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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Bill tells CJ and Wyatt that Sally has to come up with the $100 Grand today or the building is his. He tells them Emmy is the only one around who will tell him the truth. He hands CJ a check and tells him to count the zeroes. Today the building will be his. He and CJ leave with only Wyatt in the office when Liam comes in. Liam tells him he knows the secret now of what his dad did. He meets Emmy and takes a selfie of her and the skyscraper mockup. Wyatt tells Liam for the record all the damage had been done before he found out about Sally. Sally takes one last look around with all the memories. She tells them she will go back and re-open the bakery. Saul is not sure her bakery can use a sugar made tailor. Thomas shows Steffy the design Sally made. Steffy agrees that she has something. Steffy keeps hearing Liam’s words in her ears of why Sally failed… was his dad’s doings. So it was not Jarrett’s review after all. She confides in him what Bill made Jarrett do, writing his review for him. Coco got caught up in it accidentally and now so are they.

Wyatt tells Liam that everybody is not him. Hell he probably would have done the same thing Bill did. Wyatt says he is practical not cynical and he does not have to discuss this with him anymore. The building will be Bills by the end of the day. Bill and CJ go to Spectra and he shows Sally the check and says unless she can match that and not $5 at a time then he takes over at the end of the business day. Sally says he knows she can’t so he can hand it to CJ now. Thomas walks in and advises CJ not to sign that just yet. Sally is going nowhere. Steffy tells Liam that she doesn’t particularly like Sally but it is not fair what Bill did. Liam says Bill is over there now taking over. Bill tells Thomas that this is not a damsel in distress. This is grown up time with a knock off artist. He must be a slow learner like his father. Thomas tells Sally the truth. Jarrett works for Spencer Publications and he wrote what Bill told him. Bill says he is not going to sit here and listen to a chip off the old blockhead. Thomas tells Sally to listen to him. Do not go; she can count on him.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Marlena told Sonny and Paul about Brady.  She asked if Paul had any luck finding John.  Paul couldn’t find him.  Deimos told Xander not to touch Nicole.  Xander said all she has been doing was talking about Brady.  Deimos said he would take Nicole and Holly away.  Maggie asked Deimos if he was talking about Nicole and Holly.  Xander was upset with Nicole when she wasn’t cooperating with him.  Gabi had a surprise for Eli.  The surprise was Gabi and Abe set it up so Eli and Valerie could meet.  Eli was upset to find out who his father was after he died.  Abe wanted Eli and Valerie to talk to each other.  Valerie said it was up to him.  Deimos told Maggie that he was going out of town.  Xander wanted to know why Nicole was coming after him when he gave her what she wanted.  She wanted to know what he wanted.  She offered to play a game of poker with him so she could spend time with Holly.  Eli agreed to spend time with Valerie.  Nicole tried to mess with Xander’s head by bringing up what Victor did for Deimos.  She offered to talk to Brady for him.  Sonny told Maggie what was going on with Brady.  Maggie told Deimos that Brady’s body was rejecting Daniel’s heart.  When Maggie left, Sonny asked if he found Xander.

Nicole continued to convince Xander that Brady would help him.  Xander was tired of hearing Nicole talking. Xander thought Nicole was playing him because he was on his own.  She wanted to spend time with Holly, but he didn’t trust her.  Maggie told Sonny and Paul that Deimos was going out of town.  Eli was upset that David didn’t have a chance to raise him.  Valerie explained why she wanted David away from him.  She wanted to know if they could work through it.  He said he needed time.  Paul told Sonny that Deimos was going to Greece.  Sonny and Paul told Eli where Deimos was going.  They thought the FBI should be involved.  They told him that Nicole and Holly would never be seen again.  Eli couldn’t go to his boss without any proof.  Nicole came up with a plan to get to the guard.  When she opened the door, it was Eric.

GH Recap Written by Anthony

Jordan and Curtis are at the Metro Court drinking after going bowling and Curtis notices André at the bar. Valerie shows up and André leaves and Jordan goes to get drinks. Valerie is angry that Jordan is going out with Curtis even though she almost lost her job for going out with him. She leaves. Jordan feels weird and decides she needs to leave as well. She wants to do this again soon though. In the park, Anna begs to know who he sold the Chimera project too. Valentin explains that it doesn’t matter because they are dead and didn’t share with anyone. Anna asks if Valentin wants to get to know her better. André shows up and Valentin leaves. André wants to know what she is up to. Anna claims that she is fine without him worrying all the time. André understands that she will do what she wants, but he is still going to worry about her. At Wyndemere, Nina is paranoid about Valentin being with Anna and Nathan tells her that he hates how Valentin makes her feel. Valentin shows up and admits to being with Anna. Nina wonders if Valentin wants a relationship with her. He doesn’t answer. Nina decides to leave with Nathan.

Jake wants to open up his birthday presents but Elizabeth will not let him do so. Elizabeth thinks he needs to use constraint. Jason isn’t here yet and he has to wait for him to get back. Jake goes to do his homework but Kiki shows up with a present that is from Franco. Elizabeth tells him that he cannot open this one either. A delivery man who is actually Helena’s bodyguard ends up delivering a package from Spencer to Jake. Elizabeth decides he can open it. Inside there is a box that only Jake can see. When Kiki and Elizabeth are in the kitchen he opens it to find the Chimera project. On Cassadine Island Jason and Franco find the scarecrow and the tree. Franco knocks Jason out and shackles him to a wall to help him remember things. Jason remembers that Helena wanted him to be her hired killer and Jake heard this. Franco takes the shackles off, but Jason knocks him out and bolts him down. He is leaving him here. He will have someone get him, but right now he is late for Jake’s party.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Abby tells Jack that she thinks Victor hired Scott at the company so that he would spy on her. Jack advises her to be very careful and keep her eyes open so Victor doesn't have any reason to doubt her. Ashley tells Victor that she hopes he didn't hire Scott to undermine Abby. Billy gets approval from Victoria to shoot a national commercial with Lily and some pro hockey players highlighting the fact that Brash and Sassy is the official men's line of the pro hockey league. Cane is upset that Victoria considers Billy's ideas more important than his concerns about the expense of the commercial. Lily is also hurt that Cane isn't happy that she has such a great opportunity for her career. Phyllis apologizes to Victoria for the way she talked to her when she found out that she and Billy were back together. Victoria tells Phyllis that she has to accept their relationship, and she hopes that she will be fine with the fact that Billy wants to tuck the kids in every night. Victoria also tells Phyllis that she and Billy will be going to Los Angeles to supervise the shoot of a national commercial. Jordan tells Chelsea that his contacts were unable to help him figure out who gave Chloe her fake passport. Chelsea is determined to find Chloe no matter what it takes, even though Nick wants her to let the police handle it. Chelsea finds the fake passport that she was going to use to leave the country with Adam and wonders if Victor helped Chloe with her fake passport.

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