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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Katie makes light that it sure is taking a long time for Quinn and Ridge to get some honey, maybe she should go help them. Eric talks her out of it. It’s like a mystery novel and they should not split up and help the forces. Ridge agrees with Quinn that whatever they had is over and will not happen again. It’s time to go back with the honey. Quinn says she still feels guilty. She still has her marriage and her life. Quinn explains their absence for so long as Ridge had a run-in with the jar of honey. She says all’s well that ends well though. Katie tells Eric that his wife is keeping something from him. Quinn looks shocked until Katie pipes up and says Quinn offered her a job. Quinn explains that she has not talked it over with Eric yet but she wanted to think about it. As lovely as it would be to have Katie in the office every day she wanted to make sure the position was a good fit. Eric says they will discuss it soon. Right now he and Ridge need to get ready with more designs for their showing. Eric leaves and Katie says she knows this job is just an olive branch. Ridge says there is nothing between them. Brooke is the woman in his life and he is not giving up on her.

Quinn says that she will tell Eric tonight so there is no reason to blackmail them. Ridge says no, there is no reason for anyone to tell Eric anything. Eric wants to settle down after all these years. And he wants to do the same. While Brooke is not answering his calls or texts he knows they can get their family back together and she is the only woman he wants. And Quinn wants Eric so that is the end of that. Brooke pours Bill his favorite Scotch and makes hors d’oeuvres with caviar for Bill and he feels like she is back home. Even after all has happened in Aspen and Du Bai and with her going to marry Ridge he always knew she would come back to him. She tells him to never doubt that, she will never leave him again. Enough of eating, he wants to get to the main course. He can tell by the look in her eyes she is ready too. She jokes that he can clean up while she goes and gets ready upstairs. He can count to 100 and then come up. When he does he is amused to find the bed strewn with money all over it. Then Brooke comes out of the bathroom with dollar bills pasted all over herself. He whinnies again as Brooke says she wants to spend the rest of her life as his wife. She opens a box and says she wants to see this ring back on her finger……will he marry her? He answers he wants nothing more. He puts the ring on and says he loves her and will be honored to be her husband. They seal it with a kiss.

Days Recap Written by Joseph

Abigail sits at the Pub looking up job listings and apartments. Dario comes in and wants to be there for her but Abigail insists she must do it alone. Kate sees them together. Jennifer then goes to see Abigail and wants to help her through everything but Abigail repeats that she must face her problems on her own. Sonny goes to see Chad and encourages him to give Abigail time and space. Julie complains to Doug about Gabi in the hospital while Gabi and Eli argue over what happened. Kate goes to see Chad and they argue over Kate believing Chad belongs with Gabi. Kate tells Chad that she saw Abigail with Dario so she must have moved on.

Eric finds Abigail outside and asks if she wants to talk so Abigail tells him about everything that is going on and how she wants Jennifer to back off and let her handle things herself. Abigail thanks Eric for listening. Sonny goes to the hospital and explains to Eli that Julie hates Gabi because she killed Nick but that Nick stalked and blackmailed Gabi, which Eli did not know. Gabi goes to apologize to Julie but she continues telling her to stay away from Eli. Gabi tells her that she knows she faked her heart attack while Julie warns her about hurting Eli or Abigail. When Gabi leaves the room, Eli says he needs to apologize while Gabi feels she needs to as well.

Kate goes to the club and encourages Dario about his relationship with Abigail as she thinks they could be more than friends. Eric advises Jennifer about giving Abigail space. Chad takes Abigail to the town square which he had cleared out and set up a candle light dinner for them. Abigail doesn't know how to respond as Chad tells her about his vows being from the heart. Chad wants their lives filled with their love and for her to hold him to his vows every day of his life.

GH Recap Written by Anthony

Dante needs to get Alexis’s statement in order for them to properly make sure that Julian is locked away for good. Sam will make sure that Alexis gets to it. Dante leaves and Alexis comes down stairs. Sam tries to question what Alexis was actually doing with Julian but Kristina and Molly show up. They have lunch and movies to watch. Sam later tells them that Alexis needs to talk to the police and Kristina and Molly hope Alexis isn’t having a change of heart. Alexis later admits to Sam that she wasn’t kidnapped and she still isn’t sure what to do about Julian. At the PCPD Ava goes to see Julian. She is unsure of how she feels about him being alive but she has hired Scott to be his lawyer. Ava leaves and talks with Dante who tells her that the evidence has been released from the robbery and the pills are going to Sonny. Scott informs Julian that he needs to tell the truth about Alexis or he could be going away for a long time. Julian still isn’t going to tell him. Scott later talks with Ava and he tells her that the pills were switched back and Sonny will never know the wiser.

Jason tells Sonny that whatever he is doing with Jax isn’t going to go well for him. He gets a call from Elizabeth and needs to meet with Jason. Jason agrees to go see her at her house. Sonny is left alone until Carly shows up to tell him off for calling immigration on Jax. She will fix this and he will be out of luck. If he wants war then he will get it. She leaves and Dante shows up with the pills. Sonny is going to get to the bottom as to why they were at the Floating Rib after all these months. At Carly’s house she finds that Jax is back from immigration and he has until tonight to leave. He will never be able to come back to the US. He asks if Carly and Joss will come back to Australia to live with him. At Elizabeth’s house she tells Jason that Jake had admitted that he was scared of his parents and that it really meant he was scared of Jake because Franco said so. Later, when Jake comes home Jake admits that he isn’t afraid of Jason and Jason thinks he knows who Jake is afraid of. They show Jake a photo album and Jason asks if Jake knows who this person is.

Y&R Recap Written by Christine

Billy came to visit Phyllis, unaware that Jack was at the apartment. Phyllis lead Jack to believe a neighbor was at the door. Billy hid until Jack left. Phyllis told Billy that Jack asked her to help him get revenge on Victor, but she turned him down. Billy confided that Victoria had apologized about pushing him out of her life but he told her that he only wanted to be friends. Billy announced that he wanted to be with Phyllis. They kissed. Chelsea was stunned and angry when Paul told her that they hadn't found a trace of Chloe. Chelsea didn't understand how Chloe had managed to disappear without having money. Paul promised not to stop searching for Chloe. Chelsea said she couldn't wait months or years for justice. After Chelsea left, Christine arrived and urged Paul to go home and rest. Paul wanted her to join him, but Chris said she had a big assignment. Ashley and Ravi shared a kiss. Both later admitted to each other that they weren't sure what the kiss meant. Ben Hochman invited Ashley to dinner, but she opted to stay with Ravi. Ben made some boorish comments about Ravi, and Ravi put him in his place. Ben left. Ravi was nervous that he'd angered or embarrassed Ashley. Ashley assured Ravi that Ben had it coming and thanked him for standing up for her. Nick and Sharon discussed Faith. Sharon said that Faith was upset because she saw Nick punch Victor. Nick said he and Victor explained that they were sparring. Sharon wondered if that was what really happened or if Nick moved Faith out of the main house because he was feuding with Victor. Nick swore that he simply felt it was time for their daughter to come home.

After Nick left, Scott entered the coffeehouse and told Sharon that Nikki had basically ordered him not to write Victor's biography. Scott thought it was odd that he hadn't been able to reach Victor by phone. Sharon wasn't sure what was going on, but she thought Victor would return soon, so she told Scott not to worry about him. Scott wanted to continue their evening, so they had dessert. Sharon divulged that she was just out of a relationship, and Scott assured her that he was willing to take things slow. Mariah arrived, and Scott regaled them with a story about his time overseas. While Sharon went to close up, Mariah complimented Scott's storytelling. He apologized if he offended her at the wedding. She mentioned that she wanted to get into investigative journalism and asked for advice. Scott was happy to help. Scott got a text that concerned him. He kissed Sharon on the cheek and left. Mariah thought Scott seemed like a good guy. Sharon liked his honesty. Scott met with his aunt, Christine. She thanked him for coming, but he reminded her that he had no choice. They had a discussion. It seemed Scott had been secretly doing assignments for a Special Agent Maxwell, while he'd been working as a reporter. Scott was no longer interested in working for the agency. He didn't understand why they needed him, since Genoa City wasn't a hotbed of crime and espionage. Chris tried to get him to reconsider. Scott angrily refused, because he'd been kidnapped while on assignment for the agency, and none of them had rescued him. Nick called Chelsea to say he missed her, but she didn't answer. Jack met with Nick, supposedly to give his condolences about Adam. Jack also casually questioned him about Victor's trip. Chelsea arrived, and while they were alone, Jack sought her opinion on whether Nick blamed Victor for what happened to Adam. Chelsea thought that the revelation about Adam might have opened up old wounds.

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