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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Brooke wakes up and immediately smiles as she sees her ring back on her finger. Bill says it is not a dream. Wyatt and Liam are in discussion at Spencer’s and Wyatt says their dad will still get his skyscraper but it will just take a little longer than he expected. Bill brushes past them without a hello but whistling and they notice he is wearing his sword necklace again. Bill says yes and so is Brooke…..not the necklace but her engagement ring. They are getting married. Quinn shows Katie around the office and even points out that Pam gets a little flustered but she does her best work when she shares her duties with someone. Katie quips that she is not coming back to FC to be a secretary. Maybe she will see Eric instead. She sees Eric is designing along with Ridge but says she is checking in to let him know she is ready and able to help in any way she can. Eric says they can always use some help and next thing you know Katie says she is not experienced but she knows good fashion and she will help in any way she can. Much to Quinn’s chagrin Katie offers to help with the jewelry. Quinn tells her that she can do anything here she wants to but not work with her on the jewelry line.

Bill tells his skyscraper it might not happen today but it will still happen someday. He tells his boys just say it often enough like he did with Brooke and it will happen. Bill would like to find out just what Brooke and Ridge broke up over. Liam and Wyatt say they are not worried but Bill should know Ridge is still pursuing Brooke. Bill says he is not worried. Ridge sees Brooke’s ring and wishes she had not done that. He tells her to take it off. He screwed up but that is no excuse for her to do it too. She tells him it is in his DNA, he cannot be committed to any woman. It is a game to him and that is not what she wants with betrayal for her or for RJ. She says there will always be a place in her heart but she cannot be his anymore. They had dreams and they had visions and wanted to be happy for the rest of their lives but that is just not possible. Katie says she needs a job and Quinn needs help so why is it so bad. Together they can celebrate the sanctity of her marriage. Quinn will be true to that beautiful man who loves and trusts her. She will not tell Eric anything unless Quinn forces her too. Quinn says that will not be a problem. Katie says good but if working conditions are not tenable then she will be forced to tell Eric. She can’t wait. With her back turned, Katie goes on and on how she appreciates Quinn seeing it her way and welcoming her to work with her. Quinn picks up a silver letter opener and it seems she knows exactly what to do with it.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Maggie told Deimos that Nicole wasnít going to take him back.  Theo snapped at Wyatt while they were getting ready for earth day.  Ciara wondered why Theo was going off on Wyatt.  Eli apologized to Gabi for being upset with her over Julie.  He told Gabi that Sonny told him what Nicole did to her.  Abby was upset that Chad set up the town square for her.  Ciara told Theo not to get upset with Wyatt.  Gabi told Eli that she tried to apologize to Julie, but they got in an argument.  Eli asked Gabi out.  Chad and Abby got in an argument.  Maggie continued to warn Deimos not to chase after Nicole.  Abby told Chad that she wanted someone to love just her.  Eli and Gabi saw Chad and Abby arguing.  Abby told Chad that she would love him, but she wanted to move on.  Theo and Claire got in an argument when she accused him of being jealous of Wyatt. 

Eli wanted to know if Gabi was okay with Chad and Abby being together and she said she was.  Wyatt told Ciara that he liked how smart she was.  Chad and Theo ran into each other.  Chad told him that Abby left him.  Abby went to see Maggie and talked to her about Chad.  Gabi confronted Deimos about what he did to her father.  When he said something she didnít like, she was upset.  Chad told Gabi that Abby didnít want to take him back.  It turned out that Theo was the one who sent Wyatt after Ciara.  Wyatt wanted to know why Theo was so mad about him being with Ciara.  Theo told Wyatt not to tell Ciara what he did.

GH Recap Written by Anthony

Alexis is questioned by Jordan and Diane is in the room. Alexis admits that she wasn’t kidnapped but she was actually trying to get Julian to turn himself in. Jordan is baffled by the fact that Alexis would do that. She leaves Diane to talk some sense into her. Alexis admits she isn’t telling the full truth. She wonders if Julian can be excused of his crimes. In the holding cell, Julian is confronted by Olivia who is having Ned adopt Leo. She isn’t going to have Leo visit Julian while he is in jail. The reality is that before he went into hiding Julian hadn’t even bothered to see Leo for months. Olivia lets Julian think about it. At Elizabeth’s Jason and her show Jake photos of what they looked like when they were younger. Jason asks if he remembers what he used to look like. Jake acts scared but when confronted claims that he isn’t afraid of Jason. He is afraid of the witch. Jason and Elizabeth later discuss how the Witch is Helena and she made Jason do a lot of bad things. It is possible that Jake was scared of how Jason used to look and Helena made him do something horrible in front of Jake.

Tracy attempts to get a hold of Finn when Laura shows up wondering what Tracy needs a DNA test for. Tracy admits that she is trying to figure out if Samira is Edward’s daughter. Laura asks if that would change anything but Tracy doesn’t know. Tracy and Laura go to the Quartermaine Mansion where Samira is singing Edward’s Thanksgiving song to Ned. Samira claims that she is teaching her daughter the song and she learned it from her mother. It isn’t a popular song in Turkey. Tracy claims she knows exactly what to do, but that Samira has to get back to Turkey. Elsewhere, Jax asks Carly to go back to bring Joss and move to Australia with him. Carly cannot though because she has Michael and Nelle won’t stop going after him. She also has Morgan’s memory and she likes having a grave she can go and talk to. Jax feels that Sonny is involved. Carly claims he isn’t. Jax warns her that the offer might not still be there if she wants it later. She and Jax say goodbye to one another.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Scott decides to say no to his new undercover assignment, because he wants to build a life in Genoa City and is curious why Nikki doesn't want him to help write Victor's book. Christine pleads with Scott to take the undercover assignment, because this time she would be his handler, but he sill says no to the job. Abby worries that she is making the wrong choice by buying a space and going ahead with her plans for a division to help tech company start up businesses. Abby talks to Ashley and decides not to go ahead with a project that Victor already turned down, but then she finds out that Jack wants to buy the same space for Jabot. Billy and Kevin both get letters from Chloe telling them they could be Bella's father and urging them to find out the truth. Chloe tells Billy she stole his sperm sample from the hospital. Billy confirms with the hospital that the sperm sample is missing and goes to tell everything to Paul. Kevin's letter tells him that Chloe switched the DNA results of the test he took, so he heads to the police station to tell Paul about the letter. Paul tells them that the letters were sent from different locations, so the police wouldn't be able to find her. Paul asks the police lab to put a rush on the DNA test while Billy and Kevin wait nervously to find out who is Bella's father.

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