that Brady would get better.  Daniel’s ghost visited Victor.  Daniel went to see Brady.  Sonny told Chad and Gabi that the police were going to get Deimos.  JJ called Sonny and told him that Deimos and Xander were caught.  Xander said he did everything by himself.  Nicole wanted Xander to tell the truth.  Eric and Nicole left to get Holly.  The police said that Eric and Nicole left.  Brady told Daniel that he was in love with Nicole.  Daniel was okay with them being together.  Chad, Gabi, and Sonny showed p to see Deimos in handcuffs.  Sonny wanted to be alone with Deimos.  Sonny said he wanted to get him when he came back to Salem.  Nicole thanked Eric for helping her.  Marlena called Eric and told him about Brady.  Deimos told Sonny that he would get away with everything.  Daniel told Brady to keep fighting before he left.  Eric told Nicole that Brady wouldn’t make it through the night.  She said she wanted to see him.  She wanted to go to Salem.

GH Recap Written by Anthony

Sonny shows up at the Nurses Ball and Carly and Michael are stunned to see this. Ava tells Scott that she isn’t sure that she can handle this and tries to leave but Sonny takes her out to the lobby and tries to discuss why she felt the need to make a donation in his name. Ava ends up getting away from him after Scott yanks her out. Dante ends up walking over and telling Sonny all about how Ava was there the night the pills were found. He didn’t tell Sonny because was worried about how he would react. Later on, Andre walks over and tells him that the pills were placebo pills and that has to be what happened with Morgan. Sonny cannot believe this. Elsewhere at the ball, Valentin tries to get Nina to talk with him but Anna keeps getting in his way. He ends up going to Lucy and paying her 7 figures to perform. Lucy gives her Obrecht’s place and she throws things backstage. Valentin performs and Nina has a change of heart. Curtis tries to convince her not to go after him though.

Jake tries to rehearse with Charlotte but things don’t go over well. Jason meanwhile is trying to figure out where the Chimera necklace came from. He confronts Jake and says it isn’t his. Jake decides he doesn’t want to do his performance. Charlotte overhears this. Later, Jason runs into Griffin who tells Jason that the necklace is Anna’s. Meanwhile Michael has gone to see Nelle at the hospital even missing seeing Joss perform in person. Joss was fine with this though and did a good job at the ball. Anna continues to try to confront Valentin until he finally admits he sold it to Helena. Backstage, Charlotte and Emma decide to perform the magic act without Jake. They take out the Chimera and turn it on.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Dina tells Abby that she left her children because she was too young and she wanted her own life. She is very sorry and wants to mend her relationship with her family. She wants to get to know her and have a relationship with her. Abby tells Dina that she will help her have a relationship with Ashley. Later Dina tells Ashley that she met Abby. Ashley angrily tells Dina to stay away from Abby then walks out of the room. Ashley talks to Ravi about the problems with her mom. He takes her side but tells her that she should kill her mom with kindness. Hilary overhears Cane and Juliet talking about their one-night stand and later persuades Juliet to tell her the whole story but she is unaware that Hilary videotaped everything and plans to run the story on the Hilary Hour. Mattie tells Lily that she has to study hard and do well in school because she isn't pretty like her. Kendall finds out that Zoey wants to date Charlie, because she isn't serious about Reed so she sends Reed a text to come to Crimson Lights so she can catch Zoey with Charlie. Kendall's plan works perfectly and Reed breaks up with Zoey, but then he gets mad at her because he knows she wanted them to break up. Tessa tells Noah she saw a guy in town that she doesn't want to ever see again, because he seems nice but he is a bad guy. Noah tells her she must face her fears and promises to protect her from this bad guy.

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