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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Ridge asks Brooke to look him in the eye and say there is no place in her heart for him ever again. Wyatt introduces CJ to his brother, Liam. Wyatt tells Liam he will catch up with him later as he needs to talk to CJ. Liam chimes in that he thinks he knows what it is sort of about, his Dad’s new tower. Sally tells the crew that Thomas did not have to say what he did, so she is grateful. The lawyer says he will try to get the sentence reduced but there is no guarantee. Thomas explains to Steffy what he told the authorities. She is livid that Sally should pay. Meantime the judge tells Sally she is free to go as all charges have been dropped. Carter adds that Sally is free but Spectra Fashions is no more. All assets will be seized and they are out of business. Liam says he knows this is what his dad has been dreaming about for years. He thinks it is an ethics issue and not just a coincidence that Bill is out for that property that Spectra had. And after a scathing review by Jarrett who works for Bill. Bill tells Ridge straight out – Bill wins and Ridge loses so get lost. They are going to get married and that is it. He tells Brooke that she has waited on Ridge too long. Whatever he did must have been a doozy. Brooke wishes for the sake of RJ they could get along. Bill says they will never be golf buddies and he cannot make any guarantees. Sally thanks all of them for their help. The lawyer says she needs to thank Thomas Forrester. She says she will be forever grateful for that but that is all she has got is her freedom. Spectra Fashions is no more. They all tell Sally not to give up now. Saul says they can start over and find a little office somewhere. Sally says it will not make a difference; she is leaving town and Spectra will just be a memory. Thomas tells Steffy that he knows she is a little happy that Sally is not going to prison. She says Sally owes him more than respect. They will get nothing in return for their losses. And she is afraid that he is still in love with her.

Liam catches Jarrett and tries to worm more information out of him about the scathing review and then Bill getting the building; he wants to know everything right now. Jarrett says he always felt badly about that. Definitely Liam wants to know more. Sally calls Thomas and says she wants to thank him for coming to her rescue. He said it was his pleasure. She says she is cutting out of the fashion business and is leaving town. She would like to ask a favor and see him one more time before she goes. He literally saved her life and she will never be able to thank him properly. Wyatt calls Bill and says the default is taking place and the property will his soon. But there is one problem, Liam may know or suspect something about Jarrett’s review. Jarrett admits to Liam that he thought Sally could be a good designer. With more questioning Liam gets Jarrett to admit that he did not even write the original review, his dad did. Liam says this changes everything. Bill whinnies and says he knows he is crazy but this is all coming to an end. He can pull this deal. Twenty years ago the Spectra space wasn’t worth spit but now it is prime property and now it is all his. This is for them and their future. Sally’s fantasy dream will not happen. The Spectra land will be his and they will get married right after.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Chad told Kate about going to Greece to get the amulet.  She didnít think going against Deimos was a good idea anymore.  They argued over him going to Greece and over Abby leaving him.  Dario asked Abby to go out to dinner with him as friends.  Maggie told Deimos that she knew why he went to Canada.  She also thanked him for finding out where Nicole and Holly were.  Nicole got Xander to let her see Holly.  Chad took Thomas to Abby so she could watch him while he was gone.  She wanted to know where he was going, but he wouldnít tell her.  Eric told Jennifer he was going to Athens.  He convinced her not to go.  Eric want to see Brady and found out that his heart was rejecting the transplant.  Xander told Nicole why he wanted his revenge on her.

Kate told Chad that he should have told Abby about amulet.  Kate thought Abby might have understood.  She told him that he had to do anything to protect Thomas.  Chad agreed to get the amulet.  Deimos told Maggie that he was going to find Nicole and Holly.  Maggie told him that Nicole might not want anything to do with him.  Xander told Nicole that he wanted Victor or Deimos to find him.  She told him that Victor would make him pay.  She wanted to know what he was up to.  Eric told Brady that he would find Nicole.  Brady wanted Nicole and Holly to be okay because he may not be around.  He said he was going to be arrested.  He wanted him to make sure Nicole didnít come back.  Deimos told Maggie that his only concern was bringing Nicole and Holly home.  Xander didnít tell Nicole what his plan was.  Chad was upset when he saw Dario, Abby, and Thomas together.  Kate tried to tell him that Abby moved on with her life.  He wondered if it was over.  Deimos went to see Brady and confronted him about Nicole.  Deimos told him that he was going to get Nicole back.

GH Recap Written by Anthony

Michael wants to know what Sonny means by he has things under control. He hopes that Sonny doesn’t plan on using Martina. Sonny feels that things are going to work out just fine. He gets a text from Ava of Martina and Carly. Michael asks who that was and he explains it is Ava coming over to talk about Avery. Michael hasnít had a lot of time to spend with Avery. Sonny suggests he go and see her at the park. Ava tries to blackmail Sonny who warns her that he will not let that happen. Ava just wants one weekend with Avery. Ava takes his silence as a yes and leaves. At the park, Michael runs into Nelle and Charlotte. Michael admits that things aren’t going great with his parents' divorce but it isn’t Nelle's fault at this point. Ava shows up and wants to spend time with Avery. Michael says it is fine but she has fifteen minutes only. Ava tells Avery they are going in her car together. At the Metro Court, Carly and Martina discuss strategy but Carly keeps being nice about Sonny. Carly doesn’t have anything negative to say about Sonny’s parenting. Martina wants her to think of this as a business and not a relationship. She goes to deal with paperwork. Andrť shows up and wants to see Morgan's lab reports for his files. Carly gives it to him. He walks away and notices that he prescribed 600 mg not 300.

At GH, Sam calls up Jason who has made his way to Greece. He is on his way to Cassadine Island. Sam runs into Elizabeth and wants to talk with her about something. Franco walks over. Elizabeth wants her to say what it is if it involves Jake. Sam says it doesn’t. Elizabeth guesses it involves Jason then. Franco understands and says he will leave. Elizabeth demands he stay because she will just tell him anyway. Sam admits that Jason is on his way to Cassadine Island and she is worried about him. Franco goes to do something and Elizabeth wants to know what the heck he is up too. Sam is worried about Scout when she thinks she has a fever, but Elizabeth calms her down. In Greece, Jason tracks down a woman named Daphne who lived on the island. He demands to know more about things involving Helena. She claims to know nothing but he pulls his gun on her. She agrees to give him a map of what he is looking for.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Hilary gets jealous that Mariah still is dating Devon so she vows to get back everything that belongs to her and she starts with the dress that Mariah is wearing that Hilary left at Devon's apartment. Victor almost find out about Abby's secret deal with her Uncle Jack since he suspects that Abby is keeping a secret from him, Victor hires Scott to keep an eye on Abby. Abby is upset that her naked heiress videos resurfaced on the internet and are now a trending topic.

Neil and Devon are happy that Dina decided to sell them her company, but Ashley suspects that her mother has an ulterior motive and warns Neil to be very careful when dealing with her mother. Victor and Nikki are arguing again because Victor is worried that Nikki week ruin the reputation of the Newman family but Nikki tells him that he already ruined the rotation of the family by having Chloe frame Adam for murder.

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