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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Wyatt is surprised that Bill is paying no attention to sales. Where is the real Dollar Bill Spencer? At the outdoor restaurant Ridge spies Brooke and sits down. First thing he does is take a napkin and covers her engagement ring, that hideous monstrosity……doesn’t want to ruin his meal. She says he better make it just appetizers as she is meeting her date and they are discussing the wedding. Bill tells Jarrett he wants him to write the demise of Spectra, their own obituary. Thomas tells Steffy that he agrees that Spectra should pay for their crimes but he does not think that has to include Sally going to prison. Sally’s attorney says he brought his lucky penny along and he will go with that today. Bill cannot believe Jarrett is standing up for the Spectra’s when those beautiful gowns were stolen from their original fashion house. Jarrett comments that he does not condone what Sally did at all but if they had not written the original scathing review she would have made it on her own. Her gowns weren’t bad.

Ridge tells Brooke that he has already told her that he made a mistake but she does not have to make an even bigger one. Thomas tells Steffy that he thought he and Sally might have a future and now it looks like she is going to prison. Carter and Sally’s attorney meet with a judge and he says considering this is industrial espionage Sally cannot expect less than five years. Both Saul and Shirley take a big gulp. Bill shows up and tells Ridge to beat it. He is sure there is a hem that needs some work. What he’d really like to know is what Ridge did to make Brooke finally see there was no future with him. Ridge says they have a history. Bill says yes, just that – a history. What he and Brooke have is a future, so get lost. He can say it one more time but there is zero chance for Ridge and Brooke to have a future. Brooke joins in and says she is wearing Bill’s ring and they are going to get married. Ridge tells her to say there is no place in her life for him and then he will back off. The judge says he needs to check his docket but this seems simple enough and he thinks he can get a court date arranged quickly. Shirley gets up and says they can bring in character witnesses if that will help. The judge says he is not sure that will be of much help since they are all family. Thomas walks in the door and says he is not family and has something to say. Thomas laments that Sally had an awful lapse of judgment and she regrets what she did. Spectra Fashions should pay by making it non-existent. Putting Sally in prison will not bring back FC’s gowns. He walks out and Sally runs after him and thanks him. He hopes it keeps her out of jail. She says she loves him more than anyone ever……and plants a big kiss on him.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Hope and Rafe were waiting to meet Ciara and Wyatt at the pub. Brady asked Eric to find Nicole. Nicole ran away after she hit Xander in the head. When Xander woke up, he chased her. Theo told Wyatt to be careful when he met Hope and Rafe. Jennifer tried to advise Hope not to put Wyatt through the wringer. Eric agreed to help find Nicole. Xander found Nicole while she was using a cell phone. Ciara and Wyatt met Hope and Rafe. Jennifer went to the hospital to check on Brady. She ran into Eric at the hospital. Eric told her what happened to Brady. Eric told her that he was going after Xander. She tried to stop Eric from going after him, but it didnít work. Xander took Holly from Nicole. She wanted him to give her back, but he didnít want to. She begged him to give her Holly back, but he said she blew it. He said he was going to put her where she belonged.

Hope told Rafe that Wyatt was trying to hide something. She was afraid that he was too good to be true. Jennifer wanted to help Eric find Nicole, but he thought it was too dangerous. Hope warned Ciara to take things slow with Wyatt. Xander put Nicole in a cage. She told him to give her back her daughter. He told her to think about Holly the next time she misbehaved. Rafe went to see Brady to talk about Nicole. Rafe said he had to arrest him. Eric and Jennifer couldnít find a lead on Xander. Nicole continued to beg Xander to let her out of the cage. Brady couldnít believe that Rafe was going to arrest him. Rafe told him about the statement he made. Brady had trouble breathing. An alarm went off in Bradyís room. Brady passed out. Valerie came in to check on him. Eric talked to a lead that knew something about Xander. Valerie told Rafe that Bradyís heart was rejecting the transplant. She wasnít sure if Brady would make it.

GH Recap Written by Anthony

Jordan informs Julian at the PCPD that the DA has dropped his kidnapping charges. She will make sure that all other charges stick. She leaves the room leaving the door open. Alexis walks over and the two discuss why Alexis told the truth. Jordan walks back over and is in shock that Alexis would want a murderer on the street. At GH, Hayden leaves Tracy a message thanking her for allowing her to have the chance to say goodbye. Brad walks over and asks if it is true that Tracy is finally gone. He thinks that means that Finn will finally stop being given special treatment. He thinks that Finn won’t be around for long. Obrecht walks over and asks if Tracy is really gone. Hayden informs her that it doesn’t mean she will get back on the hospital board. In Griffin’s office, he informs Finn that he has failed his second drug test. Finn doesn’t think that this is possible and claims that he is somehow being set up. Hayden walks in and wants to set up a trap to prove it true. She thinks they all know who is setting him up. Back in over by the nurse’s station they put the operation into action telling Finn that he has a third chance to get drug tested. Brad is outraged. Brad wants to handle the drug test again.

Ava and Sonny go to a preschool for an interview but are told by the headmistress that while Avery is lovely there is no room. Ava offers to bribe them but Sonny doesn’t think there is a need. He feels that Avery deserves to go here and she would be more than an asset for the school. He understands that both he and Ava have sordid lives but the papers don’t tell the whole story. He does a lot of good things. He wants Avery to go to the same school that her nephew, Rocco went to. The headmistress thinks that they will be able to make a deal. At the Metro Court, Carly meets with Martina and discusses the terms of her divorce. Michael later shows up and begs Carly to reconsider, suggesting that Sonny won’t let go if she does this to him. He later goes to Sonny’s house begging him to try to make up with Carly because this isn’t going to end well. Ava shows up at the Metro Court and bumps into Martina. She recognizes her from the night before. Carly walks over and tells her to leave. Ava asks how she knows Martina. Carly admits she is her divorce lawyer not that it is any of her business.

Y&R Recap Written by Christine

Victoria told Nick about Phyllis and Billy. Victoria asked Nick what drew men to Phyllis. Nick suspected that Victoria wanted to change herself, and he told her that wasn't the way to get Billy back. Nick encouraged Victoria to be herself and fight for what she wanted. Katherine couldn't sleep because she missed Billy. Victoria admitted she missed him too. Victor told Scott to scrap the book. Victor interrupted Phyllis and Billy's first official date. Billy told him that he was dating Phyllis. Victor was pleased that he wouldn't be with Victoria. Billy told Victor that he and Victoria would always be connected. Billy was irritated by Victor's presence, so he and Phyllis left. As they cuddled, Phyllis wondered if they were making a mistake. Billy assured Phyllis that he wanted to be with her. Their evening was interrupted when Victoria called Billy so that Katherine could say goodnight. Billy and Victoria agreed to put the kids first. While Billy was on the phone, Phyllis slipped into some lingerie, then they had sex. Hilary and Mariah disagreed about Devon's level of interest in Mariah. Mariah gloated to Hilary after Devon asked her to take a ride on his private jet. Mariah and Devon had a wonderful night flying over Chicago.

Jordan asked Hilary on a date, but she snapped at him and told him it wasn't a good time. Hilary let herself into Devon's penthouse, where she pulled some clothing from a closet and selected a bottle of wine. She grew emotional when she thought about her wedding. Hilary was forced to hide on the balcony when Devon and Mariah arrived. Mariah decided she was ready to take the relationship to the next level. Hilary wept as she watched Devon and Mariah have sex on the staircase. Noah told Chelsea how much Christian enriched Nick's life. Tessa confessed to Nikki that she didn't actually have the computer skills needed to be her assistant. To her relief, Nikki offered to give her the chance to learn. Nikki admitted she missed being on stage. Tessa and Noah arranged for Nikki to accompany Tessa on the keyboard at Open Mic night. Victor saw Nikki playing the keyboard on stage. Chelsea and Jordan turned out to be old friends who'd run cons together in their youth. Since both had legitimate jobs now, they decided to conceal their shady shared past. Nick asked Chelsea about Jordan, and she pretended they'd just met.

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