The TV MegaSite's Monday 5/22/17 Short Recaps


B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Bill and Brooke get ready to take off on their honeymoon in Paris. Maya has a photo shoot so she and Rick tag along. They leave a very happy Nicole and Zende in charge of Lizzy for a few days. Zende tells RJ and Coco he cannot wait to start his own family. Nicole has a doctor's appointment and tells her doctor that she had no problems with her first pregnancy for her sister. She loved being pregnant so she cannot wait to start her own family. The first time she got pregnant right away but now they have been trying for a few months and she just wanted to make sure everything was okay.

The doctor understands that she has missed a few periods but Nicole is not pregnant. She explains to Nicole that she has a condition with her pelvis. As they discuss it, she tells Nicole that it is not that simple. It can come from various things like contraception or medication but she might not be able to conceive. Nicole says that is unacceptable so do not tell her that. It is crazy. She is healthy and had a perfectly healthy child the first time. She knows it will be that way again. Bill states the obvious and asks Maya if it is a good idea to leave Nicole in charge of watching Lizzy, since she is the birth mother.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Ciara confronted Theo about setting her up with Wyatt.  Deimos was upset that the guy who robbed Chad didn’t get the amulet.  Nicole blamed Eric for why she wouldn’t see Holly again.  Ciara confronted Wyatt about being set up with her.  He blamed Theo for why the bad things happened.  Ciara said she didn’t want to see Wyatt again.  Theo went after her when she left.  Nicole was upset that Eric moved back to Salem. He said Maggie forgave him.  Nicole said that Maggie was a better person than she was.  She told him that she deserved to be happy and was going to live her life with Brady.  She also said she didn’t want to see his face again.  Theo told Ciara that he was sorry and was trying to help her.  She was upset with him for lying to her.  She ripped into him for setting her up.  He told her why he set her up, but she didn’t care.  He told her not to be mad at him.  Eli found out who the mugger was.  It was a guy named Guy.  JJ told Sonny who the mugger was.  Sonny said he and Paul would handle it.  Eric told Nicole that he had an idea, but needed her to trust him.

Claire ripped into Wyatt for lying to Wyatt for lying to Ciara.  Wyatt blamed Theo for what happened.  Wyatt told Claire that Theo was in love with Ciara and not her.  Ciara told Theo that she wrote a letter saying that she still loved him.  Sonny and Paul found Guy and wanted him to tell them about Deimos.  While Eric and Nicole were arguing, Xander came in the room.  Eric attacked him.  Theo said he never got Ciara’s letter.  She said she trusted Wyatt like she did Chase.  She said he was why she wouldn’t be able to trust people.  JJ took Guy with him so he could talk.  Xander got the upper hand with Eric and beat him up.  Claire and Wyatt argued over Theo.  Theo told Ciara that he wouldn’t hurt her, but she was furious with him.  She said she was done with him.  Nicole told Eric that Xander could have been working with Deimos.  Eric thought it was possible that Deimos was setting her up.  Claire wanted to know why Theo didn’t tell her about Wyatt.  Theo was afraid Ciara wouldn’t forgive him.  JJ and Lani asked Guy about Deimos.  Eric thought Deimos wanted to look like a hero to Nicole.

GH Recap Written by Anthony

Carly walks in on Sonny and Martina and then storms downstairs. Sonny confronts her and wants her to listen. Carly has no desire. She feels that Sonny has been trying to screw her over in her divorce. Martina comes downstairs trying to get Carly to come to reason but she will not listen. Carly leaves. Martina tries to get Sonny to go after her believing that she still loves him and he loves her. Sonny doesn’t go after anyone even Carly. At the Metro Court, Kiki and Dillon are rehearsing for the ball tomorrow. Felix and Lucy show up and Dillon goes to talk to Felix about a present he can get for Kiki. Ava shows up and Ava is so proud of Kiki for being happy and becoming a nurse’s aide. Later on, Kiki is informed that she has to work tomorrow night and cannot attend the ball. Lucy in the hallway tries to threaten Ava but Ava demands she present a giant check on Morgan’s behalf due to all she has donated. She feels that fate is finally on her side.

Jason shows up at home and wants to celebrate with Sam. He has beer for her but she cannot drink while she is breastfeeding. Jason guesses they won’t have beer that night then. He takes out another present for her and it is a leather jacket. Scout starts crying and Jason goes to attend to her. He doesn’t want her to take it off. When he walks back downstairs he finds Sam wearing nothing but the jacket. They make love and he then falls asleep. He dreams that Helena has captured his entire family. She warns him that he knew how things would play out. He wakes up and Sam promises him that everything is alright. Meanwhile, Alex tells Anna it is up to her to stop the chimera from getting out there. She shows up at Valentin’s house and Nina who has shown up to talk with him leaves angry. Anna tries to explain that Alex was there but he doesn’t believe her. Anna feels that the man she was friends with wouldn’t be ok with the chimera being out there. She storms off.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Jack and Ashley argue because he wants to give Dina a second chance despite the fact that he remembers being in the hospital recovering from his appendectomy, and she wouldn't stay with him to go play tennis. Victor asks Scott to find a venue for Nikki to give a benefit concert for MS research. Victor gets Nikki to agree to do the concert by asking her to do it in front of Tessa and the dean of the medical school. Scott opens up to Sharon about his undercover work and tells her that he fell in love with a woman while he was on a job and lied to his handlers and told them his mission was compromised in order to protect this woman whom he loved and he thought was a victim in the situation. Scott had to take the mission in the Middle East where he got captured, because he ended his previous mission so abruptly. Abby continues her secret project of partnering with Zach in his new dating app. Tessa sees Zach talking to Abby and reports it on the phone, saying that she doesn't want Zach to know she's spying on him. Chelsea goes to the hospital where Chloe was a patient and pretends to be her sister to find out information. She discovers that Chloe entered the hospital in October 2015 then was discharged and committed a violent act, after which she was transferred to a maximum security prison in Louisiana.

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