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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

B&B did not air today due to a press conference!

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Eric and Xander got into a fight.  JJ wanted Eli to do something to get Deimos because he tried to kill Abby and Gabi.  Justin trued to warn Sonny and Paul not to go after Deimos.  A guard came in and attacked Eric.  Theo and Wyatt argued over Wyatt getting Ciara to write his paper.  Wyatt threw up in his face that Theo set it up for him to be with Ciara.  Ciara showed up while they were arguing.  JJ told Eli that Eric went to find Xander.  JJ told Sonny that they had a lead on Xander.  When Sonny got off the phone, he said they were all going to Greece.  Chloe went to see Brady at the hospital.  He tried to talk her into having sympathy for Nicole.  Chloe blamed herself for why everything happened.  Sonny told Gabi what Deimos planned on doing with Nicole and Holly.  Sonny said he was going to Greece.  Gabi said she was going with him.  He said it was too dangerous.  She said she wanted to see Deimos pay.  Eric told Nicole where Holly was.  Nicole was upset that he sent Holly away.  She called Eric a monster and slapped him.

Theo told Ciara that she shouldn’t write Wyatt’s paper.  She justified why she was writing the paper.  Gabi told Sonny that she wanted him to be careful.  He said he wouldn’t stop until Deimos was put away.  Brady told Chloe that someone was making sure Holly was safe.  He told her that Nicole wasn’t coming home.  He didn’t understand why Chloe wouldn’t let Nicole have Holly.  Chloe said she carried her.  He begged her to let Nicole raise Holly.  Nicole ripped into Eric for trying to save her.  Theo and Wyatt argued over Ciara.  Theo said he wasn’t helping him anymore.  Nicole reminded Eric about how she got involved with Xander and how he killed Daniel.  She told him she would never forgive him and that everything she lost was his fault.  Theo threatened to tell Ciara, but Wyatt said he would tell Ciara that he set it up.  Eli thought Lani should tell JJ that she wasn’t feeling better, but she said not to.  Brady told Justin that he wanted a living will.  He didn’t want to be kept alive if he needed machines.  Gabi ended up on the plane with everyone going to Greece.  Xander told his guard to watch Eric and Nicole.  Eric tried to reach out to Nicole.

GH Recap Written by Anthony

Hayden and Finn discover she is pregnant. Hayden isn’t sure what to do. Finn promises that whatever she ends up choosing that he will be there for her. Hayden is glad to know that he will. Elsewhere, Nelle calls up Nina and tells her that she cannot be Charlotte’s nanny anymore. She cannot spy on her husband. Michael overhears this and is glad she isn’t. Nelle isn’t going to be staying in Port Charles, any longer. She knows that she isn’t welcome. Michael leaves. Nelle is about to leave when a mugger comes and pushes her over a crate. She is left unconscious. At Sonny’s restaurant, Carly confronts Sonny and Martina. Martina claims that she is leaving the case because her firm represented Sonny before. Carly doesn’t buy it. Martina leaves and Carly yells at Sonny. She leaves and Martina comes back. Martina is worried about what will happen next.

Curtis explains to Nina Anna has been spying on Valentin with a special wiretap. Nina thinks that isn’t even shocking. She doesn’t think it changes anything for her though. Valentin is behind her and Curtis wants her to make the right choice. Nina informs Valentin of the watch and Valentin isn’t completely shocked. Nina doesn’t think it changes anything for them though. She is still not happy that he went along with it in the first place. Valentin is going to get to the bottom of this. At Kelly’s, Jordan runs into Anna and they discuss Andre. Anna thinks that Andre regrets breaking up with Jordan. Jordan is happy to be with Curtis now and thinks that Anna and Andre make sense together. Anna is too busy right now with her illness to get involved with someone. Later, outside she runs into Valentin who wants to go somewhere private with her. In London however, a woman who looks like Anna is shown to be in a hospital bed.

Y&R Recap Written by Christine

Billy informed his coworkers that they'd have to fly to L.A. ahead of schedule to film the commercial. Cane told Juliet that he didn't like her working with Billy, but he assured her that his issue had nothing to do with their one night stand. Cane apologized to Lily for the way he acted about the commercial. Lily advised Cane to dial back the tension around Billy. Cane was concerned about the increased costs of the commercial, but Billy disregarded Cane's point of view. Cane decided not to voice any more objections about it. Reed asked Victoria to let him watch the kids while she was in California, but he changed his mind once she told him what it would entail. Sharon and Scott shared a kiss, and Scott admitted he'd been thinking about kissing her for some time. Sharon divulged that she wasn't divorced yet. Scott wanted to learn more about Sharon, but she avoided opening up by taking him on a date to the Underground. Sharon revealed that she'd be volunteering at a Crisis Center. Scott noted that both and Sharon avoided discussing certain things.

Hilary and Jordan made up after she apologized for the way she'd talked about him and explained that she did it because she had conflicting feelings about her divorce. Jordan invited Hilary to L.A. and she accepted. Mariah was excited that Hilary was shooting an episode of GC Buzz in L.A. until Hilary said that Mariah wasn't invited. After moving into Nikki's, Tessa offered to do chores around the ranch, but Nikki urged her to spend her free time on her music. Victoria told Nikki that she planned to surprise Billy by flying their kids out to California for family time, to show him what he was missing with Phyllis. A man heckled Tessa and Reed during their duet. Noah chased the man off after he got aggressive with Tessa. Phyllis worked hard to make a romantic meal for Billy, and she pretended she wasn't disappointed when he had to skip dinner to fly to the airport.

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