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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Brooke tells Steffy that the Forrester men will pull this off. Steffy says yes even Zende wants to help. Zende tells Nicole that he wanted to prove that he could do more than take pictures. He wanted to design for them. They are in need of designers more than ever now and he was looking out for his future. He needs to know that he is not an afterthought to his family and that he can contribute. Nicole says he can talk to Eric but Zende says he does not want to count on him or his mom. She tells him he has overcome a lot already so she knows all his dreams will eventually come true. Bill confides in Wyatt that he is going to have that Spectra property one way or the other. Bill tells CJ that Sally will now be virtually broke so he can reclaim the property. When Katie and Brooke are together with Steffy she says she does not know what happened in Australia, maybe Brooke can fill her in. Bill tells Liam and Wyatt that Brooke’s ring is on her finger and it will never come off again. She and Ridge are over for good.

Brooke tells Katie they have had enough drama. There is no need for her to tell Eric or Bill anything. There is no need to give him something to hold over Ridge’s head. Nicole is distracted and she tells Steffy her mind is on Zende. His meeting with her and Thomas did not go exactly as he planned. Steffy says she thinks it is great if he wants to design, but the timing right now is a little off. They just do not have the time to train him properly. At the outdoor restaurant Zende is having a drink when CJ walks up and introduces himself and sits down. CJ brings up the rivalry and Zende reminds him that his cousin did it again by stealing the designs. CJ says his cousin spent all she had by updating things and now she has nothing. He does not know any way to save it unless..... Zende knows someone who would want to take over an entire fashion place. Otherwise he has to turn the property over to this big shot. Brooke tells Katie that Ridge says he still loves her and will not give up and of course she has feelings for him too but not like with Bill. Bill walks in and says this time Brooke asked him to marry her not that it matters. Bill tells Brooke they have some wedding plans after his upcoming meeting. He wishes he could see the poser right now to see them so happy. He has waited on her forever and he never gave up. They are one step away from being husband and wife. He will always be there for her. She does not have to question that, forever and a day.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Nicole told Xander to give her the baby or she would kill him. He gave her the baby. She asked him about being shot. She told him that Brady was going to find him. Xander said Brady could be dead. Marlena went to see Brady. Paul and Brady told her what happened. Brady wanted to find Nicole. Marlena told Paul to call John. Brady told Marlena that he and Nicole loved each other and were going to be a family. Kayla told Steve she would keep talking to Tripp for him. She left to meet Tripp. Sonny confronted Deimos about Xander. Deimos wanted to find Nicole and Holly. Victor showed up at the hospital to see Brady. Nicole threatened Xander if he killed Brady. Victor went to see Brady. Eric told Chloe to compromise with Nicole if she wanted to see Holly. Marlena called him and told him about Brady being in the hospital. Chloe went with him.

Kayla met Tripp at the park. He confronted her about Ava. He wanted to know why she and Steve didnít tell him about Ava trying to overdose. Paul went to Steve so he could follow Xanderís trail. Nicole wanted to know why Xander was doing this. He asked if she was using Brady the way she used him. Deimos called Xander to remind him about the plan to get Nicole back. Eric and Chloe went to see Brady. Brady told them where he and Nicole were. Chloe wanted to know where Nicole and Holly were. Brady told them that Xander took Nicole and Holly. Kayla told Tripp about injecting herself with morphine. Kayla told him that she saved her life. He couldnít believe Ava would do that. Kayla said Ava hated her. He said Kayla felt the same way. Sonny told Victor that Deimos wanted to save Nicole. Sonny wanted to prove that Deimos was evil. Xander told Nicole that she was in Greece. He also told her Brady was alive. She wanted to know what Xander wanted with her. Marlena stopped Chloe from yelling at Brady. A police officer showed up in Bradyís room to arrest him for helping Nicole. Tripp asked Kayla if she hated Ava. Kayla didnít answer the question. She said she would protect her family. She wanted him to give Steve another chance. Tripp thought he put too much blame on Steve. Brady wanted to talk to the officer so they could look for Nicole and Holly. He told the officer what happened. Victor confronted Deimos about Xander. Deimos said he would make Deimos pay. Xander said he had ways to force Nicole to do what he said. Chloe saw Deimos at the hospital. She said she wanted him to help her find Holly. Kayla told Steve what happened with Tripp. Tripp thought Kayla killed his mother. Deimos told Chloe he wanted to find Nicole and Holly. Brady asked Eric to find Nicole and Holly. Nicole hit Xander on the head. She took Holly out of the room.

GH Recap Written by Anthony

Tracy says her goodbyes to everyone in the Quartermaine Mansion's living room. She has something special to say to each one of them. Tracy is going to sell the painting and move on with her life. She has bought pizza for brunch since it's a family tradition to have it on Thanksgiving. Dillon guesses that this is the last time they will ever have pizza as a family. Tracy takes Dillon, Ned, and Monica into the foyer. Tracy doesn’t want Monica to do anything drastic with her decorating. Monica promises that their house will remain the same. Tracy thinks she means Monica's house that Alan gave to her. Monica means their house. She will miss her. Tracy will as well. Tracy leaves but then comes back in to hug Monica with Dillon and Ned joining in. Later, Tracy sells the painting for 60 million dollars. Lars directs her to a coffee shop where Luke is sitting down.

Carly and Sonny have their first discussion with their lawyers. Sonny is shocked when the woman he slept with the night before walks in and is introduced as Carly’s lawyer. They act as if nothing happened between them. When the proceedings are over, Sonny demands to know what kind of game she's playing. Martina claims that she had no idea who he was and only just met Carly. Sonny cannot believe this. Martina doesn't want Sonny to say anything, because it will ruin her reputation. Sonny agrees to keep silent for the time being. In the hallway, Diane tells Carly she should stay with Sonny. They need each other. Carly doesn’t think that is going to happen. Elsewhere, Nathan opens his door to find Amy. She wants to speak with Maxie over abandoning the Nurses' Ball. Nathan explains she is working in Portland. Amy gives him advice to try to make their long-distance relationship work. He agrees and goes to change his shirt. When he returns, Nathan thanks Amy. In the hallway, Amy rips a photo of Nathan and Maxie in half and keeps the half with Nathan.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

Billy and Phyllis share a kiss and hug right before Phyllis asks him if he is ready for this. After a few more minutes of discussing Victoria and her reaction to their kissing, Billy asks if she is ready to tell Jack. Gloria walks into Jack's office with ideas for a new cosmetics line. Jack reminds her that Ashley is in charge of cosmetics. Gloria realizes that she might as well as clear out her desk before Ashley would acknowledge her as part of this company. Jack tells her that he told Ashley that Gloria was doing a fine job here. Jack also tells her that he told Ashley about them, making Gloria angry. Devon and Neil meet with Dina Mergeron on the plane as they discuss Katherine Chancellor being Devon's grandmother. Abby visits Ashley at Jack's and asks why she had never mentioned her grandmother's name. Ashley stalls in giving Abby an answer. Gloria thanks Jack for his support but knows that it won't last with Ashley. Ashley is hesitant to tell Abby about her grandmother but then tells her that her mother was out for herself and only herself. Victoria commends Cane on his work for Brash and Sassy. Cane asks her why she would keep Billy on staff. Victoria asks why he wouldn't want Billy to work there. They are interrupted by Juliet, who notices a camaraderie between Cane and Victoria. Phyllis tells Billy that she should feel relieved that Victoria knows but now comes the part of telling Jack. Neil and Devon tell Dina about Katherine leaving Devon her entire estate. Dina is surprised.

Mariah confronts Hilary about cutting most of her air time but then realizes that Hilary is doing it because Devon is dating Mariah. Hilary slurs her by telling her that she knows what Devon likes and it is not her. Billy and Phyllis join Jack and Gloria and break the news that they are seeing each other. Jack is less than thrilled by the news but tells them that they never cared before about his feelings, so why should they care now. Devon and Neil conclude their meeting with Dina by telling her that she should explore all her options. Mariah lashes out at Hilary for the way she is treating her, knowing that she is dating Devon. Mariah tells Hilary that Devon and Neil are in Paris right now doing business. Hilary is surprised by the news. Phyllis joins Jack in his office to try to talk to him, but he tells her that he doesn't want Billy on this floor again. Phyllis tries to make amends with Jack by telling him that she wants him to be happy. Ravi gives Ashley a massage at Jack's house.

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