Thursday 5/11/17 Recaps

The TV MegaSite's Thursday 5/11/17 Short Recaps


B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Bill tells them at Spectra that CJ gave Sally her chance and she failed. Thomas speaks up and says Sally did not fail. It was Bill who sabotaged it. Wyatt calls Jarrett in and says he’d like to speak frankly. He wonders why Jarrett told Liam that Bill wrote the Spectra review. Jarrett said well because he did. He could not lie anymore. Liam asked him a direct question so he answered it. He says he is a journalist and one of integrity and he was never comfortable doing what Bill made him do. So he is relieved even if it means losing his job. Shirley is beside herself while taping up all the boxes to get them out of here. This place used to be loud with laughter and energy, now it is time to turn out the lights. Thomas tells CJ that Sally has until the end of the day to stay open. He grabs his checkbook and says he is making an investment. Steffy tells Zende and Nicole that she is concerned about her brother and the business. With this new information about Bill it could change everything. Bill chides Thomas for throwing his money away on these rags. CJ takes the check and tells Bill, sorry but Spectra is still in business.

Sally and Thomas return to Spectra. She tells them Spectra is alive and well thanks to Thomas. Liam tells Zende that he is not excusing what Sally did but they can not overlook what Bill did either. Steffy says Spectra will be out of business by end of day and Bill will have his precious building. Wyatt scoffs so Thomas saved the day by paying 100 large. Bill says Thomas did not save the day. He only prolonged the inevitable. The office celebrates with champagne although Shirley cannot imagine why Thomas did that. Thomas tells them that Jarrett did not write that review; it was Bill but he will have to find another skyscraper. Shirley does her happy dance and tells Thomas that she will take back every filthy thing she has ever said about him and the Forrester’s. Sally hugs Thomas and tells him that she cannot thank him enough. Liam laments to Steffy that she told Thomas the truth but she cannot feel guilty over what he may do with that information. But he is not the only do-gooder in the family. He knows she feels badly too. His dad was being vindictive. Coco cannot believe what Thomas did; he did not have to….just the way RJ stood up for her. Sally tells Thomas that she really thought it was over. She cannot believe Steffy told Thomas that it was Jarrett who believed in Sally but allowed Bill to write the review which blew her out of the water. She tells Thomas that either what he did today was the most foolish thing anyone has ever done or the most sweet, romantic thing……they kiss.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Nicole was surprised to see Eric in Greece.  He wanted to get her out of there, but she didn't want to go.  He told her that Brady wanted him to get her.  Claire went to Victor to ask for money.  When he wouldn't give it to hee, she thought it was because Ciara was his favorite.  Theo was upset that Wyatt stole money from Ciara.  She told Theo that she told him to get the money.   Chad wanted to know why Hope was in Greece.  Nicole agreed to go with Eric, but she wasn't leaving without Holly.  Victor told Claire that he didn't play favorites.  He thought the money she wanted was too much.  He confronted her about being jealous of Ciara.   Ciara and Theo argued over Wyatt stealing money from her.   André was in Greece to check on Chad.  André told Chad that he was mixed up in something dangerous.   André didn't want to talk in front of Hope, but she wanted to know what was going on.  Eric got Holly from the nanny.  Nicole told Eric that she and Holly weren't going anywhere with him.  Victor tried to tell Claire that she was more like him.  Claire was upset with what he had to say.  Ciara went to see Victor to tell him about an investment opportunity.   Claire was upset and left.

Hope believed that André wasn't hiding anything.   He wanted to call a temporary truce.  Chad said he didn't need either one of them.  André wanted Chad to come back to Salem.  Xander was upset that Holly had the baby.  He wanted to fire the nanny.   He told Eric to take Holly to the nanny.  Ciara told Victor that she had a reason to be jealous of Claire.  Ciara told him about Wyatt. Theo told Claire what happened with Wyatt.  She was upset with him for being obsessed with Ciara and Wyatt.  They got into an argument.   Hope wanted to know what Chad was up to.  André told her that Chad was after the amulet and it was cursed.   André told her that she had to arrest Chad because the amulet was stolen.  She couldn't do anything until he broke the law.  Chad managed to give Hope and André the slip. Eric took Holly on the jet.  He wanted to go back and get Nicole.   He told the pilot to leave if Nicole made it to the jet before him.  Xander reminded Nicole that she was with the Kiriakis men.  He told her that she was always scheming.   He said he wanted to know what it was like to kiss her again.   Hope and André noticed Chad was gone. Chad met the guy to get the amulet.   The guy didn't want the amulet.  When Xander fell asleep, Nicole looked at his keys.  

GH Recap Written by Anthony

Hayden finds Curtis at the park and they talk about Finn. Finn ends up showing up and they all discuss the kiss between Curtis and Hayden. No one has any hard feelings. Curtis leaves. Finn and Hayden go to the hospital where they get the results back from the drug test that Finn had. It tested positive. Hayden says her plan worked. It was her urine being tested not Finn’s and she isn’t doing drugs. Griffin explains to her the results also say she is pregnant. In her office, André and Monica discuss Morgan’s pills and Monica agrees they should look further into this just to make sense of his downward spiral before he died.

Nina officially leaves Valentin as she cannot go through what she did with her ex-husband. She will not do it again. Anna is listening in on this entire conversation. Griffin shows up at the park where Anna is listening and tries to convince her she needs to take better care of herself. She promises she will. Later, she calls Valentin and asks if he wants to meet up. At the Metro Court, Nina runs into Curtis and Nina has Valentin’s watch. She smashes it on the floor and Curtis finds the recording device. Meanwhile, Carly and Olivia discuss Carly’s divorce which she insists will happen. She finds out Olivia is engaged and wants to help plan it. Elsewhere, Martina meets up with Sonny and they discuss the divorce. Martina needs him to settle and let Carly have what she wants so they don’t get caught. Sonny cannot do that and needs her to quit. Martina decides it will be best. Carly ends up walking in on them holding hands and demands to know what is going on.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

Mariah goes home and finds Sharon exactly where she left her that morning. Mariah encourages Sharon to take a break and go for a walk. Sharon gets a visit from Devon, who came to pick Mariah up for their date. Scott goes home and tells Lauren that he has a new job working for Victor Newman watching Abby. At Jabot, Abby confronts Ashley about talking to Victor on her behalf. They also argue over Scott working at Newman Enterprises. Neil and Michael come across some very interesting conditions that Madame Mergeron has placed on their buying her company. Jack knows that Victoria is drinking at the Athletic Club bar because she saw Billy and Phyllis kissing on the elevator. Jack thinks she should give him the pink slip. Victoria won't fire someone who will make her lots of money. Phyllis visits Juliet at Brash and Sassy and finds out that Billy went to Victoria's. She wonders why. Scott explains to Lauren that Victor wants him to keep an eye on Abby's business dealings. Victoria reminds Jack of the hockey contact that he let slip through his fingers. They discuss Billy being with Phyllis and that it won't last. Jack begins to pry into Newman business but Victoria tells him that her parents' marriage is rock solid and nothing will change. Scott rants and raves about being at Newman instead of being out in the field working on a story. Lauren feels responsible that Scott is such a wanderer. Phyllis joins Lauren and Scott for a meeting. Scott soon makes his departure. Jack, after looking at the check, mumbles to himself that it was just the wine. Sharon tells Devon that she saw Hilary on GC Buzz talking about their divorce which cannot be easy. Sharon tells Devon that Mariah deserves to be happy. Devon gets a text from Neil that sure isn't good news.

Ashley tries to calm Abby down about working with Scott. Abby hugs Ashley and sees the article on the internet that Mergeron Industries is up for sale. Devon looks over the contract and cannot believe his eyes at the conditions that Mergeron has placed on the sale of her company. He offers to have his driver take her home, but Mariah insists on staying and offers to order pizza. Neil and Devon get down to work on reading the contract again to see if there is any loopholes. Victoria goes home to Billy and the children and offers for them all to have a couple of days of fun, but Billy will not make her any promises. Victoria goes ahead and makes the reservations. Abby calls Dina Mergeron to try to buy her company and learns that she is already in talks with someone. Dina turns Abby down flat. Scott visits Sharon which leads to a kiss.

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