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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Ridge tells Sally to get out. Thomas says she stays. Ridge argues that she stole from him and he is paying her to do it now. Despite Thomas’s protests Sally says she will leave. She is not coming between him and his family. Ridge wants to know what is wrong with Thomas. That girl stole from them. Thomas says he knows that was not right but Bill Spencer stole her career right from under her. Some people learn from their mistakes while others don’t. Thomas claims that he is in the shadow of Ridge. He designs and does all the grunt work but Steffy is the one who gets promoted. She is running the company with Ridge and Ridge does not seem to know how that makes him feel. Ridge tells Thomas that Steffy has worked very hard and she is a good CEO. Thomas says but she is not a designer. He will always be the second or third in line to run the company. He needs to know as he has his own plans. Sally walks into Steffy’s office and says she needs to talk to her about her brother. She knows Steffy does not like her but she’d also like to know that she is not going to be trouble for Thomas with his dad. Whatever talent she has she will repay Thomas and never do this to him again. She needs a chance for them to all get along. Brooke is shocked when she hears that Bill wrote the review for Jarrett. He says yes that he is a sucker for the underdog. She asks if he is going to be too busy with this new building to plan their wedding. Thomas sort of put a hold on their plans with what he did. But she reminds him that Thomas is in love. He’s a romantic. Bill says he calls that an idiot. And Steffy will not have patience with Sally’s view of romance. And in the end he will have that building second to none just like his bride.

Ridge tells Thomas this is not about his talent. It is about his selling out his family….and by the way his talent came from his family. Ridge says he worked under his own father for decades and he had respect for that. Thomas counters that Sally has done some bad things but she is changing. Ridge says it is still the same. Thomas is a spoiled brat and his feelings toward this family has not changed at all. Thomas says that Ridge keeps mentioning him betraying this family but Ridge has done the same thing. He does not see it because he is the favorite son and not Thorne. But if he is always going to come in second best then he has more places he can go. Steffy tells Sally that ever since she came to L.A. she has crashed her at every turn for publicity so she does not want her anywhere near her brother. If she wants what is best for him then get out of his way. She tells Sally that she is glad she is not in prison but do not expect anything else; they are not friends. Sally says she made a bad choice and now she is paying for it. Steffy reminds her no, Thomas is the one paying for it. He wrote her a check and kept her from going to prison. Sally retorts that she is working on herself trying to be better. Steffy says no, she is still a thief and she will not let Thomas fall into her clutches. Bill asks about RJ and how he feels about her engagement. Brooke says he really only wants her to be happy. He says good as he is not going to wait for his building; he wants to get married now. No more waiting, they have done that enough. He wants it right away. Ridge tells Thomas that he lacks one thing to be CEO, good judgment. Thomas argues that he too has made some sketchy judgment calls and that is why he is not marrying Brooke. Ridge says they have had this argument and it is over. He cannot work with him until Thomas figures this out. He would like for him to take a break from Forrester……he is fired. Ridge says he means it. Thomas cannot come in here and disrespect him or Steffy……so take a leave until he can straighten his life out. Sally tells Steffy that she have been in a shabby, roach infested building but she clawed her way to get above it and she is not going to give up. And she will not let Steffy come between her and Thomas. It’s easy to talk about virtue when you have been born with a silver spoon in your mouth and now CEO of your own company. So do not start a war with her. She does not want to do that.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Chad, Sonny, and Paul tried to talk Gabi into going home.  Xander gave Deimos his list of demands before he helped him.  Xander threatened to expose Deimos if he didnít give him what he wanted.  Eric told Nicole that they needed to get out of there before Xander found them.  Dario told Abby that they needed to get out of there before Xander found them.  Dario told Abby that he was going to be deported.  He said his only option was to marry an American citizen.  He wanted her to marry him.  Chad sided with Gabi when she said she wasnít leaving.  Eli told Paul what room Deimos was in.  While they were talking, Paul mentioned Chad being in Greece.  Chad told Sonny that he had information that could destroy Deimos.  Chad told Gabi that his marriage was over.

Gabi couldnít believe that Abby was divorcing Chad.  JJ, Lani, and Eli talked about Gabi being in Greece with Chad.  Gabi called Eli and told her that Abby filed for divorce.  When Eli got off the phone, he told JJ and Lani that Abby filed for divorce.  Eric and Nicole continued to get out of the mansion.  Chad tried to convince Gabi to go home.  Chad wasnít concerned with Deimos.  Gabi asked if he blamed her for his marriage ending.  Abby didnít think she should marry Dario, but he kept trying to convince her to marry him.  Sonny and Paul were spying on Deimos.  Deimos found out that Chad had the amulet.  One of Xanderís men went in the room when Nicole screamed for help.  She said Eric wasnít breathing.  When the guard went to check on Eric, Eric beat him up.  Eric told Nicole to run, but she didnít want to leave without him.  Chad told Gabi that he didnít blame her for his marriage ending.  Abby thought about Dario, Chad, and Gabi.  Eric attacked the guard.  Nicole got out of the mansion.

GH Recap Written by Anthony

Michael confronts Nina about Nelle at the Metro Court over her quitting. Nina is shocked to hear this as she hasn’t checked her messages yet. Lulu shows up with Charlotte and informs Nina that Charlotte was waiting a half hour after school since no one picked her up. Michael grows worried for Nelle and goes to check on her. Lulu and Nina argue about what will happen with Charlotte. While this is going on, Griffin spots Charlotte at the bar eating ice cream and they discuss an event at Charlotte’s school. Charlotte invites Griffin. Lulu informs Nina that she is taking Charlotte home. If Nina isn’t going to go back home then there is no way she will let Charlotte stay in her office overnight. Nina reluctantly agrees. Elsewhere, Michael discovers Nelle unconscious and gets her to the hospital where Griffin is now on duty. Griffin is worried about her kidney.

Elizabeth, Jake, Aiden, and Franco all show up back at her house after going to the park. Elizabeth quickly decides it is time for the children to go to bed. She and Franco discuss Franco running off to Cassadine Island for a moment and then Franco agrees he will not do things like that again. Elizabeth and him, start to fool around when Jake comes back downstairs. He does a magic trick for Franco and Elizabeth. Franco and Elizabeth go upstairs, and Jake is left alone. He wishes he was a real magician so he could make the chimera project disappear. Meanwhile, Anna who is actually Alex (her twin sister) is trying to seduce Valentin. Valentin isn’t going to put up with her lies anymore though. He says he will finally deal with her once and for all. He later shows up at the Metro Court and tells Nina that Anna will not be an issue for them again. In London, England, two doctors fuss over who they claim is Alex but is really Anna. When the male doctor leaves the room, Anna begs the female to help her escape as she isn’t Alex.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

Gloria gives his messages and his meeting for the next day before she calls it a night. Jack asks her to stay but she tells him that she has a hot date. Gloria reminds him that they haven't been together in weeks since everyone had found out about them. Both Dina and Ashley share a tense meeting at Jack's house. Ashley asks as to had let her in. Both has slurs to throw at each other. Noah and Tessa enter the Athletic Club dining room but Tessa feels awkward being here since this is Noah's turf. Noah assures her that everything will be fine as they find a table. Cane and Lily make plans for the evening. Victoria tries to assures Billy that everything will be fine during the filming of the commercial tomorrow. Victoria and Billy reminisce about the past. Sharon joins Scott and Christine at the police department. They discuss Sharon's psych class and her volunteering at a rehab center. Christine asks to talk to Scott alone. Christine is surprised to see Scott and Sharon together. Christine asks for Scott's help to capture a crime lord but Scott refuses by telling her that he is now working for Victor. Dina and Ashley discuss Devon buying her company and that she is in town to finalize the deal. Hilary is on the phone with her producer when Jordan joins her. Hilary tells Jordan all about her talk with her producer and how things could be for her in Hollywood. Hilary asks Jordan if he would miss her. Jordan asks her if she was planning on staying on in Hollywood for a few days after the taping of her show. Hilary lets him know that she had no one waiting for her in Genoa City. Jordan kisses her.

Dina wishes Ashley well just before she leaves. She tells Ashley to say hello for her to Jack and Traci. Phyllis arrives in Hollywood and tries to get into Billy's hotel room by posing as his wife but the hotel manager refuses to let her in. Phyllis, upon seeing Juliet, hides behind a large map. Juliet joins Hilary and Jordan. Jordan offers to buy Juliet a drink. Hilary commends Juliet on how well she works with Cane. At the Athletic Club, Gloria sits on a bar stool when Dina and Graham arrive. Graham sits down beside Gloria. Gloria notices that he is new in town. They exchange pleasantries before Dina joins Graham. Jack, upon entering the Athletic Club, sees Dina at the bar. He comes on to see her .Dina is so surprised to see him that she hugs him. Tessa is quite impressed with the salad and she doesn't know whether or not to eat it or wear it. Sharon and Scott take a table at the Athletic Club across from Noah and Tessa. Tessa makes mention about Sharon being there but he tells her that he didn't want to be so overbearing. Dina and Jack makes the proper introductions with all parties involved. Dina makes mention of Gloria being married to her ex-husband. Jack and Dina make plans to meet tomorrow in order to reminisce. Phyllis sneaks into Billy's room when a maid isn't looking. Billy and Victoria have a civil dinner together. Cane and Lily have a romantic evening. Dina and Graham leave Jack alone at the bar. Jack gets a text from Gloria but he text her that he will have to take a raincheck .Scott begins to open up to Sharon about his dealings with Christine. Jordan wants Lily and Hilary to be civil to each other. Billy and Victoria walk back to their rooms. Victoria tells him that she had planned a few days for them in San Diego after the shoot is over and Billy agrees. Billy enters his room and Phyllis is in his bed.

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