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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

RJ tells Coco that he would not be asking her this but it is so important. She would only be telling the truth. She cannot fathom seeing Sally in jail. He says he understands her position but Sally put her in this position and she needs to look out for her own self…..her future….their future. She says this might be the best for her but not for her sister. It could be the end of any relationship with her. RJ says it is her choice but Sally could get off with just money damages. And Coco could come back to FC and they could be together. Her family took advantage of her and that is not fair. She says her sister took care of her all her life and now makes one lousy mistake and it will hurt her. This is too much pressure. She wants this job, she wants RJ but she also wants her sister and she can’t have it all. He convinces her that he likes her just the way she is and does not want her to change.

Ridge tells Brooke that Sally stole from them and now she needs to be punished. They can do this if they have a sworn statement from the inside. She sees that is why RJ is now involved. He mentions on the one hand that he screwed up and then Spencer and she says she needs a man who will be loyal to her. Wyatt hopes Bill has not hired a private investigator. Bill says if that is the only way. There has to be a woman involved and he might use that to his advantage sometimes. They rattle off the women in Ridge’s life but agree it can’t be Quinn; they hate each other. Wyatt says it could be a waitress at some hotel and they may never know. He should just forget this and focus on his own life. Bill says he knows Ridge has a dark secret that he wants no one to know and Bill needs that as leverage. Wyatt advises him to leave it alone. Ridge tells Brooke that he was reckless but now that is over. Brooke agrees that she knows Quinn really loves Eric so she won’t do that again. Ridge says then if she understands all of this she should forgive him and give him another chance. She thinks back to when Ridge came back home from Europe and all the good times since. He says he loves her. He is not guilty of loving Quinn; it will always be Brooke. Bill tells Wyatt that Brooke will be his the rest of his life and he will not jerk her around like that Forrester bozo. He does not know what happened between then but he intends to find out. Wyatt tries to convince him to leave this alone. Brooke wanted it that way and she does not want to drag RJ into this. Bill says he would be crazy not to drag Ridge into this; it could be useful. He goes to Brooke’s and walks in on her talking to Ridge…saying look at him screwing up but here he is trying to convince her to leave Bill and come back. He knows something was involved and he is going to find out what it was. Ridge tells him what happens between them is not Bill’s business. Bill tells him to make no mistake….he will find out and expose Ridge.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Kayla told Tripp about Jade moving in with Jade.  Kayla told Tripp not to trust her.  JJ told Steve what happened to Lani.  JJ told him about Snake.  JJ wanted Steve to come to him if he found out anything about Snake.  Abe told Lai that he was glad she was okay.  He wanted her off the case, but she didnít want to the off the case.  Valerie tried to reach out to Eli, but he didnít want anything to do with her.  When Brady got a text from the bank, Nicole was worried that they were found.  He said he was careful about transferring the money.  He wanted to go talk to the manager.  She was going to go online to see what was happening in Salem.  Kayla told Tripp that Steve told the truth about killing Ava, but Tripp didnít believe it.  Roman had an allergic reaction to nuts.  She told Tripp to get her bag out of the car.  Eli told Lani about the drug that was in her system.  Nicole didnít find any information on her or Brady online.  He left to meet with the bank manager. 

When Kayla gave Roman the shot, it didnít work.  She had to do a procedure to help him breathe.  Lani told Abe not to talk about her case to JJ.  Abe warned her to be careful.  Eli told JJ about the drug in Laniís system.  JJ told Eli that he didnít want Lani to be on the case.  Eli said she was determined to get Snake.  JJ hoped that her cover was blown so she could be off the case.  Steve found out that Roman had an allergic reaction and Tripp helped her.  When Brady got back, Nicole screamed.  She screamed because the faucet was messed up.  He said he bought a hardware store.  Lani got a call from someone telling them that she wanted them and would meet them tomorrow.  When she got off the phone and was about to leave, JJ stopped her.  She said she was being discharged.  She also told him that Abe was taking her home.  Tripp told Roman that he didnít owe him for helping him.  Roman said someone would always have his back if he wanted to be part of the family.  Someone broke into Nicole and Bradyís cabin.  The man had a gun in his hand.

GH Recap Written by Anthony

Jason has a dream that he is chocking Jake on the couch in Elizabeth’s house. He wakes up and Sam promises him he wouldn’t do that. He explains the situation to her and she wants to help him in any way she can. Jason leaves and Alexis shows up. Sam needs to go to Cassadine Island, but Alexis doesn’t want her to go. At Elizabeth’s house, she reads Jake’s temperature and it's 110. She guesses he needs to stay home. Franco shows up and assumes he faked it. Elizabeth doesn’t know what is going on with him. Jake decides to color with Franco, and he wonders what the numbers 0705 mean. Jason shows up and they ask him if he knows. Jason thinks they are reading it wrong and it is actually 0507. Elizabeth realizes it is his birthday.

Carly runs into Alexis and Diane at the Metro Court. Diane is sorry she couldn’t represent Sonny but he already obtained her. Carly knew it was a long shot but asks if Alexis can. Diane leaves. Alexis cannot because she is doesn’t have a license and it will take a while to get it back. Carly doesn’t have the time. Alexis gives her a number to call and use them as a lawyer. Ava shows up and wants to talk to Carly about how if they get divorced Carly will never see Avery again. Carly informs Ava that isn’t going to happen if she tries to make it happen then it will be Ava who never sees her again. At the Quartermaine mansion Laura shows up to ask Tracy what she will do if Samira is her sister. Tracy doesn’t know. Laura believes that she doesn’t need to worry about Edward’s past and just be a combination of both her parents. At the hospital, the immigration officer is about to arrest Monica when Kiki and Dillon are trying to help Samira escape. Ned walks in though and tells the immigration officer that Samira is right in front of him.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

In the office at Brash and Sassy, Victoria asks Billy what's going on, but he is hesitant to tell her that he is in love with Phyllis. Victoria gets a call from Nikki, who wants her to come by. Victoria leaves immediately. Nick arrives at Nikki's to find out what is going on, but she tells him that she will tell them both when Victoria arrives. Lily and Cane are interrupted by Juliet in the lab. Juliet is quite put off that everyone has someone they are committed except her. Jordan also joins them to take some more photos of Lily. Jordan and Lily go off to work on the photoshoot which doesn't sit well with Cane, who watches their every move. At Jabot, Jack has a meeting with Ashley, Phyllis, and Ravi. He tells Ashley that he has bought a building in which she can develop more perfumes, etc. Ashley is quite put out that Jack did not even consult her. When Victoria arrives at the ranch, Nikki shows them a poster of a building that Victor donated money to be built in her name so they could do research on MS. Jack fills Ashley in on the new warehouse for the lab, but she is still furious with him for not consulting her first. Ravi offers to help Phyllis with the new app, but she wants to know how his trip to New York with Ashley went and if he made his intentions known. Cane asks Billy for the new sales projections but his mind is on Phyllis. Juliet offers to help pick the wardrobe for Lily's photoshoot when she finds the camisole which she had thrown into the trash. Juliet looks at the camisole and remembers her night with Cane. Juliet asks Cane about the camisole being in the garment bag, but he denies knowing anything about it. Jordan then tells them that he found it in the trash.

Nikki is upset over the donation. Victoria and Nick try to calm her down because they are afraid her MS will flair up due to the stress. Nikki denies having an attack of her MS. Nikki gives Victoria a story to tell Billy about what she's been hiding from him. Billy and Phyllis share a kiss on the elevator. Jordan takes photos of Lily, but Cane doesn't like it and leaves which puzzles Lily. Ashley tells Jack about her trip to New York and her talk with Benjamin. Victoria gets a text from Billy. When she leaves, Nikki and Nick discuss the evidence that he has against Victor, but Nikki says they must stick to their story. Phyllis imagines what it would be like when they tell Jack that they want to be together. Victoria meets with Billy at the park and lies about what she's  been hiding from him that it had to do with Nikki having a flair-up of her MS. Phyllis makes romantic dinner reservations for herself and Billy. Ravi joins Ashley in Jack's office and invites her to dinner with him, which she accepts.

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