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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

As Ridge and RJ talk, Ridge urges him to do the right thing. RJ laments that if Ridge thinks Coco is innocent, then he would re-hire her. But he is asking her to tell the truth and put her sister in prison. He immediately calls Coco and asks her to come meet him at FC. She says they will not even let her in the door but he says yes they are expecting her now. As she speaks with Sally she says she trusted Sally but she never will be accepted by the Forrester’s again. She is a Spectra, a knockoff artist pariah and that is all they ever will be. Sally swears that she has learned her lesson and never will do that again. She will make it up to Coco, she promises. Nothing will tear them apart. Shirley does not feel sorry for the Forrester’s; they can afford it. Sally is afraid there might be a price to pay. Both Zende and Nicole are surprised that they want Coco to confess to her unwitting crime. Steffy says Sally deserves all that is coming.

RJ tells Coco that he misses her. He has sent her messages and she never responded. He tells her that she is innocent in all of this. She says yes and she is sorry with all that happened. All the work that Ridge did is now down the drain. He tells her there is a way she can help…by telling his whole family. She says sure just tell her what to say. He says just the truth. Coco says what her sister did was wrong but she is not sure what RJ wants her to do. He says he knows she would not do anything to hurt his family. And his family has talked to a cop and there is a good chance they can press charges. Coco would need some proof or document. She says okay she will do it as Sally is profiting off stolen gains. He tells her to make sure as there are criminal charges for larceny and Sally could go to prison of up to fifteen years. She says she would do anything but to go up against her sister like this….is this what he wants to send her sister to prison?

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Jade told Joey she was moving in with Tripp.  Joey asked if Tripp was sure if he wanted her to move in with him.  Tripp told Joey why he wanted her to move in with him.  Lani woke up on a park bench.  She called JJ to help her.  He came to the bench and asked her what happened.  She didn’t know what happened.  Abby took Thomas out of the DiMera mansion.  Joey told Jade that she shouldn’t move in with Tripp because she knew about Ava.  She said she wasn’t going to tell Tripp the truth.  She decided to go when Joey wouldn’t tell her that he wanted her to stay.  Lani told JJ what happened to her.  He wanted to take her to the hospital to see if she was raped.  When Steve came by the loft, he found out that Jade was moving in with Tripp.  Jennifer and Abby met to talk.  Jennifer told Abby that Chad wouldn’t give up on her.  Kate wanted to talk to Chad about getting back the money they lost.  She said it wasn’t legal.  Kayla told Lani that it appeared that she might not have been raped, but she had something in her system.  JJ said he shouldn’t have let her go see Snake.  She said he didn’t.  He thought her cover was blown.  She said she would have been dead if it were blown.

Kate told Chad that they needed to start stealing to get their money back, but he didn’t want to do that.  She told him that he didn’t owe Abby a thing.  Jennifer told Abby about her relationship with Eric.  Jade talked to Steve about Joey.  She also told him that she wouldn’t tell Tripp about Ava.  She told him that she appreciated having him and Kayla by her side since they were going to be family soon.  Steve talked to Tripp about why he wanted to live with Jade.  Steve asked him if thought about his father when he hit people.  Steve told him he would never give up on him.  Chad decided to go along with Kate’s plan.  Abby overheard Chad and Kate celebrating stealing.  Snake called Lani.  She asked him what happened to her.  He wanted her to wait for his instructions.  Abby confronted Chad about stealing.  He told her she lost her say when she didn’t show up for the meeting and took his son out of the house.  Steve told Kayla that Tripp was moving in with Jade.  He said he couldn’t tell Tripp what to do, but Kayla said she could.  Chad and Abby argued over him stealing.  Abby left the mansion.

GH Recap Written by Anthony

Ava and Kiki finish up a dinner at the Floating Rib. Kiki has to get to work. Ava still isn’t sure how she feels about Kiki working in the psych ward. Kiki enjoys what she is doing though and she is helping people. Ava guesses that is a good thing. She just wants her to be happy. Later, Griffin shows up and Kiki leaves. Ava asks him to join her for a drink. At the hospital, Bobbie runs into Sonny. She tells him what he is doing is not a smart idea and Carly is ready to start war with him. Sonny doesn’t think that it matters. Lucy shows up and sees the pill bottle. This scares her. She assumes that Sonny doesn’t want to go to the Nurse’s ball this year because of Morgan. Sonny reminds her that Morgan’s middle name is Stone. He is going to the ball and is going to donate money to it as well. Sonny goes to an appointment with Andre where he tries to find out what was wrong with the pills. Andre suggests he go to a private lab. Kiki overhears this.

Carly shows up at the Quartermaine mansion with beer and tacos for Michael. She tells him what Sonny did to Jax and how he asked her to leave town with him. Michael thinks she should have gone. Carly cannot leave right now. Michael assumes it is because she thinks he will get with Nelle. Carly doesn’t want him to get with Nelle. She is just like she was when she first showed up to PC. She hurt Jason and while he may be her best friend, he will never be in love with her again because of the things she did. Nelle is going to hurt Michael. Michael says he will do what he wants. He looks at Nelle’s contact when she leaves. At Anna’s house, Valentin shows up to give her the watch back. Anna wants to have one last drink together and Nina calls him up. Valentin pretends to not have service and he and Anna have their final drink. Anna makes him take the watch back by guilting him. He leaves and feels uncertain of things. Nina and Nelle go to the Metro Court to have a girls night. Carly shows up and informs Nina of what Nelle did with Sonny. Nelle assumes Nina is going to fire her and is about to leave when Nina tells her she is going to spy on Valentin for her.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

After Hilary and Devon finalize their divorce, she changes the name of GC Buzz to the Hilary Hour and plans to have more lifestyle and advice segments and a tiny bit of gossip she wants to get real with her audience. Hilary tells her audience about her divorce and owns up to the mistakes she made with Devon. Since Mariah is a little upset that she will have a minimal role in the show, Devon asks Hilary to let her participate more in the show. When Devon tells Hilary he likes the new direction of the show, she is touched by his compliment. Hilary and Devon both take off their wedding rings and try their best to move on with their lives. Cane is still having a hard time working with both Juliet and Lily and keeping his one-night stand a secret from his wife. Cane worries that Juliet will tell Lily what happened since they are becoming friends. Phyllis thinks Jack should forgive Billy, because holding on to bitterness is bad for his health. Jack tells Phyllis he will never forgive Billy so Phyllis decides not to tell him that she and Billy are back together. Billy tells Victoria that for a brief time he thought he might be Bella's father. He starts to tell her that he and Phyllis are back together.

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