The TV MegaSite's Tuesday 4/25/17 Short Recaps


B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Steffy asks Ridge if he is giving up on Brooke. He says no, she has been engaged before and nothing happened. He just wants to focus on the new collection. Spectra stole theirs so their hands are tied. Nicole has lunch with Coco. Nicole says she feels badly about what happened. Coco says not only did FC get hurt badly but her own relationship with her sister. So now she is looking for a job. She does not know where she stands with RJ. But RJ tells Zende none of this is Coco’s fault and he will not give up on her. Zende says this is not the first time so the Forrester’s are not going to let the Spectra’s get away with this. Shirley tells Sally there is nothing to worry about. They have always been a knockoff house so it is still that way and the orders are pouring in. They will be okay. Carter brings Lt. Baker in to explain to Ridge and Steffy what they can legally do about the rip-offs. Ridge thanks them and says file the papers right away; they are going to prosecute. Yes they can prosecute but they really need a confession. Ridge says the only one that was honorable over there and claimed she was innocent was Coco. Sally tells Shirley to read her lips. She is never going to poach any designs again. All her designs from now on, sink or swim, will be her own. She hurt someone she really cared about her and also Coco. It is too late with Thomas but not ruined for her and Coco and maybe for Coco with RJ. She should not have to pay for her sins.

Ridge calls RJ in and says he wants to believe that Coco was innocent and was used. Coco tells Nicole that her sister bond is broken. Sally knew how she felt and did it anyway. Saul tells Sally that at least the wrecking ball is not after them. So they did it a little different way, no harm done. Sally says okay, from now on they are going to be squeaky clean. They will do it on their own and earn everyone’s respect. Newsflash - Shirley informs her that she can walk on water and will never be good enough for the Forrester’s. Sally says maybe so, but she is going to work her tail off to become the best designer she can be and someday compete with the Forrester’s. Ridge tells RJ that Lt. Baker might have a case and they need a confession from Coco as to exactly what she knew and what happened. If she is innocent then she will do it. Nicole tells Coco that even their kin make mistakes and hurt them at times so Sally can be forgiven and get past this. RJ doesn’t like it. They are talking about lawyers now, not just confessing to him. Ridge says there are millions of dollars at stake here and of course they could be jail time for some of them. RJ doesn’t like that, sending Coco’s sister to prison. Ridge says Sally brought this on herself and it has to be done.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Hope, Sonny, and Paul talked about taking down Deimos.  Nicole told Brady that she loved him more than a friend.  They started to make love.  Victor and Deimos talked about Deimosí obsession with Nicole.  Raines told Lani and JJ about a new case.  Lani wanted to talk to one of the hookers to take down a pimp.  Paul asked Sonny to move in with him.  JJ talked to Roman about a pimp named Snake.  Roman was going to get information on Snake.  Roman warned him to be careful.  Sonny told Paul that he didnít want to move in with him.  They ended up in an argument.

JJ told Lani that Snake was a killer.  Lani still wanted to meet him anyway.  Deimos hired a private jet to find Nicole.  Victor warned him not to hurt Brady or the kids.  Lani went undercover to meet Snake.  JJ followed her and watched them together.  Lani and Snake went to a motel.  He had a test for her and wanted her to drink champagne.  JJ called someone and put an APB out on Lani.  Sonny found out that Deimos lied about the business trip he was going on.  Lani didnít feel well after she drank the champagne.  Snake said he would take care of her.  Brady and Nicole made love.

GH Recap Written by Anthony

Michael is at the Floating Rib blowing off steam when Dante and Lulu walk in. Michael admits he is dealing with a lot thanks to Nelle and how things have played out with Sonny and Carly. Dante is sorry he had to arrest Jax but he had no other choice. Nelle walks in and Michael goes to talk to her. Dante goes and confronts the bar tender asking if he has seen any pills around. The bar tender never sees pills. Lulu asks Nelle how Charlotte enjoyed her visit. Nelle says that she had a lot of fun. Later, Michael tells Nelle that he might possibly be able to forgive her one day. At GH, Griffin confronts Finn because he has failed his drug test. Finn has no idea how that happened. Hayden suggests that the drugs are still in his system. Griffin hopes that is the case. He leaves. Hayden wants to know what the heck happened. Finn promises he wasn’t doing drugs. He wants his rock bottom to have been at the docks.

Anna continues to listen in on Valentin and Nina. At Valentin’s house Nina looks at the watch again and Valentin comes in. He has a surprise for her and takes out a pair of riding boots. Nina thinks that he got her a horse and they go out to ride him. Back at Anna’s, Griffin shows up. He is angry that she didn’t show up for her appointment. Anna doesn’t need a bunch of doctors hassling over her because of him and Robin. Griffin thinks that is exactly what she needs right now. Anna promises him that she will be safe. Griffin gets a call from Finn and needs his help. Anna continues to listen and after having sex Nina goes to ride the horse again. Anna calls up Valentin and asks him to come over. He does and wants to give back the watch. He is over Anna. Anna stops him though. Nina comes back in from riding and Valentin is still gone. She finds Nelle and asks Nelle to spy for her. At the Quartermaine house, Tracy tells Samira she needs to go back to Turkey. Samira will not leave without the painting. She ends up fainting and they take her to GH. Tracy begs Finn to help but he cannot. He gets Griffin to help instead. Tracy tells Laura she needs the DNA test back now.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

Home alone, Scott looks at Christine's name on his cell phone when Lauren comes home and wonders what he is doing. Scott lets her know that he is bored while staring at a blank screen. Scott asks Lauren to fix him up with one of her girlfriends. Michael, Kevin and Billy are in Paul's office discussing all the things Chloe has done. Sharon arrives to see Nikki but Tessa tells her that Nikki has gone to the hair salon. Sharon drops off some papers for Nikki. Sharon and Tessa begin to talk. Ravi and Ashley are in Jack's office when he tells her about Abby being CEO of Newman. Abby finds out that Jack wants to buy the warehouse. Abby and Jack go to the Athletic Club and discuss his buying the warehouse, but he is puzzled as to why she is trying to unload it since Victor is away. Jack gives in and tells her that he will buy the warehouse on the condition that she tell him what is going on.

At the Coffeehouse, Kendall watches Reed and Zoey together. Kendall joins them and tells them about her getting cut off on the highway. Billy and Kevin continue to argue over Chloe when Paul arrives with the test results and gives both Kevin and Billy a copy. Reed lets Tess play his new guitar complements of his mother. Reed gets a text from Kendall about finding his wallet, which she brings to the main house. While saying goodbye, Kendall leans in and kisses Reed. Billy is disappointed that Bella is not his. Billy fills Phyllis in on the news. Billy pours out his heart to Phyllis about Bella not being his. Phyllis comforts him. Scott pays Sharon a visit at the Coffeehouse where they talk while enjoying pastries. He can't stop staring into her eyes and admits he's interested in her. Abby and Jack discuss business while Ravi watches them.

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