Thursday 4/20/17 Recaps

The TV MegaSite's Thursday 4/20/17 Short Recaps


B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Eric shows Carter the designs and says the Spectra’s have been doing this for years. They tweak a little with the fabric and color and claim it as their own. He asks Ridge how did this happen on his watch. He retorts because they all thought the Spectra girl was a good intern. But she turned out to be as bad as the rest. In the kitchen, Quinn looks up and there is Katie. Quinn says she did not hear the doorbell. Katie said she never knew there was a side entrance until today. Quinn says that is the service door so what is she delivering. They trade a few barbs but Katie does not leave. Brooke tells Bill that the necklace is back where it belongs. He tells her that she is back where she belongs too. Eric says it makes no sense. Sally flew all the way to Australia to be their guest at the wedding. They wined and dined her and here is the way she repaid them. And speaking of weddings he wants to know why Ridge called off his own wedding to Brooke. Bill also wants to know from Brooke what happened for her to leave Ridge. She does not want to talk about the details. She just says she does not want to take that ride again.

Quinn tells Katie again that she loves her husband and she is only putting up with Katie dropping in because they are old friends, so finish whatever she came for and leave. Katie seems to think she has the upper hand as she has information Eric should know. Quinn says no, Eric is close to her and Ridge and he will not be upset with a few kisses. Katie gloats that it must have been more than that for Brooke to call off her wedding. Katie marches into the living room and is surprised to find Ridge there. Eric says he was just trying to find out why there was no Brooke/Ridge wedding…..does Katie know? She says as a matter of fact she does. Eric can’t wait to hear. She says just say that Ridge disappointed her sister. Well, maybe not disappointed but failed her just like he has so many times before. She plops on the couch and partakes of some tea that she says Quinn offered her. She wants honey so Quinn has to go to kitchen to get some. Bill tells Brooke this is a no-apology zone so she does not have to say more. She vows she will never turn her back on him again. Eric tells Ridge that he used to confide in him and now he won’t. Ridge says some things in marriage and almost marriages does not have to be discussed. He leaves and goes to the kitchen and brushes against Quinn and helps her get the honey out of the cupboard. Bill tells Brooke that he always wants more money, more of everything but right now he just wants one thing – her. He sweeps off his desk and pushes her back on it. She tells the stallion to wait, they need a proper reunion. He likes the sound of that. Ridge tells Quinn that in Australia she told him something on the beach and he needs clarification. She says she cannot go back to that life before Eric. Ridge means nothing to her, they flirted that is all. In the back and forth the bottle of honey spills all over Ridge’s shirt. She rushes to get some water to wipe it off. They touch and she says again that he means nothing to her and they cannot keep doing this.

Days Recap Written by Joseph

Eli finds Gabi in the town square and takes her on a walk to get some ice cream to cheer her up. Steve goes to see Adrienne, who is preparing to take a trip to see her sons. Steve fills Adrienne in on Tripp being alive and everything that is happening. Kayla talks with Tripp at the police station and tries to encourage him about giving Steve a chance. Kayla drives him back to the loft after he is released from the station. Julie goes to the police station to talk to Hope about her problems with Eli seeing Gabi due to Gabi killing Nick. Hope suggests she leave it alone but Julie doesn't want to hear it. Jade wants Joey to admit they were in love before but Joey says he wanted to stay together for their baby but now there is no baby and they aren't soulmates so she must move out. Lucas worries that it's too soon for Adrienne to take a trip but she assures him that she will be fine and encourages him in his work.

Eli and Gabi sit outside together until Eli gets a phone call and steps away. Julie then confronts Gabi and they start arguing. When Eli comes back, Julie complains of chest pains so Eli calls the hospital. Kayla and Steve have dinner with Rafe and Hope at the Pub where they continue talking about Steve working things out with Tripp. At the hospital, Eli ends up calling on Valerie to be Julie's doctor which Julie is hesitant of at first but Eli convinces her. Gabi worries that she was the cause of this. Joey and Tripp talk at the loft where Tripp mentions he will be getting his own place so Joey suggests a place next door that is open. When Jade comes back, she tells Tripp about her fight with Joey and how she has to move out so Tripp invites her to move in with him. Kayla worries to Steve that Jade could tell Tripp that Joey killed Ava to get back at him. Hope and Rafe talk with Gabi at the hospital about what happened. Valerie has Julie checked out and confirms she did not have a heart attack but will find out what happened while Gabi realizes that Julie may have faked it.

GH Recap Written by Anthony

Elizabeth and Jason get out of a follow up appointment with Andre. They agree that they have to be civil to one another and work as one. Jason has to leave. Elsewhere, Franco finds Kiki and tells her that Jake is afraid of Jason because he could never be afraid of Elizabeth. Elizabeth comes over Kiki has to get to class. Elizabeth wants to know what is going on. Franco admits that Jake’s drawing might reflect that he is scared of Jason. Elizabeth doesn’t think that this is the case though. The two promise that they will try to look into it further and find out what is in Jake’s best interest. At Sonny’s house Jason shows up. He walks in on Michael yelling at Sonny over his actions. Sonny admits to Jason what happened and Michael leaves. Jason wishes him a happy birthday. Jason admits that Julian is alive. Sonny cannot believe it. Sonny makes a phone call when Jason is in the kitchen he needs a favor. Jason wants Sonny to move past Jax. Meanwhile, Michael shows up at the PCPD where he finds Nelle. He offers her any amount of cash to get her to testify against Jax. Nelle leaves though and doesn’t accept the money. He later finds out from Jax and Carly that it was because of her that Jax got off. Michael does to confront Nelle and thinks she did a good thing. At Carly’s house an immigration officer shows up for Jax.

Tracy shows up at the hospital. She wants Finn to do a DNA test. Finn wants to know why but Tracy won’t admit what it is. Finn isn’t going to risk his career without knowing. Tracy admits that she might have a sister and needs to know. She doesn’t want a sister, she wants to keep the painting, and she doesn’t want to get involved in third world politics. Finn agrees to help her. At the Quartermaine house, an immigration officer shows up for Samira. Monica claims that no one is there though and if he wants to come in he needs a search warrant. Samira blames Tracy for this incident but Monica and Dillon both disagree with her on that. Monica promises to do whatever it takes to get that painting back to Turkey with Samira.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

At the Newman ranch, Nikki tells Scott that she hopes she hadn't cut his evening short, because she wanted to talk to him about the book. Nikki tells Scott that Victor has left town. Scott asks Nikki why she wants to protect Victor concerning this book. Phyllis comes home and texts Billy that life is too short and tells him to call her. Jack interrupts her by telling her that he has an opportunity that is ripe for the picking. In New York, Ashley and Ravi are getting ready to attend the opera when Benjamin joins them and asks to talk to Ashley alone. Benjamin tells her about his daughter and the problem that he has been having since the divorce. He invites her out to dinner as a way of saying he is sorry. Reed calls Billy and asks him if he talked to Victoria about him getting his car back, but Billy tells him that is Victoria's decision. Billy reads the text message from Phyllis. Cane and Juliet join Victoria in the lab to let her know how well Lily is doing. Billy comes out of the office and is less than enthused about the news. Victoria pulls him into her office and asks him what is his problem. Billy tells her that she is lashing out at him, because he didn't immediately jump back into her bed. Jack explains everything that is going on over at the Newman household and that there is more to the story than they are telling. Jack admits that he wants vengeance over what Victor did to him and Phyllis. Jack also tells Phyllis that Victor is out of town. Nikki tells Scott that Victor needs protection from himself and there are things that could come out in that book that would destroy their family. Ravi asks Ashley if she ready to go to the opera and she tells him that she is so ready. At the Coffeehouse, Kendall asks Zoey about Reed. Zoey lets her know that yesterday they spent the day together at Reed's, because Victoria wasn't at home. When Zoey leaves the table for just a moment, Kendall takes her cell phone and texts Reed to join her at a movie to which he readily agrees. Zoey rejoins her and is none the wiser about what Kendall has just done.

Cane thanks Juliet for helping him look good at the meeting. Cane admits that he and Billy have a history but will not give her any details. Victoria comes out of the office and asks Juliet to join her for drinks so they can get better acquainted. Victoria asks Juliet if she has a certain man in her life to which Juliet won't readily admit to the fact that the man she is interested in is none other than Cane. Cane makes some off-handed remarks to Billy about his love life but Billy readily tells him not to make assumptions about his love life. Jack and Phyllis continue to discuss the Newman family and what could be going on with them. Jack lets Phyllis know that he saw a difference in Nikki. Scott tries to call Victor with no luck. Nikki tells Scott that she wants to kill this story before it can any further. Scott asks her what she has to hide. Jack owns up that this vendetta he has toward Victor is personal. Reed and Kendall enjoy the movies. Victoria comes home, not really feeling any pain and Reed calls her being a little bit intoxicated. Ashley and Ravi come back from the opera and share a kiss outside their bedroom doors. Jack asks Phyllis to help him expose the Newmans, but Phyllis refuses to get involved.

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