Monday 5/15/17 Recaps

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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Steffy shows Ridge some of Zende’s sketches. Ridge says he shows promise but they are too busy to oversee it now. He tells Coco that he underestimated her loyalty and she can stay on. Steffy agrees that Coco has a future in this business but not Sally after what she did. Zende tells Nicole that it wasn’t a job offer but it was close enough and he will continue. Nicole tells Coco that the Forrester’s will not hold it against her for her sister’s actions. Zende re-states that Thomas is out of his mind. Sally was wrong and did not deserve this save. Sally laments to Thomas that just a few hours ago she had her bags packed and was ready to leave but then some handsome guy came along and rescued her. He says her that the truth is out. She only likes him for his loft……so he is racking up Sally points. She reminds him that he paid the check and stood up to Bill so he has made lots of points. Bill could have really unleashed on him. They laugh at him and his chip off the old blockhead speech. Sally was clearly his victim and he deserves to lose the building space.

Bill breaks into the meeting with Ridge and says there is something the matter with his son….Captain Mr. Pencil Pants. Sometimes you have to get a little rough and they just need to wait and see this magnificent creature he is going to create. If the dimwits will get out then he can take charge. He tells them that Thomas showed up on his white horse and handed CJ a check and now they are back in business. Bill yells this property was his and he was this close until dimwit son showed up with Forrester money to keep them in business. Ridge tells him something will be done. Bill says it does not matter how many checks Thomas writes. The Spectra’s are going down and that building will be his. Sally reminds Thomas that his family will be furious. He says yeah but that is part of his charm. In the end they will relax after a lot of screaming. She was only pushed into the corner by the Dark Lord himself and it will never happen again. They kiss on that. Coco points out that Thomas is only showing Sally that he believes in her. And if anything happens between them now this will be the start of it all. Sally says it is not just that Thomas believes in her but the way he looks at her. She says it is impossible not to love him. They kiss again and say they can figure this out. There is a big pounding on the door. Ridge charges in and says there is something in the hell wrong with Thomas all because of this girl who stole from them. He announces this little romance is over. She’s a criminal and he will not stand for it.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Jade told Tripp what happened between Kayla and Ava.  Jade told him that Ava made Steve have sex with her and thatís why Kayla killed her.  Chad got the amulet.  He ran into Hope and told her he was going home.  She asked to go with him.  Abby told Dario that she filed for divorce.  Rafe told Jennifer about the drug Halo.  Jade continued to insult Kayla to Tripp.  He wanted to confront Steve and Kayla, but she stopped him.  She said they would deny it. He wanted to come up with another way.  Chad got an alert that Abby filed for divorce.

Adrienne met Tripp and told him about Steveís past.  She told Tripp that Steve was a good man.  She told him that she killed her father.  She said Steve took the blame for it.  Chad was upset that Abby didnít wait until he got home to divorce him.  Hope told him that he might be able to change her mind.  Abby told Jennifer that she filed for divorce.  Justin ran into Chloe and blamed her for what happened to Brady, Nicole, and Holly.  Chad thought Abby wanted to move on with Dario.  Jennifer was upset that Abby divorced Chad.  Abby said she and Chad were over for good.  Tripp went to Steve and Kayla and told them that he wanted to get to know them.  Steve and Kayla were willing to do it.  Jennifer and Abby argued about Abby divorcing Chad.  Chad told Hope that he couldnít give his heart to Abby.  Hope thought Dario wasnít the reason why Abby filed for divorce.  Chad thanked Hope for looking out for him.  Chad had different thoughts about Abby.

GH Recap Written by Anthony

Julian is confronted by the new DA. He wants Julian to make a deal where he would help them send Sonny to jail. Julian has to say no though. Scott shows up and cannot believe he said no. This might have been his only way to get him off. He is angry. Alexis later shows up and Julian asks her if he has any chance. Alexis says nothing and Julian guesses that means no. Elsewhere, Jason returns home and tells Sam about how he was the scarecrow. He and Sam show up at the park so that Jason can talk with Jake about what he remembered. Jake is trying to practice his magic. Jake and Jason have a heart to heart, but Jake cannot tell him about the Chimera project, because no one can help him he tells himself.

In England, a female doctor referrers to a woman who looks like Anna as Alex (her twin sister from All My Children). Alex however in her mind remembers showing up to the hospital and referring to herself as Anna. She unable to talk and has been out of it for a while. A male doctor later walks in and wants to further sedate her. Back in Port Charles, at Anna’s house. Anna and Valentin discuss their past relationship. Anna ends up trying to sleep with Valentin but Valentin ends up ripping Anna’s necklace off and telling her that he knows she only wants the chimera project.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

The Brash and Sassy team arrives in Hollywood to shoot the commercial, and Lily isn't happy that Hilary came with Jordan to shoot some interviews for her show. Cane continues to show Victoria that he is dependable, but he secretly hires a cameraman to follow Billy during the time he is in Hollywood. Phyllis and Ashley argue about her relationship with Billy. Phyllis feels insecure about Billy being in Hollywood with Victoria especially when she hears Victoria in the background when she calls Billy on the phone. Michael advises Devon and Neil not to sign the contract with Dina because now she wants a seat on the board of the company. Neil and Devon ignore Michael's advice and sign the contract to buy Dina's company. Abby visits Devon to ask him what Dina is like. He says that she is a very tough lady who doesn't take anything from anybody. Tessa is offended when Nikki asks her how long she has been living in her car. She almost moves out of the house, but Nikki persuades her that she isn't a charity case and that she wants to help her because she considers her a friend. Noah and Tessa decide to go on their first date. Noah is pleased that Tessa is okay after a heckler tried to put the moves on her at the Underground. Ashley is surprised to find Dina when she goes to visit Jack at his house.

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