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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Bill is looking at himself in the mirror in his office and thinking about when he took his sword necklace off and gave it to Brooke. Wyatt and Jarrett walk in and catch him and Wyatt asks if this is what he does all day. Bill quips that he has nothing better to look at. Wyatt says that Jarrett has good news. Jarrett tells Bill that Spectra Fashions ripped off FC. At a round table discussion Brooke tells the group that this is not good. RJ says Coco did not know about this. Steffy says all the Spectra’s ruined their showing. Brooke says Carter is looking into what they can do about it. Steffy speaks up again that she warned all of them about Sally but they did not listen. Thomas says he trusted Sally but it was a massive mistake. Coco comes back to Spectra and confronts Sally. Sally replies that she will tell all at FC that Coco had nothing to do with this but Coco says it is too late. They never want to see her again. And Sally even broke up with Thomas because she betrayed him by stealing and could not look him in the eye. They had two amazing Forrester guys and Sally messed that up. RJ believes her but the others in charge do not. Sally says she made a bad decision and now is so sorry. Grams was pushing her and she never felt good enough. But the thing she regrets the most is hurting Coco and ruining her dreams. Bill is amazed that Spectra got to FC again. Jarrett says the public does not care that they are knockoffs as long as they get an elegant gown at affordable prices. Spectra Fashions is not going anywhere. Bill grouses at him that he has the gift of stating the obvious and there goes his new skyscraper, dammit. Brooke says they will have to wait and see what the lawyers say. Steffy is sure they will have to scrap their whole collection. Even though RJ says they made changes so they are not identical, Steffy says they are enough it would be a big risk. She thinks they have to cut their losses and go back to the drawing board. They are not going to let Spectra get away with this.

Sally tells Coco that she is sorry so just let her please explain. Coco laments to her that she told her she did not want to be a spy but she used her anyway with the hidden camera inside the necklace and brooch. She thought she was just being nice with those gifts but she only cares about herself. Maybe she is naïve but she never thought her own sister would betray her like this. Bill tells Wyatt that Thomas, the junior dressmaker, would not steal from his family. It had to be Sally that duped them. This is going to be more than stabbing someone in the back. It is going to come back and bite her in the ass. He orders Jarrett to go ahead and write his scathing report, minimize all of Spectra’s accomplishments and then Wyatt can go ahead with their wrecking plans… not dare cancel that. Steffy tells them one thing is for certain, they cannot have contact with either Coco or Sally. Thomas says no problem, but RJ does not understand why Coco is being punished. She is just as much a victim as they are. Steffy says she will not let Sally get away with this. No one messes with her family. Thomas tells RJ that no matter how much he pleads or begs, Coco’s time here is done. Thomas says that he wants to give Coco the benefit of the doubt but he has cut Sally from his life and RJ needs to do the same with Coco. Steffy marches into Spectra and looks around at the empty offices until she spies Sally sitting behind her desk. Steffy says she just wanted to stop by and say thank you for the disgusting stunt she pulled and now her brother sees her for who she really is. Then she gloats - big success, wow! But if she is banking on this being a thorn in Forrester’s side, ain’t gonna happen not with her in charge. Sally gets right to the point and says Coco did not know of any of this and is just as upset as Steffy is. So go easy on the kid and not punish her. Steffy says Sally made a huge mistake but it won’t hurt Coco any more as she is no longer welcome at FC. Sally tries to explain that Steffy would not understand since she came from a platinum world with that world at her feet. Things come easy for her but not for the Spectra’s. They have had to scrounge and scrape for everything they have. She says she tried to stay legit but when things get tough you do what you have to do. Spencer Publications ruined any chance she had of being legit with a bad review of her first showing. She cannot go back now and the only thing she can do is say she is sorry. She knows she has disappointed Steffy, Thomas, Coco and most of all her own self. She says with grit and determination that Spectra has been reborn and she owes it all to Steffy’s family. And Steffy’s approval means everything to her and one day she will earn that. And maybe someday Thomas will forgive her and they can at least be friends, she would like that. Steffy fires back that Sally is not her friend and she does not want Sally anywhere near her or her family. She is trash and any association she had with her family is officially over. Brooke shows up at Bill’s. He says he does not know what happened but he does know that Forrester lived up to his history and they are no longer together. The night before her wedding it must have been pretty bad. She doesn’t want to tell him the details only that she did not forgive him. Bill is pleased and asks then why is she here. She pulls out his necklace and places it around his neck. She reminds him that his strength comes from the necklace so she is giving it back to him. She’s taking control of her life and will never take him for granted for all the things he taught her. He puffs up his chest and whinnies like a stallion. He says it is a thoughtful gift and he loves it. She puts her arms around his neck and says she loves him…..and they kiss.

Days Recap Written by Joseph

Paul gives Marlena a letter which leads her to a hotel room where John surprises her. John is unable to talk about the mission that he is on so they spend time together until John must go back but promises that he will come home to her soon. Steve talks with Tripp at the Pub advising him not to take the Vitali inheritance money and they argue further about Ava as Steve tries to get through to him. Steve leaves Tripp with the choice of taking the money or being a part of his family. Paul and Sonny talk in the town square about trying to take down Deimos and tracking a delivery of artifacts that Deimos is having shipped. Kayla goes to see Joey and Jade and brings Jade's pain medication. Kayla ends up catching Jade preparing to take more meds than directed leading to an argument about Jade making herself sick to keep Joey taking care of her.

Paul encourages Sonny about being a success in business as they talk about being in love. Jade tries to convince Joey about what they have together but Joey tells her that he doesn't love her and says she needs to move out of the loft. Steve talks to Kayla about hoping he got through to Tripp. Tripp ends up getting drunk at the Pub and gets into it with Roman. Tripp takes a swing but ends up arrested. Roman brings him to the station. Tripp wants to just pay a fine and go but Roman thinks a night in jail may do him some good.

GH Recap Written by Anthony

Jordan is getting ready for work when Curtis shows up. He wants to take her bowling on a date. TJ shows up to return her laptop. Jordan asks him how he feels about this and TJ is happy for both of them but doesn’t want things to become awkward if they breakup. He leaves. Jordan agrees to go bowling with him. Carly shows up at the PCPD to discuss Jax’s case. She has a lawyer that Michael found for them coming. Nelle shows up and wants to make her statement in front of Carly and Jax. She says that she doesn’t blame them for what happened and she is moving past it. Jax later asks why she is doing this. Nelle doesn’t blame him for wanting what is best for his daughter and wants to just move on from this. Carly tells Nelle after Jax goes to discuss this with the DA, that she doesn’t forgive her for the other things she has done. She needs to stay away from Michael. At Sonny’s house, Michael tells Sonny that the reason he did this is because of Morgan. Michael is going to try to fix this before it is too late.

Tracy gets out something personal of Edward’s. Monica walks in and accuses her of still being obsessed with trying to be in good graces with Edward. Samira walks in and Tracy offers her something to drink. She accepts water. She tells Samira that there is a change of clothes for her room. Tracy takes the glass and leaves. At General Hospital, Griffin explains to Finn that he is his new supervisor so long as he is working. Brad over hears this. When Finn goes to do his drug test, Brad talks to Griffin trying to get information but it doesn’t work because Griffin doesn’t want to talk about it. Finn gives Griffin the drug test and Brad offers to take the sample to the lab. In Hayden’s office, Finn wants to discuss where they stand. Hayden admits that she doesn’t think that they will work out. Later, Finn is in the hallway and Tracy shows up. She needs his help on something very important.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Mariah takes Kevin to the movies and sees Sharon and Scott there watching the same French movie. She also sees Tess sneaking out of the same movie. Tess talks to someone on the phone saying that she is Nikki's new assistant and now she will be working in the rich lady's house and closer to her goal. Billy and Phyllis make love again and afterwards discuss giving their relationship another chance and decide that this is the perfect time to be together. Billy tells Phyllis that he is tired of not being able to be himself with Victoria and trying to live up to her extremely high expectations of him. Phyllis tells Michael what happened with Billy and makes him swear to keep it a secret. Michael advises Phyllis not to go down that road again, because it is a really complicated situation even though she and Billy are both divorced. Victoria tells Nikki that she wants Billy back in her life even though she is afraid that keeping this secret about Victor could hurt her new relationship with Billy. Nikki advises Victoria to tell Billy part of the truth and not give him any details about the situation.

Neil and Devon sign papers to start their new company. Neil is touched that Devon made him an equal partner even though Devon is putting up all the money to start the company. Nikki tells Scott she is ready to give him an interview for Victor's book. Victoria apologizes to Billy and tells him that she is angry because she found out Victor hasn't changed at all, but she didn't mean to take out her anger on him. Victoria asks Billy to dinner with an implication that she wants another chance with him. Billy tells Victoria that he wants to keep things as they are, because neither one of them had any idea that their relationship was headed in a deeper direction so they should think about it. Phyllis tells Michael that Jack and Gloria are friends with benefits, so there is no reason why she shouldn't give her relationship with Billy another chance.

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