The TV MegaSite's Tuesday 5/23/17 Short Recaps


B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Ridge is in a foul mood. He tells Steffy he knows he screwed up and Brooke is not here right now and he knows where she is. All they need now is for Thomas to get their money back and start over. He calls Zende who is babysitting Lizzie. He tells him he needs to see him at the office right away. Zende looks to RJ and Coco who give him the nod to go. Zende walks in and Ridge tells him to sit down. The meeting does not include anyone else, just them. He fired Thomas and he needs another designer. Call him old fashioned but he does not believe in keeping someone who would give their money to someone who stole from them. Zende admits he is not a designer yet and he feels badly for Thomas but he will do his best. He thanks them and says he will not let them down. Ridge reminds him he will be working 24/7 until their showing is ready. If he does that and works hard then being a Forrester designer will be just down the road.

The Doctor tells Nicole it is really too early to call her condition secondary infertility. The doctor can see she is upset and thinks the doctor is wrong. Nicole does not know what she is going to tell Zende…..that he may never have a child of his own. She does not know what will happen to them now. She keeps saying she is healthy and this cannot be her only shot at being a mother after giving her first child away. Steffy tells Zende that his married life might be strained for a while. Zende says not only is he saying yes but hell yes and he knows Nicole will be okay with it. Zende is so excited and not only wants to call Nicole but his own mother and dad. Nicole returns home dejected and asks where Zende is. She sees a message where Maya is looking for a nanny. She picks up Lizzy and talks to her lovingly. She tells her that the doctor could be wrong and she will have another baby.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

JJ and Lani forced Guy to tell them about Xander and Deimos by threatening to sell him out.  Eric and Nicole theorized about Deimos trying to get her back.  Paul thought Sonny was obsessed about getting Titan.  Sonny said it was his birthright.  Nicole told Eric why she fell in love with Deimos.  JJ called Sonny and said that Xander was working with Deimos.  Paul warned Sonny to be careful.  Sonny told him to be careful too.  John called Paul to tell him about Brady.  Eric told Nicole that he was going to get her out of there.  While they were talking, one of Xander’s goons came in with a weapon.

When Sonny got to the plane, JJ told him that Guy sold out Deimos.  John reassured Brady that he was going to be okay.  Brady told John that he was in love with Nicole.  Xander’s goon took Eric away.  She managed to get the key from the guy.  Brady told John how he was a family with Nicole while they were away.  Brady said he was never going to feel it again.  Xander’s goon put Eric in the cage.  Eric thought about Nicole yelling at him after Daniel died.  Xander went to see Eric.  Eric wanted him to let Nicole go and keep him.  While they were talking, Xander put a gun on him.  Someone hit Paul in the head.  Sonny realized something was wrong with Paul and wanted to check on him.  Nicole hit Xander in the head and got Eric out of the cage.  Brady’s monitor went off while John was talking to him.  John told Marlena that Brady was unconscious and that the doctors thought he wasn’t going to make it.  When Deimos got to Xander’s villa, he found Xander in the cage.  Eric pulled a gun on him.

GH Recap Written by Anthony

Mario Lopez and Nina are the hosts on the red carpet for the Nurse’s Ball. They introduce everyone. Nina runs into Valentin and Charlotte and tries to talk with Valentin until she spots Anna and Emma on the red carpet with Felicia. Nina later runs into Nathan who helps Amy out by escorting her into the building. Emma offers Charlotte the chance to perform with her and Jake on stage and Valentin says it is alright. Off the red carpet, Sam and Jason discuss the dream that Jason had the night before and how it was only a nightmare. Jason knows but it still has him worried. Anna tries to talk with Valentin about the Chimera but Valentin really doesn’t want to talk to her and would rather be with Nina who is on her last straw with Valentin.

Backstage, Lucy is getting ready and Ava contemplates with Scott if she should do make the donation in Morgan’s name. She decides at the last minute that she won’t so no one gets suspicious. Mario Lopez however tells the crowds at home anyway. Sonny was watching this after meeting with Andre after receiving Morgan’s Journal from Michael. He realizes that the pills were switched with a smaller dosage. Andre had informed him though that Morgan couldn’t have been on the pills. When Sonny sees this he ends up showing up the ball and Carly who has been feeling bad for him all evening notices him.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

At Brash and Sassy, everyone is up in the air over the remarks that Billy had made to the hockey players over betting on their teams. Billy especially is torn up over the fact that Victoria had wanted to take care of this on her own. Phyllis tries to assure him that everything will be alright. Cane and Juliet discuss the remarks that Billy had made to the hockey players and the fact that it had aired without first being edited for publication. At the penthouse, Chelsea and Nick are kissing. Chelsea begins to tell Nick about her trip to California and the things she had found out about Chloe and her being admitted to the psych hospital. Victor in his office at Newman gets a visit from Dina Mergeron. They reminisce about old times and Dina lets it out that someone from Newman had contacted her about the selling of her company. Victor vows to find out who could have contacted her. Ashley and Jack discuss their Mother and what she could be doing in town for so long. Ashley still doesn't like the idea of her being here. They are interrupted by Phyllis. Jack confronts her about her trip to California when she had told him that she was in bed sick.

At GC Buzz, Hilary commends Mariah on her interview with Dina Mergeron. Mariah notices how mellow she is since her trip to California. Ashley confronts Phyllis as well about her trip to California. Phyllis explains to Jack about Billy's remarks about betting on the hockey team which they seem to think is gambling and that Billy is falling back into his old ways. Victor tells Dina about Abby that was born to his marriage to Ashley. Victor gets the idea that Dina wants Victor to help her to mend fences with Ashley. Cane and Lily discuss the photo shoot and how it had all been in vain. Lily tells Cane about a job that she had been offered. Lily asks for Cane's opinion. Nick and Chelsea discuss that Chloe had to have had help in getting released from the psych hospital. Cane tells Lily to go for the job offer. Lily is thrilled. Victor and Ashley meet at the Coffeehouse to discuss getting her reunited with the Mother. Jack hurls slurs at Billy over his betting remarks and that he could be falling back into his old ways. Phyllis joins them. Cane and Juliet discuss what had happened in Hollywood with the hockey team and how it had ruined everything for Brash and Sassy. Hilary listens to them outside the door.

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