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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Bill shows Wyatt how creative he can be. He stages a mockup demolition with a bulldozer and the Lego Spectra building. Wyatt says it is weird that Thomas spoke up in Sally’s behalf. Bill is not happy that she is gone, just that he gets the building. Wyatt tells him it was still cold for him to help make Sally go down. Bill says that is their secret and he needs to keep it that way. He will be planning the wedding and getting away soon. Saul explains to Sally that it is not all her fault. They were a team and this is better than her rotting away in prison, just give up the business. Shirley tells them to be careful with all that stuff. L.A. has not seen the last of Spectra Fashions. Thomas tells Steffy it is Sally’s last day and he has to see her one more time. Sally tells Saul that she wants to see Thomas one last time but she is not sure he will come. Thomas tells Liam that he is going to say goodbye to Sally. Liam tells Steffy that he knows it was not right what Sally did but she was sabotaged? He fills in the blanks where his dad was concerned that he wrote the scathing review because he wanted the building, and it set Sally up to fail. Of course he knew nothing about the knockoffs or had any hand in that.

Thomas does show up to see Sally. Both Shirley and Saul tell him they appreciate all that he did to keep Sally out of prison. Bill says this is the way it goes in business. If someone gets in his way it has to go. Wyatt tells him he is building this skyscraper on someone else’s dreams. He crushed Sally Spectra. Bill said that is the way it is done…..knock them down and crush the life out of them. Steffy wants to know how Liam knows all of this. Liam says Wyatt was acting weird and practically rushing him out of the building so he went to the source and found Jarrett who spilled that it was Bill who wrote the Spectra review that blew them out of the water. Thomas tells Sally that he did not want to see her end up in prison. She is grateful. He asks where she is off to now. She says she will go back home to do some work but not in the fashion business. But she did do one last design and hands the sketch of a gown to Thomas who thinks it is elegant. He cannot understand why she ever doubted she could be a designer. Liam says he is not taking Sally’s side but it was his own dad’s manipulation that she ended up doing what she did. He asks if she can keep this from Thomas and live with herself. He would want to know. Sally tells Thomas that she asked herself that question about her talent many times. He asks her to stay in town and let them work this out. She says even if he could forgive her and all the other Forresters, too, she does not think she could forgive herself. They had fun and it was like fate when they met and it all continued in Australia, and she will never forget him. For a minute she was living her dream. She kisses him one last goodbye and says she will never forget him.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Rafe asked Snake where he got the Halo.  Eli brought Pez in the interrogation room.  Rafe said one of them were going to get a deal while the other was going to prison.  JJ went to see Lani and told her not to shut him out.  He wanted her to tell him everything.  Abby told Hope that Chad was in trouble.  Chad found out that his security team wasnít going with him because the amulet was cursed.  Rafe told Snake and Pez that Eli was an FBI agent.  Eli wanted to know where they got the Halo.  Snake said he got it from a man in Chicago.  Eli took him to look at mug shots.  Rafe told Pez that Snake poisoned a cop.  Pez said his supplier was local.  It came from a lab in Salem.  Abby told Hope that Chad was going to Greece.  Hope wanted to know why he was going, but Abby didnít know.  Kayla told Jade that they were cutting her out of their life.  Hope went to see Chad.  She said she wanted to see how he was.  She asked him whether or not he was going on a trip.  He figured out that Abby said something and wanted to now what she said.  He wondered why she was suspicious.  She told him to be careful.  When Eli went to check on Lani, she was in pain.  He wanted to tell someone, but she wanted him to keep it a secret.  Kayla told Jade that she ran into her mother.  Kayla said Jadeís mother has been there for her.  Jade asked if Joey knew what she was doing.  Jade said he wouldnít think it was a good idea to cross her.

Kayla asked if Jade was threatening to tell Tripp the truth if she didnít support her.  Jade and Kayla argued over Jade possibly telling the truth.  Eli wanted to get Lani some help, but she didnít want it.  He asked her if she remembered anything.  She said she didnít.  Hope told Chad to call if he needed her.  Chad called Abby and asked her to meet him.  He said he didnít appreciate her going to the cops.  Kayla and Jade argued over her seeing Joey.  Kayla told her to move on and get out of her office.  Abby told Chad that she didnít send Hope to him.  They argued over him going to Greece. Jade met Tripp and told him how Kayla treated her after she protected them.  He wanted her to tell him what she meant by that.  He wanted the truth about what happened to his mother.  Hope told Rafe that she was going to Greece to look out for Chad.  Kayla told Steve what happened with Jade.  Jade told Tripp that Kayla killed Ava.

GH Recap Written by Anthony

Nina and Nathan meet up at the Metro Court bar. Nina has good news to tell him about Maxie but Lulu walks over and wants to know if it is ok if she takes Charlotte over night to go to a fair. Nina is not going to let that happen. Laura and Kevin get Lulu to walk away. Nina tells Nathan that she has offered Maxie her old job back. She gets a message from Maxie and Maxie has turned her down. She isn’t even sure if she is coming back to PC. Elsewhere, Lulu tells Laura that she will not let Valentin win. She thinks that she and Charlotte are forming a bond. Laura is happy for her. Lulu goes to pick up Rocco from Olivia and Laura admits to Kevin that she is afraid for her daughter. Valentin killed Nikolas so he could do something to Lulu. At the park, Anna runs into Valentin. Valentin thinks she is spying on him. Anna claims that she isn’t and it is just a coincidence. Anna demands to know what happened with the chimera project. Valentin sold it to the highest bidder who are now dead so there's nothing to worry about.

Jason runs into Franco in Greece and wants to know what the heck he is doing there. Franco claims that he is trying to help and has a boat to Cassadine Island. Jason decides he will go with him reluctantly. They end up where the scarecrow is and find the tree that Jake had drawn. Franco realizes though that the tree is not in sight of the scarecrow. They find a wall with shackles on it and Jason has flashbacks. He realizes that he is the scarecrow. Back in PC, Sonny meets with Martina and informs her that Ava knows they slept together. He blackmails her into coming up with a way for Carly to hold back and just settle. Later, Kristina shows up and they talk about life and money for college. At the Metro Court, Bobbie and Carly discuss Sonny. Bobbie wonders if she is not over him. Carly claims she is. Martina shows up and tries to convince Carly to settle but she isn’t having it. She is getting everything.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

At GC Buzz, Mariah and Hilary have a catfight because Mariah is wearing Hilary's dress. Hilary lets her know that she will never be replaced in Devon's heart. Devon and Neil celebrate acquiring ownership of Mergeron Industries. Nick pays Nikki a visit to tease her for performing at the open mic night. Nick relents and tells her that he is proud of her for doing something that doesn't involve Victor. Kevin meets with Chelsea at the park and informs her that he is Bella's father, but she only has slurs for Chloe. Victor tells Scott to keep an eye on Abby. When Abby interrupts them, Victor says that Scott will be coming to work at Newman Enterprises as co-vice president. Abby cannot believe her ears and asks to speak to Victor alone. She knows now how little he thinks of her. Victor tries to deny her accusations. Chelsea tells Kevin that Chloe is responsible for her own actions. Devon is overwhelmed by owning Mergeron Industries when Hilary barges in and asks him why he is letting Mariah wear her clothes. Devon tries to explain that he didn't think she would wear them. Hilary responds that she only left them there because she didn't have anywhere to put them. Hilary goes upstairs to get her clothes. Kevin is happy to hear that Chelsea wants to set up a play date for Connor and Bella. In the park, Tessa puts on a concert for the people. Mariah meets with Kevin and finds out that he is Bella's father. She is thrilled and tells him that she and Devon are an item. Kevin is happy for her then leaves the park to go and pick up Bella. Mariah and Tessa discuss the performance the night before and why Mariah wasn't there. Tessa says that she had performed with Nikki. Mariah cannot believe her ears.

Nikki mentions letting Tessa move in with her, but Nick has his reservations that she is taking on too much. Nick and Nikki discuss how Noah took a liking to Tessa. Chelsea invites Jordan to the penthouse to talk and reminisce about the past and then she asks him for his help in finding Chloe. Victor tells Abby that Scott will be working there and she will instruct him. Abby is dead set against Scott working for Newman. Tessa gets a call from Nikki. Jordan overhears Hilary bragging to Devon about their sex life. Jordan accuses Hilary of him just being her "boy toy." Hilary tries to make amends but Jordan doesn't buy her explanation. Abby is quite put out by Victor's betrayal. She has a talk with Scott to set the ground rules. Tessa is surprised when Nikki invites her to move in with her. She asks why she is really doing this. Nikki makes up a lie to tell her. Tessa agrees to move in and Victor overhears. Victor and Nikki have words over this arrangement. Chelsea tells Nick that Kevin is Bella's father. Nick is more than a little surprised. Hilary tries to come on to Jordan, but he pushes her away.

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