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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Thomas works on his designs but thinks about Sally. At that moment she calls. He answers but tells her to stop calling. He is focusing on designing. She says she knows she was wrong and lost faith in her work. But she will make it up to him. RJ tells Coco that he knows it is asking a lot of her but maybe it won’t require her sister to go to jail. Coco says whatever happens Sally needs to know and she needs to hear it from her. Thomas tells Steffy that Sally called. Steffy says with her little sister’s testimony they may make the charges stick against Spectra. RJ walks in and says he talked to Coco and she will testify. Coco speaks with Sally and says she went to FC. She only saw RJ and he is honest and even offered her a job back there. Zende wants to hold Lizzie and says practice cannot come soon enough. Nicole tells Maya and Rick that Coco can testify but she doesn’t know how anyone could do that against her own sister. It is a horrible position she is in despite the Forrester’s lost everything and must start over. Steffy rags on Sally but Thomas says they are just living on peanuts so don’t be so bitter. Steffy says they are cockroaches and they probably live on a peanut.

Coco tells Sally that she cannot talk to her. She needs someone she can trust. Sally says it is obvious she and RJ have something to fight for so that and her job back is good. Coco says no, there are conditions. She must do as they want. It would mean turning against Sally. Lt. Baker and Carter join Steffy and Thomas and she says they are proceeding with the charges. Sally says Coco could never turn against her. She knows what she did was wrong and she wants better things for Coco. She only doctored the designs so there is no way they can prove they ripped them off. Coco says there is a way if she was used as an industrial spy. Sally gets the message. All of this will be gone and so will she. She says she is trying to figure out where Coco will be in fifteen years…probably a mom. Coco says she would have done anything for Sally but she has turned a dream into a crime scene now. She does not want to be ashamed of her parents and grandparents but she is going to have to learn to love herself more. Sally says this feels like a bad nightmare. And Coco won’t have to testify; she will take care of it. Lt. Baker says he needs to get back to the precinct. Pam comes in and announces that Coco is here. When she comes in, so does Sally and says they do not have to talk to Coco. She confesses to everything, larceny and all. Lt. Baker tells her she has the rights to remain silent and the right to an attorney.

Days Recap Written by Michele & Cheryl

Tripp had dinner with Steve, Kayla, and Joey.  Abby and Gabi got into an argument over Gabi being with Eli.  Abby told Gabi that she broke up with Chad so Gabi could be with him.  Abby was upset that she was with Eli.  The masked person was in Nicole and Bradyís house.  Tripp brought up Ava during dinner.  He said he would have liked to have heard stories from Ava.  He told Steve that he didnít want anything to do with him.  Kayla went after him.  Paul told Sonny that Deimos met someone in Canada.  Abby and Gabi argued over Chad.

Kayla tried to reach out to Tripp to get him to forgive Steve.  Tripp didnít think he could let go that Steve killed Ava.  Steve didnít want Joey to tell Tripp the truth.  Sonny called Lyle and asked him why he was meeting Deimos.  Lyle said that Deimos was in Canada for Nicole.  The masked person had Holly and put a gun on Nicole.  Gabi tried to convince Abby to be with Chad.  Gabi told her that she wanted Abby and Chad to be a family.  Eli talked to Abby about Gabi.  Sonny wanted Lyle to give him the address.  Sonny and Paul were going to Canada.  Nicole thought the guy was working for Deimos.  Brady saw the guy pointing the gun at Nicole.  Tripp ran into Jade in the park.  She told him that Steve was a good guy.  Tripp didnít like how Steve killed his mother.  Tripp told her that eh didnít think they could be a family.  Brady tried to talk the guy into leaving Nicole and the kids alone.  When Brady tried to go after the guy, Brady got shot.  Eli told Gabi that he would help her get over Chad.  Jade told Tripp that Steve is a good guy.  She said Steve did what he did to protect someone he loved.  Nicole took the mask off the guy and saw how it was Xander.

GH Recap Written by Anthony

Tracy packs up photos of her family and grabs the portrait. She isn’t going to stick around to get chastised by the family. She goes to visit Lila’s grave before she leaves. She brought her roses. Tracy tells the other family members that she is sorry that she didn’t include them as well but she is going so they will have to keep each other company. As she is leaving AJ’s grave marker falls on her. She wakes up and Scott is her lawyer and she is in court. Nathan is the bailiff and Diane is the acting DA. She learns that she has died and she is now fighting for her life. She can either go to heaven or be sent back and be given a second life. Diane hears the Skye Quartermaine is looking to adopt a baby. The judge appears and it is Sonny. Tracy finds this to be unfair but Sonny informs her that the only other person available to be the judge is Anthony Zacchara. Tracy quickly says she is good with Sonny being the judge. Diane and Scott show key moments of Tracy’s life that prove that she is not a good person and list all the past loves of Tracy’s life. Tracy thinks that she is better than this and they are only showing the bad things that have transpired. Tracy pleads that she be given a second chance but not in a new life as Skye Chandler’s baby but as herself. She wakes up at the cemetery and AJ’s graver marker is back on his grave.

Ned shows up at GH and tells the immigration officer that Samira is sitting in the wheelchair over there. It doesn’t matter though because he got her an extended visa that lasts 6 months. The immigration officer leaves. Samira is taken back to the Quartermaine mansion by Dillon and Kiki. Samira quickly realizes the painting is gone and is throwing a fit because the painting was needed in order to get her daughter. Monica shows up and she can give them all three guesses as to who did this. Ned later shows up and realizes what everyone else has. Ned is able to successfully cancel Tracy’s flight to Costa Rica. Tracy ends up showing up with the painting and she tells them all that she is going to give Samira the painting because she doesn’t need it. She has her family.

Y&R Recap Written by Christine

Lily asked Juliet and Cane why they were arguing. Juliet lead her to believe it was a business disagreement. Billy opted not to tell Victoria that he'd moved on with Phyllis. Victoria asked Billy if they could start over now that he knew what caused the rift. Billy said he cared about Victoria, but it was best that they keep things as they were for now. She agreed that he was right. Victoria decided to take the entire Brash and Sassy team to Top of the Tower to show her appreciation. Jordan declined because he had a date, but Victoria said to bring her. Billy texted Phyllis and canceled their plans and explained where he'd be going instead. Phyllis overheard that Ravi and Ashley would be at Top of the Tower and she invited herself to tag along. Nikki sought advice from Jack on what to do with her life. Jack suspected Nikki and Victor were having problems, but Nikki denied it. Chelsea told Nick that Victor invested $500,000 into Chelsea 2.0, in Adam's memory. Nick was concerned that Victor was trying to take over Chelsea's company, but she trusted Victor. Chelsea arranged a couple's massage for her and Nick, and it lead to romance.

Mariah saw multiple women hitting on Devon, but it didn't bother her. Lily was annoyed when Hilary joined Jordan. Hilary revealed that the divorce was final. Lily learned that Devon and Mariah were dating, and she approved. Jack and Nikki ran into Ravi and Ashley at the restaurant. Jack didn't think Ashley was interested in Ravi, but Nikki wasn't so sure. Nikki and Jack went to the ranch, and she revealed that she wanted to play the piano at the benefit. Jack encouraged it. Jack saw the plans for the research center funded by Victor and dedicated to Nikki. Jack and Nikki reminisced about their marriage, the good times they had raising Victoria and Nick, and the children that they lost. They agreed that things, including Victor, had come between them. Victor returned and caught them together. Phyllis saw Billy and Victoria laughing together. Lily tried to set Juliet up with Ravi. Ashley encouraged Ravi to date Juliet. Ravi revealed that he wasn't necessarily looking to follow the traditional path of marriage and children. Cane and Billy traded barbs. Hilary and Jordan talked to Devon and Mariah. Hilary and Devon spoke fondly of their marriage. Hilary called Mariah a rebound. Jordan heard Hilary say that their evening was not a date. Ashley and Victoria verbally sparred about business. Billy and Phyllis slipped into the coat room and kissed. Cane overheard them and eavesdropped. Phyllis insisted that Billy tell Victoria about them. Billy assured Phyllis that she was the only woman in his life. Lily tripped and fell into Jordan's lap. Hilary spotted them. Victoria confided to Juliet that she was determined to get Billy back.

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