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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Bill calls his future bride and tells her he is overseeing the caterers and florists and everything is beautiful. He tells her to forget everything else and get over there to be his bride. Ridge is still there and he tells her they have a history and he knows he screwed up, but…..that was his last. He will go to her house and wait for her. He tells his secretary that he needs the rest of the day off; Steffy can handle anything. Quinn comes in and he tells her the same thing. He is going home and hopes to be married today. Quinn relays her conversation with Brooke and she reminded Brooke that whatever they had was over. Ridge says he realizes what they did could cost him Brooke but he is going to her house and hopes to change her mind. Liam and Wyatt come in and make some funnies and Bill tells Justin to write it up; they are out of his will. He tells them they can believe not only in his vows but actions, unlike Forrester who is all talk but no follow through. Ridge had his chance and he blew it. He will not get another. Katie helps Brooke get ready but wants to be sure that she is really going through with this. When she puts that dress on she could marry either Ridge or Bill.

Ivy finds that Quinn is distracted. Quinn calls Bill and says she guesses the ceremony has not started yet. He wonders why she even cares as they are not besties. Bill says he does not know what happened with Ridge but he intends to find out why Brooke walked out on him. Quinn confides that Ridge is still thinking in those terms and she hopes he does not pull something. Bill tells her that Brooke knows who she wants and it is him. There is not a damn thing Ridge can do to stop it. Katie tells Brooke it is her life and she will support whatever she does. And she admits all she sees is Quinn’s devotion to Eric and nothing now between her and Ridge. So it is up to Brooke who she marries – Ridge or Bill. Ivy tells Quinn that she could not help but overhear her conversation with Bill and she supposes it is possible that Brooke could change her mind. Quinn starts thinking of those sexy moments with Ridge…..kissing and in the steam room. Ridge thinks about his moments with Brooke. Wyatt doesn’t get it why his mom would call Bill about Ridge’s full on press of Brooke. Bill says it is a bunch of bull, all that history and destiny. Her destiny is with him. The door opens and Bill expects Brooke to walk through but no one is there.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Abby told Dario that she might marry him.  Hope asked Chad if he tried to save his marriage.  JJ told Gabi that she was going home, but she said she wasn't.   She was going to go where she was needed.  Eli thought she was going to Chad.   Lucas blamed Chloe for why Nicole was kidnapped.  Hope told Chad to fight for his marriage.  He said his son was his only concern.  She brought up the amulet.  He said the guy never showed.  She told him not to turn into Stefano.  Gabi showed up while they were talking.  Abby told Dario he had to talk to a lawyer first.  If the lawyer couldn't do anything, then she would marry him. (episode was interrupted)

GH Recap Written by Anthony

Hayden and Finn mess with Brad and talk about Finn taking yet another drug test. Brad storms off. The two discuss having a baby together and Hayden admits she wants to be a mother. She also doesn’t care about his drug addiction. She wants him to have as much contact with their child as he wants. The two kiss each other. Elsewhere outside of Kelly’s, Brad tries to convince Laura to change her mind on Finn and vote against him due to his drug addiction. Laura isn’t going to do that though because she believes in second chances. Brad thinks she is no better than Tracy. Back at GH, Hayden and Finn initiate their plan again and have Finn go to drug test. Brad later finds an empty sample and is confused. Hayden and Finn end up confronting him. While this is, all going on Michael is worried about Nelle. Nina shows up and goes to check on Nelle. Nina informs her that Michael is worried about her. Before Michael is given a chance to check on her himself, Laura shows up asking for help with her budget proposal. He goes off with her.

Dante makes chocolate chip cookies for Rocco and Charlotte for breakfast. Valentin shows up and wants to take Charlotte right away. Lulu says that Dante will be taking the children to school. They have a meeting with the social worker. The social worker shows up and Lulu and Valentin act like things went over without them arguing. When she leaves, Lulu demands she get more time with Charlotte and more sleepovers. Valentin isn’t going to do that though. He later talks with Nina at the Metro Court. She isn’t going back to him. Alex is tied to Anna’s banister thanks to Valentin. Anna’s phone rings and Alex manages to get herself free. It is Lancaster informing her that Anna has escaped and she needs to get out of there quickly. At the airport, Alex accidently runs into Robin and Emma. Alex tries to get out of there and back to London right away but Emma informs Robin this isn’t Anna. Robin starts to realize as well and realizes she is Alex but before she can say anything Anna shows up. Alex turns around and can see that Anna isn’t happy.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

Victor has a meeting with Scott to find out what he knows about Abby and her business dealings. Just as Scott is about to answer him, Abby interrupts them. Lily and Juliet have a chat about the hockey team. Lily and Juliet want to see the footage of the commercial but Cane tells them that is not possible right now. They wonder why. In the hotel room, Billy texts Phyllis to see where she is. Phyllis and Victoria are within inches of each other down in the lobby. Hilary interrupts Victoria and ask about the commercial. At the Coffeehouse, Sharon brings Nick a pastry and sits down with him. Nick fills Sharon in on Chelsea wanting to look for Chloe and will not stop at anything until she accomplishes this. Outside of Victor's office, Chelsea looks at her passport and thinks about Chloe. Phyllis hides from Victoria so she won't see that she is here. Hilary tells Victoria about the sit down interview with Julie Chen. Victoria is happy for her. Billy starts to go and look for Phyllis when she arrives back at the hotel room. Billy tells her to stay in the room as he goes for a meeting. Victoria suggests that Hilary have an interview with Lily and some men from the hockey team. Hilary is against the idea until Howard agrees to the interview. Billy joins Victoria and finds out that Hilary will be interviewing Lily. Abby gives Victor a list of digital companies that he can look over. Victor asks Scott as to what he had learned from Abby. Abby has a meting with an associate about on line dating. Sharon tells Nick how that Chelsea had helped Chloe when she first came back to town and now Chelsea was wanting to find her.

Chelsea talks Victor into helping her to find Chloe. Victor has his reservations about this but finally agrees to help her. Chelsea talks to Scott out in the corridor and asks him for his help in finding Chloe. Victor tells Chelsea what he finds out about Chloe's passport but it isn't too optimistic. Chelsea, in talking to Scott, realizes that Chloe must have had an accomplice. Victoria commends Billy for his dedication but during the interview it comes out that Billy had talked to two hockey players and they had betted against the game. Victoria is upset with Billy that he would condone gambling on a hockey game. Victoria is more than a little upset when she finds out that this whole campaign was a waste of time since they didn't get the hockey team contract.

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