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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

The door opens and indeed it is Brooke. All Bill can say is WOW. Ridge is expecting Brooke but Quinn shows up at his door. She says Brooke is with Bill getting married. Ridge argues that she cannot do that; there is still time for them. He will let RJ down. He wanted to put his family back together. But he’s the idiot for playing these blame games. He wanted to spend the rest of his life with Brooke and now he ruined it. He laments that he is an insecure man who wants every woman to love him and now he screwed up with another failed relationship. Brooke heard him but she did not understand him. Quinn says she does. She reminds him they both screwed up but she got lucky. She could have lost Eric. Someday she knows the right woman is out there for him. Maybe she can look past the being perfect and love him the way he is. He tells her to go; he just wants to be alone. She strokes his hair lovingly before she goes.

Bill says everyone is here so get the party started. Justin welcomes everyone and says he thinks he can speak for everyone that this moment has finally come. Justin tells the group that he has seen this man at his best and at his worst and he has never seen him happier than today. Maya speaks first. She says when things are not as perfect as they are today always remember how hard they worked to get to this point. Wyatt and Liam both speak and they wish them both the very best for a long and happy marriage. Rick is last and says he never fully understood but his mom always followed her heart and now he knows why. She will always have his blessing and support. Nicole and Zende babysit little Lizzie while her parents are at the wedding. Nicole is disappointed that her latest test says she is not pregnant. Ridge sits and contemplates his past with Brooke, especially the one when he has asked her to marry him and gives her a ring, and the day he came back from Paris and saw her for the first time in two years. Justin performs the ceremony. Brooke cries she cannot believe they are here. He has given her so much strength and courage and he is the guy for her, the one she can count on no matter what. And she will love him for the rest of his life. He says he cannot imagine his life without her. This is his greatest adventure, sharing his life with her. He will love her and be there for her forever and ever. Justin hands them the rings to exchange. Then he pronounces them husband and wife; Bill can kiss his bride…… Mr. and Mrs. Dollar Bill Spencer.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Abby had doubts about marrying Dario.  He told her they could get divorced after a few years.   He was grateful that she was helping him.  A man tried to rob Chad.  The man wanted the amulet.  Chad gave it to him.  When the guy left, Chad was upset that he lost $20 million.  Theo was upset that Wyatt was using Ciara.  Claire wanted to know why it bothered him. Dario said that he and Abby had a meeting with immigration.  He had a ring for her and wanted to propose.  She wanted to get it over with.   Kate was upset when Andre told her that Hope was helping Chad.  Andre didn't think it was a bad idea, but Kate did.  They ended up talking about Chad and Abby. Gabi let Chad know that she had the amulet.  He was grateful and hugged her.  When they almost kissed, Eli caught them. Ciara and Claire talked about Wyatt.  The officer that Dario and Abby met wasn't convinced that they were together.   The officer wanted to know how they met.  They told him how they met.   Chad told Eli that they were almost robbed.  Gabi asked why Eli was there.  He said he wanted to get something to eat.  She said she would meet him later.  She told Chad to give her the amulet.  He didn't want to at first, but he gave it to her.

Abby told the officer that she was still married, but her husband was in love with another woman.  The officer said he was finished, but he had to prove that they were in love.  Chad told Kate about the robbery.   Kate told Chad about being with Gabi.  Gabi and Eli met to talk.  Eli wanted to know what was going on with Chad.   He said he could tell that she still loved Chad.  He said he couldn't see her anymore.   Abby was worried that the officer was able to see through their lies.   When Abby left, Kate overheard them.  Ciara told everyone about the cabin opening up.  Ciara and Wyatt wanted to go, but Theo didn't want them to go.  When Claire and Wyatt left, Ciara confronted Theo about his problem with Wyatt.   Eli told Gabi why he was letting her go.  He hoped she was happy with Chad.  Dario told Kate about why he was getting deported.  When she offered to help, he told her that Abby was going to marry him. Dario told Kate that he loved Abby.  Gabi gave Chad the amulet back because it was cursed.  She told him that Eli broke up with her.  Theo told Ciara that Wyatt was conning her. Kate called out Dario for taking advantage of Abby.  Kate agreed to keep it quiet so Chad could be with Gabi. Gabi told Chad about what has been going on with them since he got the amulet.  Theo told Ciara he set her up with Wyatt.  Theo said he was wrong about Wyatt.  While he was telling her about Wyatt, Wyatt and Claire walked in the room. 

GH Recap Written by Anthony

Carly finds Ava with Avery as she walks in the park. She confronts her knowing that today isn’t her day for visitation. Ava claims that it isn’t any of her business now that she is divorcing Sonny and that she is using Avery as a replacement for Morgan. Ava walks off after this. At Sonny’s house, he and Martina end up having sex. Afterwards they have pasta and discuss Morgan. Sonny doesn’t want her to leave and they end up in bed again. Carly shows up and puts two and two together. She walks up to his bedroom and opens the door to find Sonny and Martina having sex. She looks very angry. Elsewhere at GH, Hayden and Finn confront Brad. Griffin walks over and informs him that they will be looking into this if he doesn’t admit what he had done. Brad claims he knows nothing. He later talks with Obrecht who asks if he has done anything. Later on, while she is alone Obrecht is revealed to be the one who tampered with Finn’s drug test. She doesn’t want to see his face anymore.

Elizabeth takes Jake to audition for the Nurses' Ball. Lucy thinks it sounds great until she finds out about Jake going to see Andre. Then she becomes concerned and when Obrecht shows up, Lucy suggests they may need to cut an act. Jake then auditions and Lucy decides he will be a hit at the ball. Jake backstage looks at the chimera project. At the airport Anna and Alex are confronted. Nathan breaks up a fight and tells Emma confirms who the real Anna is. Anna takes Alex into a room where they discuss Valentin and the Chimera Project. Alex informs Anna that she needs to figure out who has the Chimera project quickly.

Y&R Recap Written by Christine

Hilary and Lily had words. Hilary said she'd be filming real stars from now on and wouldn't have time for Lily. Billy swore that he could prove the conversation between him and the players about gambling was a joke. Victoria asked Hilary if anyone on her show altered the footage. Hilary said they didn't. Victoria had Cane go get Jesse, the man who shot the behind the scenes video. Billy and Victoria watched all of the video Jesse filmed and were disappointed to find that he didn't have the entire conversation between Billy and the players. Jesse met with Cane and threatened to tell Billy that Cane had him delete part of the video. Cane paid Jesse to keep quiet. Hilary ran into Barry, an agent who agreed to help her take her show to the next level. Barry offered to help Lily find a job acting or hosting a show. Lily was interested, and she decided to discuss it with Cane. Juliet told Hilary that there was a misunderstanding with the league over the footage that aired. Jack confided in Nikki about his conflicting feelings regarding Dina. Nikki encouraged Jack to pursue a relationship with his mother if he wanted to and not to let anyone else talk him out of it. Phyllis planned a romantic afternoon with Billy, but he was too busy with the crisis to meet her. Billy told Phyllis he had to go to Toronto to fix things with the hockey league. Cane convinced Victoria to go to Toronto instead of letting Billy go. Victoria told Billy that the trip with the kids was off, and she was going to meet with the league instead of him. Victoria accused Billy of showing poor judgment with his joke about gambling and she made it clear that she smelled Phyllis's perfume and knew she was in L.A.

Victor was displeased when Scott admitted that he hadn't found out whether Abby was connected to the mysterious company that sent Newman a check. Scott promised to keep digging. Abby was annoyed when Victor asked her to teach Scott about business finance, but she accepted the assignment. Abby told Jack that she found the first start up company for their incubator. Abby was worried that Scott was trying to trace the check Jack's secret LLC had paid Newman. Jack assured her that there was no way to connect the company back to him. Abby was sure that she could handle Scott. Nick and Chelsea discussed her need to get justice for Adam. Nick encouraged her to keep looking for Chloe, but he told her not to tell anyone else about her search. Chelsea booked a flight to San Francisco, to go to the mental hospital that treated Chloe. Victor told Nikki that he asked Nick to spy on Chelsea. Nikki disapproved. Victor told Nikki that he could see that feelings still existed between them. Nikki rebuffed Victor. Nick told Victor and Nikki that Chelsea had dropped her search for Chloe.

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