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The TV MegaSite's Monday 5/1/17 Short Recaps


B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Lt. Baker informs Sally that she is under arrest for grand larceny and espionage. Before he takes her away Thomas wants to speak to her alone. She tells him that she is so sorry to put him through this. Shirley is ecstatic that more orders are pouring in. But she’s worried about Sally and wonders where she is. Lt. Baker says he will take Sally downtown and book her but RJ is hoping Thomas talking to her that they will work something out. Steffy says she does not want Sally to go to prison but she brought this on herself and now has to pay the coincidences. Sally tells Thomas that nothing gained is worth the look in his eyes right now. Coco says she needs to call and tell Grams. She tells Grams that they are at FC and she has turned herself in, more details as she finds out. Pam offers to bring Lt. Baker another of his famous dogs. Steffy says she takes no pleasure in putting Sally in prison. Carter says she doesn’t have to press charges. Steffy says yes if not it would be open season on FC. Thomas says he is at a loss. She claims everyone was counting on her and she wanted to do it right with her designs and her vision. But the first review made her doubt herself and Grams pushed her to go back to their original plan for knockoffs and it was her idea to use Coco with the camera. Thomas says he loved her and he would have helped her with anything if she had trusted and asked him. All she had to do was reach out; instead she stole from him and his family.

Shirley tells Saul that Big Mouth just waltzed over to FC and turned herself in. Saul is besides himself. Coco tells Steffy that she understands if she does not want to hear her but there is something she would like to say. She knows what Sally did was wrong but she is not this evil, calculating person and she was caught in the middle of a big mistake. But as a sister she does not want to see her go to prison. Steffy says she understands but she does not like seeing her brother get hurt either so Sally will have to suffer the coincidences. Sally tells Thomas that he is looking at the world’s biggest fool so she understands his position. She hurt her two favorite people in this world, him and Coco. But she told him who she was, a Spectra with lying and stealing in her DNA. She laments that she will stop production and tell the public no more products so she can at least do that. She says they had Australia but now he must not walk, but run as far away as he can. Coco tries again to get Steffy to reconsider and think of other damages less than prison. Sally says she will make it in prison. She is going where she belongs. She will roll up her sleeves and do what she has to do. They had a big, wonderful shot at something good but she threw it away so she deserves to go to prison, so get the ball rolling. Call the detective in. Thomas hugs her and she sheds a few tears before Lt. Baker comes in followed by a tearful Coco. Lt. Baker puts the cuffs on Sally and slowly leads her out the door.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Chad caught Gabi and Eli kissing.  Eli left to take a phone call.  Chad and Gabi talked about her relationship with Eli.  Abby talked to Dario about not being with Chad.  Nicole tried to get Xander to take her and leave the baby with Brady.  Paul and Sonny talked to Lyle about Deimos.  When Lyle wouldn’t cooperate, Sonny put a gun on him.  Lyle told Sonny where Nicole and Brady were.  After they left, Deimos showed up.  Lyle told Deimos that Sonny and Paul were there.  Lyle told him that he told them where Nicole was.  Deimos was upset.  Xander took Nicole and Holly out of the house.  Eli realized that Gabi was trying to make Chad jealous.  She said she needed time to get over Chad.  Xander brought Holly to Deimos.

Chad saw Dario and Abby at Club TBD.  Xander told Deimos that he shot Brady.  Deimos told Xander that Sonny and Paul were there.  Deimos told Xander about the plan to get Nicole.  Xander said Nicole was in love with Brady.  Sonny and Paul found Brady at the house. Deimos thought Nicole wasn’t in love with Brady.  Deimos thought it was hero worship and not love.  Xander was afraid that Deimos would turn against him the way he did Brady. Deimos said he wouldn’t unless he compromised their deal.  Sonny and Paul took Brady to the hospital.  Brady told them that Xander was alive.  Chad and Dario got in an argument when Chad wanted to talk to Abby.  Abby and Kate stopped Chad and Dario from fighting.  Paul told the authorities about Xander.  Deimos showed up t Brady’s hospital.  Paul and Sonny accused Deimos of sending Xander after Nicole.  Deimos wanted to find Nicole.  Brady wanted to leave the hospital to find her.  Sonny and Paul confronted Deimos about looking for Nicole.  Deimos said he wanted to help Nicole.

GH Recap Written by Anthony

Tracy decides that it's time to give up the painting to Samira who clearly needs it more. Ned tells her that she might want to look at the DNA test that he picked up first. She reads it and announces that Samira isn’t her sister. She still wants Samira to have the painting. Ned takes Samira in the hallway and tells her she can either take the painting and face criminal charges down the line or take this money he has for her and use the 6-month visa to plan her life. Samira takes the money and leaves. Ashton shows up and Ned explains that he and Samira were in on this together. Tracy wants to kill him but instead tells him never to come back. Monica wants Tracy to hang the portrait wherever she wants. Tracy thinks she knows exactly where to put it. Nathan runs into Anna at the docks while working out. She doesn’t recognize him and claims it's because of her medication. She says that she is feeling better. At Nina’s office, she demands that Nelle spy for her. Nathan shows up and Nelle goes to do what she was asked. She finds Valentin and Anna at the docks. Back in Nina’s office, Nathan just wants his sister to be ok. Nelle returns and lies that Valentin wasn't with anyone and just went home.

Elizabeth and Franco attempt to figure out what the significance of Jake's birthday is. Elizabeth just wants him to be ok. Franco says that he wants to help the little boy too. Jake comes back downstairs and claims he is feeling better. Franco wants to plan his party and suggests they go camping. Jake insists he cannot go because he doesn’t want to exclude Jason, Sam, Scout, and Danny. He takes his homework upstairs to do on his own. Elizabeth doesn’t buy that. They go to have sex in her room. Jake comes back downstairs and draws a chimera on his timeline. Jason needs to figure out what happened to Jake. He wants to go through Helena's book to see if there is anything they missed. They cannot find anything. Sam finds out that Jason was only brought to the hospital in August 2014. Sam suggests he try to relax with a shot of tequila but spills it on the book. While trying to dry it, Jason discovers two pages stuck together on which is a drawing of a chimera, a fire-breathing creature from Greek Mythology with a lion's body, a goat's head on its back, and a snake as its tail.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Ravi is upset with Phyllis for interrupting his date with Ashley. Phyllis apologizes and promises not to do it again. Ravi stops by Ashley's house to give her a rose, and they agree to go on another date. Ashley finds out about Jack's friends with benefits relationship with Gloria, and Ashley and Jack argue about it. Cane finds out about Billy's relationship with Phyllis. When he tells Lily the news, she pleads with him not to tell Victoria the truth. Hilary tells Lily to stay away from Jordan, because she gets jealous when she sees Lily and Jordan talking to each other. Devon warns Jordan about Hilary's bad side, but Jordan says he likes strong women and he can handle Hilary. Devon and Mariah continue to get closer as he sees more of her personality. Jack tells Phyllis that he doesn't think that Nikki's MS is flaring up, because she looked very healthy when he saw her earlier tonight. Victor returns home and asks Nikki to stop being so cold to him, but she tells him to move into the guest house. Victoria tells Billy he should go by the house and say goodnight to the kids and gives him a hug to thank him for being so supportive about Nikki's illness. Phyllis isn't happy when she drops by to see Billy and sees him hugging Victoria.

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