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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Quinn tells Ivy that they did not know she was on her way back from Australia when she offered Katie the job with the jewelry. Brooke tells Katie that it is up to judge and jury if Sally goes to jail but she was hauled off. Katie notices Brooke’s ring from Bill and sees they are engaged again. Brooke asks Katie if there is a chance she is blackmailing Quinn and Ridge. Quinn tells Ivy that she is just keeping an eye on Katie and she really does not want her working here. Eric tells Ridge they have been so busy with the new collection he has not asked about him and Brooke. They worked together before and it worked so it could again. Ridge says yes but she is wearing Bill’s ring again. Eric cannot understand why Ridge won’t tell him what happened in Australia for them to call off the wedding. Quinn fills Ivy in that Katie saw her and Ridge on the beach but he told her it meant nothing but Katie is threatening to tell Eric. That is too much power so she gave her the job to appease Eric. But she will not live that way. Ridge says he made a mistake and he needs to fix it. Everyone makes mistakes. If Brooke can forgive him then he certainly can forgive her. Eric says he and Quinn have had some ups and downs but he does not think he could make it without her. He loves her so much. She is the wind at his back and will never let him down. So if Ridge thinks he has a future with Brooke then do not shy away from that.

Katie assures Brooke that she is not trying to undermine Eric’s marriage. Quinn also notices Brooke’s ring and reminds her that Ridge still wants a future with her. Brooke says she called that off and is now engaged to Bill. Katie tells Brooke she did not get this job from blackmail; in fact she used to run this place. And when Quinn offered her this job she took it so she could work with Brooke and even Eric. She hates what went on between Quinn and Ridge and what it did to Brooke and Ridge and what it could do to Eric. Ridge tells all in the room they are the only ones that knows the mistake he made and it will not happen again so they all need to put it to rest. No need to tell Eric anything. Eric confides in Pam that Quinn gives him focus. It wasn’t that long ago that he thought he was retired and wanted out of the company but she changed all of that. Nobody has changed Ridge more than Quinn has and he is grateful. Quinn tells Katie and Brooke they cannot keep holding this over their head. Ridge agrees that this mistake is not going to tear up this entire family. He tells Ivy he appreciates her silence and wants to keep it that way. His relationship with his father is all that matters to him. Quinn agrees that she and Ridge have no feelings toward each other. Katie smirks that as long as nothing else happens between Ridge and Quinn then she won’t say anything. Ridge tells Brooke that he cannot lose her. He knows she took Bill’s ring because she thought she could not trust him but she can. He states he will fight for her. She will always be his Logan.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Lani talked to Raines about staying on the case to get Snake.  Chad and Kate talked about the business deal to get back at Deimos.  Joey told Steve that he still thought about killing Ava.  Steve wanted Joey to let him take the fall for killing her.  Tripp wanted to know what Jade meant when she said Steve killed Ava to protect someone he loved.  Chad told Kate that the amulet was cursed, but Kate wasnít worried.  Tripp confronted Jade about what she said about Steve killing Ava, but she said he was better off not knowing.  JJ told Abby that Lani was still after Snake.  He said he was tracking her phone so he knew what she was doing.

Steve talked to Jennifer about his problems with Tripp.  Raines helped Lani with her case.  He was determined to put Snake behind bars.  Jennifer told Chad that Abby was at work at the Salem P.D.  Tripp went to the station to find out about his motherís murder.  Lani met Snake at the Salem Inn.  She asked him about what happened to her the last time they met.  Jennifer told Chad that she didnít like what was going on between him and Abby.  They talked about Dario being in love with Abby.  Jennifer said Abby didnít love Dario and that if Chad was patient with Abby, she would come back to her.  Abby told Tripp how Ava ended up in the hospital.  Jade told Joey that she slipped and told Tripp something when Snake told Lani what Raines wanted to hear, Raines told her to get out of the room.  Snake told Lani about offering her clients the drug Halo.  He told her that she was going to take the drug.  Joey was afraid that Jade was going to tell Tripp the truth, but she said she wouldnít.  Abby went to see Chad to give him Thomasí stuffed animal.  Chad apologized to her about what happened.  He also wanted to work things out.  Snake thought that Lani was talking too much and attacked her.  He ended up finding the wire and asked if she was a cop.  Chad told Abby that he loved her and would wait for her to take him back.  Raines called for back up at the Salem Inn.  Snake put a gun to Lani.  She told him that she would overdose.

GH Recap Written by Anthony

Anna is glad that Valentin recognized the chimera. She says that she found it a while ago but then only just realized what it meant. She is reminded of the day they spent together before Valentin ran off. Valentin doesn’t look at it fondly. Anna enjoyed the time they spent together though. Anna asks whatever happened with the chimera project. Valentin insinuates that he went to another agency with the information. Anna wants to know who but Valentin leaves. At Jason’s house he and Sam attempt to figure out what the connection is to the chimera. He calls Elizabeth up and wonders if Jake has ever mentioned it. Elizabeth suggests he come over right away. At Elizabeth’s house Jason, Sam, Elizabeth, and Franco all discuss the chimera and Jason sees the drawing that Jake drew of it together. Jason thanks Franco for helping Jake out. Franco is shocked that Jason would say this.

Sonny shows up at the Metro Court to show Carly the pills. He wants to figure out what happened with them but cannot figure out how they were in the Floating Rib for months. Carly doesn’t understand this either. She asks what the lab said. Sonny says that it all adds up and nothing is off about the lab report. Carly gets a call from her lawyer telling her that they are meeting tomorrow to discuss things. Sonny thinks they should just split what is theirs. Carly already has what is Sonny’s and isn’t going to give it up. Joss shows up and tells Sonny to leave. Carly wants Joss to move to Australia for the summer. Joss wants Carly to come along but Carly doesn’t want to use Jax as a crutch right now. Joss wonders why Carly is still wearing Sonny’s ring. At the Haunted Star, Sonny meets a woman and hits it off. Ava is spying on them from a far. The woman offers Sonny her room key and he accepts the offer.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

Neil and Devon meet at the Athletic Club to discuss their upcoming business venture. At home, Ashley and Jack discuss Nikki asking him for help in getting her spunk back. Jack still insists that something is going on between Nikki and Victor that they are trying to hide from the public. Ashley also asks Jack about Gloria. Phyllis and Scott meet at the Coffeehouse for small talk and what is going on in their lives. Billy, Cane, and Victoria have a short strategy meeting in her office. Cane mentions to Billy that he and Victoria are getting closer. In his office at Newman, Victoria and Victor discuss the gift that he bought for Reed without first asking her and also the fact that he made Abby CEO of Newman. Michael interrupts Scott and Phyllis to find out where Kevin is. Michael and Phyllis discuss that she saw Billy give Victoria a hug. Phyllis is steaming with jealousy. Michael tries to calm her down advising her to talk to Billy about the matter. Jack assures Ashley that he will always have Jabot's best interest at heart. Scott visits Victor to discuss the book's progress. Scott tells him that Nikki asked him to stop writing the book. When Victoria and Billy leave the room to discuss Johnny's birthday party, Cane reads a text from Phyllis to Billy to meet in the elevator.

Victor and Scott discuss Chloe killing Adam and her whereabouts right now. Victor remembers bursting in and finding Chloe in a hotel room. Scott then reveals that Chloe sent both Billy and Kevin letters that they may be Bella's father, but it turns it is Kevin. At the Coffeehouse, Michael tells Kevin to tell Gloria that he is Bella's father. Kevin reminds Michael that he still loves Chloe. Gloria confronts Jack as to the kind of job she is doing for him. Jack assures her that she is doing a fine job. Neil and Devon discuss the fact that Mergeron Industries is up for sale and Victor would jump on it. Billy meets Phyllis in the elevator and she tells him that Victoria lied to him that Nikki is not having a relapse of MS. Billy tries to get closer to her but Phyllis pushes him away only to give him in to him and his kisses. Cane tells Victoria that there has been a wreck and a road is closed. Victoria tells him that she needs to leave right now, but when she tries the elevator, she finds it is stuck. Cane offers to call a repairman to get it to moving. When the doors open, Victoria sees Billy and Phyllis kissing.

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