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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Zende tells Nicole that the Forrester's cannot get the collection out in time without help. He shows her some designs and she thinks they are Thomas’s, He is bolstered by the fact they are good enough and they are his originals. He will show the Forrester’s and he wants to design for this company. Sally tells Shirley and Saul that as of today Spectra is out of business. Shirley argues that it is not time to cut and run. Saul does not want her to lose her dream. Even CJ chimes in that perhaps there is another way as his mother will not like this. But he needs to sell the building to Bill to pay off all their expenses. They lasted longer than he thought they would. He tells Sally to take her medicine and clear out. Sally tells Saul to send everything back to the warehouse and they will figure out what to do with it. Thomas tells Steffy again that it is no excuse but Sally was under the influence of her grandmother. He would have helped her had she asked. And it does not change how he feels about her now. Nicole tells Maya that Zende wants to make his mark as a Forrester. Maya hopes he is not expecting too much.

Zende shows Thomas his designs and says he wants to help. He has been doing this for awhile and he has more. He wants to be on the team. He’ll be of more value with that than what he is doing now. He asks Thomas to look at them again and give him a shot. Thomas laments that he does have talent but no experience. Steffy says they are under the gun and do not have time to train a novice. Zende asks them to give him a chance. They had their father and Forrester kids always get the breaks. He was not a Forrester, he was a Dominguez. Thomas says they did not even know he wanted to be a designer. Zende says they know now. He took a risk coming here. CJ leaves and Shirley says they can get down to business now. Sally says they gave it their all and now they are paying the price. They can ride off and do whatever but she is still facing jail time and she lost her boyfriend and everything. She wants some time alone. Steffy says she cannot believe Zende believes that and feels he has to compete. She will wait for him to calm down and talk to him again. She advises Thomas that Sally is not worth the heartache. He needs to really let her go. But he cannot get over their times together. Neither can she.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

JJ found Lani and Snake.  JJ attacked Snake.  They were fighting when Raines came in and arrested him.  Rafe and Hope met Dario and Gabi for lunch.  Dario was still upset with Rafe for arresting Eduardo.  Hope tried to defend Rafe to Dario.  Gabi told Dario that he would have to fight her too if he was going to fight Rafe.  Victor ripped into Eric and Jennifer.  Eric wanted to say his peace.

Dario told Rafe that he would agree to disagree with him.  Dario and Gabi wanted to grill Hope about her intensions with Rafe.  They made her drink alcohol to prove herself.  Eric told Victor how he felt about Danielís accident.  JJ got Lani to the hospital to get help.  Marlena and Roman argued over her not wanting Jennifer to be with Eric.  Raines went to the hospital to check on Lani.  Raines told Abe and JJ what happened when the police questioned Snake.  Abe was with Raines over what happened.  Marlena ran into Jennifer and wanted to talk about Eric.  Marlena didnít think it was a good idea that Jennifer was with Eric, but she wasnít going to interfere.

GH Recap Written by Anthony

Tracy calls the Quartermaines in for a brunch. Monica wants to know who said she could do this. Tracy guesses that she can kick her out afterwards but she has an announcement to make. Kiki is the first of her guests to show up. Elsewhere, Olivia helps Lucy get ready for the Nurse’s ball. She tells her that Dante will be here to help her but she has to get to a brunch with Tracy. Olivia warns Dante that if Lucy sets a fire it is on him. She leaves. Dante runs into Nathan who is getting ready for Maxie’s return. He later gets a call from Maxie who tells him that she is not coming home because she has a job extension. Lucy and Dante try to make things better but Lucy only makes things worse.

Carly runs into Lulu at the Haunted Star. Lulu has to get to a meeting with Tracy though and wonders if they can reschedule. Carly will do it for Lulu. Carly wonders what she should do about her ring. Lulu wants her to wait until she is ready, elsewhere Sonny wakes up with Martina in bed and they end up making love again. Martina needs to get to a meeting though. They part their ways. Carly shows up to a conference room where Diane is. Diane convinces Carly that her marriage might not be over until Sonny shows up and is not wearing his wedding ring. She takes her off right away. All of a sudden Martina shows up. Back at the Quartermaine’s Ned announces that he is changing his last name from Ashton to Quartermaine in order to help Dillon keep he name alive. Tracy is honored. Lulu is the last guest to arrive, with Lulu, Hayden, Finn, Laura, Monica, Ned, Dillon, and Olivia all in the room Tracy announces her news. She has come to the realization that she needs to move on with her life and that she cannot do it here. She is leaving PC.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

The news that Jack and Ashley's mother Dina wants to sell her company opens up old wounds for both Ashley and Jack because Dina abandoned them when they were children. Ashley remembers the terrible day that she discovered Brent Davis was her biological father not John Abbott. Ashley tells both Jack and Victor that she doesn't care about Dina or what she does with her company. Jack confides in Gloria that that the wound from the abandonment has healed but the scars are still there and will never go away. Gloria worries that raising Bella will remind Kevin that she wasn't there when he needed her growing up. Victor talks to Abby about Dina and that makes Abby wonder why Ashley never talked about Dina with her. Victoria finds Billy and Phyllis kissing in the elevator. Billy tells Victoria that he and Phyllis are back together, but he remains quiet when Victoria asks him if Phyllis is the woman with whom he wants to be. Phyllis leaves Billy and Victoria alone to talk and Billy tells Victoria that she took too long to make up her mind about a relationship with him. Phyllis worries that she is Billy's second choice, because Victoria turned him down. Lauren advises Phyllis to fight for Billy but not to settle for being second best. Neil and Devon fly to Paris to talk to Dina about selling her company to them, but she thinks the company is just starting and wants to sell to a more established company. When Devon tells her he is Katherine Chancellor's grandson, she is eager to hear Neil and Devon's proposal for her company.

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