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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Bill tells Liam, Justin and Wyatt that he had that skyscraper in his hand until his do-gooder son had to go and shoot his mouth off…..but he has more important things to do today. He is getting married. He wants them all to be there. Liam says they wouldn’t miss it for the world. Brooke explains it to RJ who is cautious since she seems to be still in love with his dad and they have a history. He does not want her to marry Spencer and then realize she really wants his dad. Katie takes a phone call in front of Quinn and says she really has to go. Brooke is getting married today. Quinn assumes that means Bill. Katie asks if that is a problem. Quinn says no; it does not matter to her either way – Bill or Ridge. Ridge asks about Brooke and Katie answers probably at her house getting ready for her wedding. Quinn talks to Brooke and assures her she has not seen Ridge except at the office for a while. She is committed to her husband and wants him. Quinn just needs to know if she is marrying Bill today or considering going back to Ridge. She asks if Brooke still has feelings for him. Brooke is outraged Quinn would be asking this question. She was ready to marry Ridge in Australia and broke it off because she saw them kissing. They are both so alike; they have a dark side. Quinn keeps at her.

Ridge tells Ivy and Katie that he made a mistake but there is no more Quinn and him. So he has to find a way to make it happen again with Brooke. This is more than just him and his family with RJ, so he wants them to let this go about anything with Quinn. Bill says that he knows it was more than his charming personality and good looks that he won Brooke back over. Brooke tells Quinn she is asking far too many questions. She wonders what Quinn would do in the same situation. Quinn says they do have a long history together and share a son. There is absolutely nothing between her and Ridge and it will never happen again. She does not want her to have second thoughts about Bill though. Ridge comes in as Quinn leaves and he asks Brooke to please do not marry Bill today. Bill orders things for his wedding and says Brooke is his Queen and that makes him the King so it is a royal wedding. Quinn reassures Ivy that she has no feelings for Ridge and only regrets that she could have hurt Eric. Ivy is not so sure that she is over Ridge. Ridge tells Brooke that he would love one more chance. He is not in any position to guilt trip anyone. He made a mistake and he wishes he could change it but he can’t. In fact they have both made mistakes but they always get back together. He’s going to go home and wait for her and she will be in his life like when he came home from Paris. He has to say his vows to her again. He loves her and wants to spend the rest of his life with her as his wife.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Tripp told Jade that Kayla killed Ava.  Tripp called Steve so he could get to know him.  Nicole made it to the plane and saw Holly.  Xander had Eric tied up to a bed.  Xander thought he still had Holly until Eric told him to guess again.  Kayla told Brady that his heart wasn’t responding to the medicine.  He asked about a new heart, but Kayla said it wasn’t likely.  Jade saw Joey on a date with a girl.  Tripp and Steve met to talk.  Tripp wanted to take things slow.  Xander thought Eric was stupid to help someone who hated him.  Roy told Nicole that they were going back to Salem.  She told him why she couldn’t go back to Salem.  Brady told Marlena that he asked Eric to find Nicole.  John came back to see Brady.  Jade talked to Joey when his date went to the bathroom.  He told her that he moved on.  He thought she should do the same.  Steve suggested that Tripp follow Kayla around at the hospital.  Tripp liked the idea.  Xander told Eric that he was going to find Nicole.  Nicole called Brady.  She started to tell him about Eric, but the phone messed up.

Jade blamed Kayla for why Joey moved on.  Jade thought getting rid of Kayla was how she could get Joey back.  Nicole told an officer that they had to go to Xander’s villa to save Eric.  Tripp thanked Steve for suggesting that he shadow Kayla at the hospital.  Steve told Tripp that he protects the people he loved.  Nicole brought the officer to the villa and saw Xander.  Xander thanked the officer for bringing her back.  Jade told Joey’s date bad things about him.  Steve told Tripp that Ava blackmailed him into having sex with her.  Tripp thought Kayla was upset when she found out.  When Nicole tried to leave the villa, the officer stopped her.  Xander told her that she was going to regret trying to save Eric.  Tripp told Jade that he was going to ruin Kayla’s life.  Xander put Nicole in the room with Eric.  Xander told her not to escape again.

GH Recap Written by Anthony

Carly and Bobbie discuss Sonny and Martina. Bobbie suggests that Carly is using Martina as an excuse as to why she doesn’t want to leave Sonny. On top of why she wants to drag things out. Carly feels that Jax needs to be avenged. At Sonny’s house Martina shows up. She wanted to give him his ring. He left it at on the boat. Sonny was wondering where it was. Martina suggests it is a sign he needs to get back with Carly. Sonny doesn’t think so. He wonders if she wants to spend another night together. They end up getting close. Meanwhile, at GH Michael is worried about Nelle and watches over her as she is unconscious. When she awakes, Griffin has him leave the area. Michael talks with Nelle and thinks that this is their fault because someone has to take responsibility for Nelle. Griffin walks back out and tells Michael that Nelle doesn’t want to see him.

Dante comes home to find that Charlotte is home. Rocco is excited. The family lay a game of memory together and then Dante reads the two children a story. Lulu and Dante put Charlotte and Rocco to bed. Valentin shows up and wants his child. Lulu already contacted the social worker. She wonders if he really wants to risk waking her right now. Valentin says he will return in the morning. At the Metro Court, Nina and Andre discuss Anna and Valentin. Anna doesn’t understand how they are friends. Andre feels that Anna is a good person. Nina doesn’t agree. Nina realizes she is the best thing to happen to Valentin and leaves for the night. Andre calls up Anna telling her that there might be trouble coming her way. In London, Anna pleads with the female doctor that she is not Alex. Doctor Lancaster however will not let her leave. He tries to drug her again but she ends up sticking him with someone in the neck that makes him go unconscious.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Hilary sees her journalistic idol Julie Chen and persuades her to give a five minute interview for the Hilary hour. Julie advises Hilary to treat her sidekick more like a co- host and she wont have problems with her anymore. Phyllis tells Hilary that Jack and Victoria both know that she and Billy are back together but she still doesn't want Victoria to know she came to Hollywood to surprise Billy. The commercial shoot goes perfectly and the Brash and Sassy team couldn't be happier about how the shoot turned out. Juliet reminds the team that the hockey league wants to see all behind the scenes footage shot before it goes up on the website. Billy makes small talk with the two hockey players that were in the commercial and they joke about making a bet on the team for the upcoming game. Jack and Ashley argue about Dina because Ashley thinks Dina has a hidden agenda and Jack thinks they should give Dina a second chance. Devon and Neil announce on the Hilary hour that they have bought Dina's company. Mariah asks Dina why she sold her company and she responds that she wants to spend more time with her family.

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